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Lightning Fast and Super Nutritious/Delicious Turkey Sandwich

Yum! You know I love a good slathering!

Jul 02, 2010
Alexandra Eisler in Home Cooking

Beckmann's strawberry-rhubarb pie

Kensington on Sunday 10-2

Kensington Farmers Market
1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA

Chowdown Report: Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar in Santa Rosa

I'm having lunch here Tuesday and can't wait to have the "burrata" again. and baked garlic. and the risotto. and a piadina....

Happy Hour at T-REX

I arrived early with honey cornbread on my mind, and enjoyed it very much, along with a nice pot of tea. I shared some of the peanuts (later learned it was meant to be mixed nuts), and did not find them tasting of smoke or spice. I've been to T-Rex for drinks and will certainly return; the upstairs lounge is such a comfortable spot. The next time I'm looking for tea and a snack, I'll think of T-Rex. Again, thank you Melanie for organizing!

Bow Hon - Fish Salad updates?

Weird Chowhound co-inkydink:

If I had found a parking spot, I would have had that for lunch yesterday! (I threw up my hands in frustration, cut my losses, and had a pb&m at home).

Oyster Bliss XVI: Café Fanny, Acme Bread, Kermit Lynch

I am *so* happy the Chowhound phone-tree is still in use!

My chow pup and I arrived at the crack of 11:00am for our first annual Oyster Bliss and walked directly to main table. Arriving early was key! We decided to eat right away and get our dessert when Melanie arrived.

We spilt a grilled sausage, which arrived with a section of Acme baguette, a small salad of mixed greens in a light vinaigrette, a smear of grainy brown mustard and gorgeous sausage. The sausage was incredibly juicy and hot off the grill and really hit the spot with a dab of mustard. (My dark secret? I don't actually eat oysters).

We both had the salt-a-holic chocolate cookie, which was delicious. Powerfully, densely chocolate, yet surprisingly light.

I'm really sad I missed this: avocado and bacon with green goddess dressing on firm Acme pain de mie. I'm definately stopping by Fanny tomorrow to ask about future availability!

Plumas county

My in-laws live in Quincy, so we mostly eat at home. Every now and then. we'll sneak out and have breakfast at Morning Thunder. Great cinnamon rolls, decadent biscuit and gravy, very good mocha.

Morning Thunder Cafe
557 Lawrence St
Quincy, CA
(530) 283-1310

Mar 19, 2007
Alexandra Eisler in California

Champagne Vinegar in Bulk? (SF Bay Area)

I'm looking for large quantities of Champagne Vinegar in large quantities (gallon size, if possible). Any suggestions?


I'm an avid reader of Dos Hermanos and look forward to your upcoming adventure.

Get thee back to Northern California!

Wine making? Rock cod fishing? Cheese tasting at The Cheeseboard? an afternoon making marmalade with an artisnal jam maker?? This is my 2p worth and I'm sure my colleagues on the San Francisco board will jump in with additional suggestions.

Santa Rosa shopping news

I'm dating myself; the store is in the same building as the drugstore. (I think Lad's went away 15 years ago?) Here is the address:

4100 Montgomery Dr
Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 537-6888

Santa Rosa shopping news


I drove past on Wednesday night too quickly to see the name and thought it was a new restaurant.

This is the old Lad's Market location opposite Howarth Park, not in Montgomery Village.

Posh Nosh - absolutely fabulous

"Ridicule 2 aubergines in organic, free range, virginal butter, then Aga cook them until distressed..."

Fresh Geese @ Molly Stone's SF

We have SO MUCH MEAT leftover it's crazy; there is a goodie bag with your name on it!

Tim at Magnani told me where the ducks and goose came from, but I can't remember (I'll call and post when they open). I brined all the birds with the same solution: salt, sugar, bay, thyme, rosemary, peppercorns, and a few allspice berries.

We triaged this morning over breakfast, and next year, the birds will go untrussed. The goose and duck legs and thighs were perfect, but the breasts were *slightly* dry.

How did your Christmas feast(s) go??

My moment of genius was cooking the stuffing (dressing) outside in a Dutch oven, while the birds were on the smoker. Cripsy on the edges, but moist inside, so everyone got what they wanted.

Dec 26, 2006
Alexandra Eisler in Home Cooking

Fresh Geese @ Molly Stone's SF

Tonight we had a 12 pound goose from Magnani (4.99/lb) that was truly delicious; the meat was silky and moist. We smoked it, along with 2 fresh ducks also from Magnani, and a 14 lb Willie bird. The goose was the winner of the night, hands down.

Adria, Blumenthal, Keller, and McGee on "New Cookery"

Dave I agree. I'm not aware of a specific incident or article that prompted this manifesto, but it sure seems like there must be.

San Francisco Bay Area Farmers Markets Recs

Firme and Hudson Fish also sell at the Sunday market in Kensington (full disclosure-I'm a vendor there too):

Adria, Blumenthal, Keller, and McGee on "New Cookery"

Gingerbread at Semifreddi's

I'm embarassed to say I've haven't tried Sketch; the gingerbread rec may finally get me there!

Gingerbread at Semifreddi's

I tried a sample of the gingerbread loaf at the Colusa Ave. Semifreddi's yesterday, and liked it so much, I brought one home.

It's a small, old-fashioned tea loaf, baked in a decorative paper container, very highly spiced with ginger and molasses, and quite moist. Very nice to have on hand during the holidays.

372 Colusa Ave
Kensington, CA 94707
(510) 596-9935

Found a Good Website for Mexican Food Specialty Items & Need Advice in Making Up a Shopping List

I love Rancho Gordo products! He has a lovely website with beans, spices, etc. and fantastic recipes:

Bourdain in Sonoma

From the Press Democrat:

Culinary bad boy comes to Sonoma: Anthony Bourdain, the man who will eat anything and smoke at the same time, will appear at the Sonoma Community Center (276 East Napa St., Sonoma) at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Bourdain will discuss his contribution to "How I Learned to Cook: Culinary Educations of the World's Greatest Chefs," a new book from Bloomsbury USA edited by Kimberly Witherspoon and Peter Meehan.

Admission to the reading and discussion is $5.

Where's the bourbon report???

You can't leave us hanging...I've got a bottle of Blanton's waiting to be cracked.

Nov 13, 2006
Alexandra Eisler in CHOWTour

When does blood orange season start?

Dale from Lone Oak Farms (Thursday in Berkeley, Sunday in Kensington) said he thinks he may have organic moro blood oranges available in 2-3 weeks.

Cafe Fanny rip-off?

My chow pup and I stopped by Cafe Fanny yesterday morning for a late breakfast. She had a slice of the apple galette and was very pleased; delicate puff pastry and warm, firm apple slices, without much added sugar.

I ordered the "Seasonal Fruit with Organic Strauss Yogurt" and received 2/3 cup of apple sauce with a TABLESPOON of yogurt on top. For $4.25.

Is this SOP? I expected a bowl (or at least a cup) of fruit and thought the yogurt would be an actual portion, not a garnish, based on the name of the dish.

The apple sauce was just ok, by the way. Seemingly, no added spices or sugar, just tart apples. ("The food was awful. And the portions were so small") Next time, I'll stick with the millet muffin.

Kensington Bistro...R.I.P. I hardly knew ye (dinner is gone)

Narsai's place is now the Circus Pub. Kensington Bistro is across the circle.

A perfect little gem – Sunday Kensington Farmers Market – Davis chickens & more near Solano Avenue

"I forgot the name of the jelly maker ... sorry, because the little sample of the marmalade was quite good. It was something like Kensington Jams."

Hey-that was me! Our name is Kensington Marmalade Company, and thank you for the kind words. I saw you taking notes and almost introduced myself as a Chowhound. Shoulda been wearing my button...

We've been selling at the market for a month now, and just love it there. Very low-key, neighborhoody vibe.

Hudson Fish was missing yesterday, but they participate every week and will be back next Sunday.

Santa Rosa Secret Sushi Shutting Down!

Get your fix while you can:

Changes in the TK empire

From the SF Chronicle this morning:

Rabbit meat from a butcher?

Magnani Poultry has fresh rabbits on hand.

1576 Hopkins St
Berkeley, CA 94707
(510) 528-6370