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Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

dare I return? Maybe...much better places but it is so convenient to my place...

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

Goed Eten is closed I believe

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

Anywhere but Bloordale Pantry. waaaay too long a wait and waaaay too average for that wait. Hot tip, the slow room on College at Concord has an excellent eggplant sandwich which they do on arugala instead of bread as a 2nd option too. It's outstanding. Must admit have had that for breakfast more than once. And don't boo me, but Boom on College for a basic reasonable breakfast with food that isn't inedible, is fine...

Eats at Dundas West and bloor street

skip Bloordale Pantry. Bad attitude, long wait, average food.

Breakfast/Brunch during the week?

Bloordale Pantry? Nah. The place is busy and the food is average breakfast/lunch fare. Apparently one waiter there is brilliant. He wasn't there the day we went. But we doubt it would've helped. We guess that somebody taught the owner how to make eggs. She opened a small place in an area fairly devoid of any breakfast places. GO TO DRIFT INSTEAD/ she's into ka-ching! $$. We waited well over an HOUR one Saturday morning. Finally seated we told our waiter that somebody in our party was experiencing hyperglycemia because of the long wait and could we get some scones or bread? "I'm the owner," she smiled benignly. "We don't have scones I'm afraid." ANYTHING? Yes, they make griddle cakes. Great! Two please. They came out after ten minutes, our breakfast took half an hour ("food is guaranteed to take half an hour" to come out of the kitchen she smilingly told us), fine. What was particularly upsetting was, in spite of our hungry grumbles, a refill of coffee was charged for. Is this good business etiquette? I think not. A small offer of a coffee or the order of griddle cakes on the house would have appeased us, but the four of us, unhappily left and declared we would never ever return. Food? Average. Customer service stinks!


Can anyone tell me where I could buy such a thing, higher end, possibly with cardamon flavouring?
No I don't have an icecream maker sadly...

Loire Valley trip report (Talcy, Beaugency, Blois)

Hi Kelly,
THE LOIRE/ Beaugency. Next time try Au Petit Bateau, however it was LA VILLA des BORDES in Clery St Andre where we had the BEST meal in about 10 visits to France. Unlikely location but seek it out like a missle seeking its target if you want to have an OUTSTANDING culinary experience. My experience at Le Bistrot du Cuisinier after your review was it was disappointing. Far too rich for me, however try la Villa des Bordes. Can I just say AWESOME. Not too expensive either. They have a website.
* Mille feuilles croquant de confit de faisan aux pommes
Casserons au saumon fumé au vinaigre d'Orléans
Beignet de foie gras, tian de noix de saint jacques

For our main we had (we don't eat red meat)

Lieu jaune aux pommes de terre confites et ravioles de poireaux
(leeks with ravioli, outSTANDING)

Médaillons de lotte en habit vert, fritots d'escargots acidulé

and for dessert

Brochette d'ananas rôti aux épices, canapé au caca
just SO memorable,.

Nov 28, 2008
yomomma in France

Authentic Cafe to become Terroni

Carter, Terroni in Toronto is terrific on Queen Street West. They are cool, great management, great AUTHENTIC peasant food, REAL Italian chefs and people who genuinely care about their customers. Fear not, you're in for a treat! I'm a fan!

Sep 12, 2007
yomomma in Los Angeles Area

foxley- on ossington

If you love tapas, have a huge wallet and tiny stomach, GO. Come on chef Tom Thai, get real. WHy are you charging the same prices as at Lee Restaurant, on King (Susur Lee's extraordinary restaurant) and have these teeeeeny portions. Nice room, great location but the area has a lot of artists and younger folks. We left hungry. Meal for x2 with wine, $100, plus tip and we were not satiated. Won't return unless the prices come down or we win the lottery and afford it!

foxley- on ossington

I had the fish too but WOW this place is PRICEY. they charge the same as for Lee (Susur's jaw-dropping food on King) folks, and the portions are small, very small. We had dinner for 2 people, it cost us $80 per couple with wine, but we were very hungry when we left. OVERPRICED. Tom, get real, you're on Ossington. What about food for artists? That's our hood man. If you have little stomachs and big wallets, this is the spot for you.