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I-87 from NYC to Lake George

I make this drive every weekend and well there's not a ton, but here what I've got and it's totally contingent on how far our of your way you want to drive from the Thruway. I'm nuts enough to take the Taconic for a meal if needed and cross the bridge south of Albany to the Thruway, you however may not be so inclined.

-Local 111 - Philmont
-Aroma Oesteria - Wappingers Falls
-Mexican Radio - Hudson - well hype, but just ok for me
-Skytop - Exit 19 - serviceable american
-Ruby's - Freehold, chef is an instructor at Peter Krumps or one of the culinary schools, but it's a good 30 minute detour

Finding a good get right off the Thruway is a tough go, but if someone has suggestion I'm all ears

Albany and Saratoga have plenty of options if you're looking for albany options the Albany Times Union has an very active food blog that will pint you in the right direction.

Question about organic and pastured meats

Would you pay a premium to have organic and pastured meats and organic produce from local farmers delivered to your home in the city?

I'm trying to determine if I should do this. It's seems to me to be an interesting opportunity, I get to buy a lamb, cow, pig, etc. and they hold it for me frozen (I don't have room for a huge freezer in Manhattan) and they'll deliver it to my door once or twice a week.

I have no problems defrosting and I love the idea of being able to visit where this product is coming from, however unlikely that I would ever do that, it's just nice to know I could.

Maybe I'm out of my mind, just curious to others opinions.

Feb 05, 2011
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Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

NWBB is on my list for sure, I've heard good things. Speaking of BBQ and I've lived two of the so called BBQ capitals,...try Capital Q on Ontario St. The pulled pork is good and I'm incredibly hard on BBQ places. I'm not down with their ribs though, with that said BBQ is such a individual taste you really have to try it yourself.

I see Stewart's milk on your list, find a place line Honest Weight or Stanton's or Our Family Harvest and do yourself a favor and get some Meadowbrook Dairy Farms milk. It single heard milk, not a mix from a variety of heards. The farm is in Clarksville they still do home delivery, glass bottles and I'm not sure if they have cream top any longer, regardless the stuff is amazing. Chocolate milk, egg nog during the holidays (that has actually slipped a wee bit over time), heavy cream....hard to beat.

For sure seek out Gustav at Honest Weight for great cheese and wonderful small bites like grilled olives.

When someone says "let's go to Indian Ladder for breakfast and doughnuts"......don't do it, just don't do it. Service is non-existent and the food is worse than the service. It's a legacy place nothing more....that's my opinion.

Try Ralph's on Central Ave for soup, the place is not much to look at (it's a typical upstate bar/rest.), but they can make a mean soup that fits the bill on a winter's day. i've heard the pizza is good, although I've never had it.

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

I grew up in the lovely capital district and now split my time between Manhattan and the Albany area. FDR you should for sure try Pelligrino on Central, they have great sausage, olives, good mozzeralla (fresh and aged), hit Cardona's as well on Delaware for Italian specialties. Another good place for sausage is Falvos in voorheesville/new scotland.

If you get a chance to venture outside a bit try Church and Main in Canajoharie, I think they're only open on Friday/Sat, but if you can go to the Arkell Museum then eat there not a bad afternoon. There's also Local 111 in Philmont, which is okay, I've only been once, so I'm chalking it up to them having a bad night.

How about Lanie's? They used to have wonderful Greens and Beans and coming from an italian family that's top notch comfort food. I'm going to have to give some thought to a few more lesser know spots that have been good and see if you share my thinkin gon them.

I don't moderate my expecations when I'm in Albany, and I think there are some really good spots, however, I do wish we had more of a variety of tight local spots, that could deliver on service, food using local ingredients and good physical spaces. ....or at least have a market in the vein of Citarella that is owned and run locally.

Need help in Westchester for this Sunday

So Red hat and Harvest on Hudson seem to fit the bill.

Stairs and noise are the only issues....the 100 yo is sharp as a tack, just not as mobile as a 30 yo and a bit harder of hearing.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Need help in Westchester for this Sunday


Mother-in -Law birthday on Sunday and we're looking for a spot with good food that can handle the following:

-My two in-laws two kids who are 2 and 7 yo, generally well behaved
-My Mother-in-Law, can be particular and service needs to be good and attentive
-Some place without a ton of background noise as a 100 yo grandmother will be there and she's a little hard of hearing

Places we have had success with at home in the city are:

Noodle Pudding
Henry's End
Candle Cafe
B Cafe

I give these places as reference for the type of food, so no burgers, etc.

I just need to find some decent grub in a casual environment that has good service....someone show me some love....please....thanks

Home Milk Delivery in Westchester

You might want to try Meadowbrook Farms. They are outside of Albany and they used to do door to door deliveries as far south as Manhattan. They are in Clarksville, NY and they have product in glass bottle which is incredible and used to be real cream top milk They also do chocolate milk that from what I remember was like a chocolate shake, egg nog during the holidays was great, not overly sweet and visible spices floating in the nog....the cream of course is great.

one breakfast in portland

Becky's is well over rated, I get what offered there on a daily basis in multiple places in NYC, which means to me it's average.

Nice meal in Chatham? [Moved from Boston Board]

Oyster or Christian's (upstairs bar)

Albany...what's good?

McGuire's is excellent, but as mentioned previously you'll pay for it. The Elk Medallions were some of the best I've ever had, cooked perfectly.

Lombardo's isn't near what it once was, now it's a hit or miss experience and the food is never outstanding. I still go just because my family used to go 25 years ago, but it's slid.

Cafe 333 in Delmar, well under publicized...small intimate place, but great food

VinceAnna's in Greenville is pretty far out, but it's pretty good italian.

Provance (sp?) is pretty good for the Albany area, they've done a nice job inside to hlep you forget that you're in a strip mall, granted an upscale strip mall by Albany standards, but a strip mall never the less.

Nicole's (Italian) on Delaware Avenue is good as well. There's a garden area out back.