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Where can I find "Garden Burger" Veggie Burgers

I am on the hunt for garden burgers. I have tried whole foods, the big carrot, and costco (seasonal). Does anyone know of a place in the city or GTA that sells them?

Help with prix fixe downtown

Table 17 on Queen East has a nice prix fixe for 29$ and on Sundays you can bring your own wine with no corkage fee.

Weekend TO visit-recommendations for party of one?

If you head to riverside/leslieville I would check out Dark Horse for a coffee. They have a great communal table and about half the people are there solo. I also like Table 17 - it has a great brunch, easy to dine alone, and doesn't have the long lines that Bonjour Brioche often has.

Table 17
782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

Bonjour Brioche
812 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Adzuki (red) Bean Paste

T&T on Cherry Street and Sanko on Queen West sell bean paste. The are usually offered in the fridge section and in pastic bags not cans.

Has anyone tried Sophie - Logan and Queen East

I was walking in Leslieville the other day and noticed that a cute cafe called Sophie had replaced a local dive. Has anyone been? The chalk board listed sandwhiches, quiche, salads, and a brunch. Interested to hear if the place is worth a try.

Te Aro in Leslieville - another coffee shop

I noticed a new coffee shop in Leslieville over the weekend. They had a cute patio out front and people were taking advantage of the nice mother's day weather. I was curious if anyone has been - what do they specialize in, do they serve food, how does it compare to dark horse and mecury?

The Costco Burger Plate, $5.99

I saw them at the Newmarket location

Sushi District - Queen E

The sign has been up for a couple of months now. There was construction awhile back but I haven't seen anything lately. I would love to know as well.

caiprinhas in Toronto?

I had a refreshing one at Table 17

Ed's Real Scoop Opening in Leslieville

I went last night (Sunday) at 8:00 and the place was really busy. Everyone seemed to be really excited to have a local place within walking distance. Every flavour that I said looked yummy they quickly gave me a sample to try. I tried the peanut butter and jam, pumpkin, chocolate fudge and peanut butter - and my husbands strawberries and cream, and blackberry yogurt. I couldn't decide and the guy said that regardless of the size I chose he could give me two different flavours. I will definitely be back - but hopefully not too often!

where can i buy black sesame ice cream in markham

I know they sell it at Ozawa at East Beaver Creek.

Kaiseki Cuisine in the GTA

I interviewed Hashimoto and his son a few years back for some research I was doing. He is a trained sushi chef and has formal training in kaiseki. It is true that he switched career paths around the age of 20 but he started from the bottom and worked his way up. Many of the Japanese born sushi chefs that I interviewed were impatient with the hierarichal system in japanese restaurants and saw an opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning their own restaurant in Canada. Hashimoto himself concedes that his cuisine is not authentic kaiseki and that is why he has added the yu-zen in the name of his restaurant.

Where to purchase Irish moss in Toronto?

I saw it yesterday at Price Chopper at Leslie and Eastern Avenue

Brown Rice Sushi

Ichiban on Queen East in the beaches can make any roll with brown rice - they charge one dollar extra.

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Does it exist here?

You can find it at bulk barn.

Authentic Sushi Place?

The guy who owns Solo Sushi Ya in Newmartket isn't Japanese. He is Chinese but spent a number of years in Japan.

Sushi ingredients ???

There are a number of places that you could get what you need. You may want to try J-town off of Steeles. A bit of a drive but you would be able to get all the ingredients you need plus fresh sashimi. Downtown you could go to Sanko on Queen West or T &T at cherry street.

Great organic chocolate find in Leslieville

She is also at Riverdale Farmer's Market on Tuesday's.

Riceworks crisps? Aagh! Can't find them!

Saw them on Saturday at Real Canadian on Eglington for $1.99

Does anyone have the scoop on Table 17, Queen East

I was walking along Queen Street East just past broadview and noticed a sign in the window of what used to be Food Savvy. It has a picture of a Rooster and the name Table 17. Just wondering if anyone had the scoop on the restaraunt. I have also heard from the supply to Hiro sushi that one of his apprentices is opening a restaurant in Leslieville.

Japanese salad dressing - where to find?

People have said the same thing about the dressing at Mye restaurant in Oakville. As a result the owner has bottled a few varieties and sells them at the restaurant. I think they are also available in specialty food stores - but you could always check out their website or call and ask where there is a location near you.

What do you recommend in Kelowna and/or Nelson?

great - we are staying in Kelowna for nights so we are covered. Any recommendations for Nelson or restaurants on the drive down?

What do you recommend in Kelowna and/or Nelson?

My husband and I have decided to extend our trip out west in 2 weeks by doing a stop over in Kelowna and then renting a car and travelling down to Nelson. What restaurants do you recommend - breakfast, lunch, dinner, - any suggestions would be great. We noticed that in previous posts people have recommended wineries in the Kelowna area but most look like there are closed until May.

Edible Paper

Does anyone know where I can buy edible paper. It is often used to print images for decorated cakes and cookies. I would prefer something that was in and around TO rather then ordering online. Thanks.

Cape Cod Golden Russet Chips in GTA

They sell large bags at Costco that are 40% less fat then the regular variety. They are absolutely delicious - you definitely can't tell that they are less fat like you can with other kinds of low fat chips.

It's my party and I'll try if I want to: Tuesday

I had wanted to try this place seeing as it is just around the corner from our home but the latest review in either eye or NOW (can't remember) the restaurant got totally spanked by the reviewer. It was one of the harshest reviews I have ever read. Glad to hear that others have had a nice experience. Does any body else have an opinion on Pop Bistro?

Gourmet Dining in Kingston Ontario

A good standby is Woodenheads on Ontario Street. It has great thin crust pizza from a wood fire oven. Their chocolate pear calzone for dessert is heavenly. I like breakfast at Windmills on Princess Street. I wouldn't necessarily call either "gourmet" but they both have great food and a great atmosphere.

Thinking of going to L'il Baci on Queen East.

The place is just down the street from our place so we tend to go quite often. We usually get the pizza but on a previous visit I tried the pasta special and it was amazing and only $14.95 (included a type of spicy salami and shrimp). I wouldn't exactly call it a special occasion place - rather a warm neighbourhood joint. If you enjoy Terroni then you will definitely like L'il Baci because they are incredibly similar in atmosphere and menu.


I went on the same scavenger hunt last year. I tried Sanko, Ozawa, J-town and T &T without any luck. Let me know if you are able to find some. Happy hunting.

Best hot chocolate in Toronto?

what are the prices like there? What do they sell besides chocolate?