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not sharing recipes: ....huh? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I am a person who does not always share recipes because I don't always follow recipes. I cook by taste feel and sight. People think I'm being secretive but I'm just not able to translate what I do into a recipe. If I have followed a specific recipe I will share that. Q

How do you eat your smoked salmon?

I recently made a smoked salmon appetizer cheesecake. It was fantastic. Served warm with pita chips and cocktail rye. I am new at this site so I don't know if recipes are okay to add. Q

May 24, 2007
vashti in General Topics

Why does bottle of ketchup say tomato ketchup? Are there other kinds of ketchup they've been hiding from us?

I use banana ketchup as a bar-b-que sauce on marinated grilled chicken. We marinade the chicken, preferably thighs, in soy sauce, garlic, onion, and white wine.
When chicken has a crisp crust brush with banana ketchup that has been heated and mixed with olive oil. It is not overwhelming like tomatoe ketchup or bar-b-que sauce and lets the flavor of the seasoned chicken come through. This a method of preparation from the Phillipines

May 24, 2007
vashti in General Topics