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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

I refer to the entire OBX has Hatteras, have since I was a kid and lived 30 min away. Sorry for the confusion.

Sep 02, 2012
rick in asheville in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

Back in the day, and it's been a few years....the original Bubba's BBQ was good. Way down the island though. I went one day in December, he was about to close up for a bit and fed me. I could barely move, then he gave me an aluminum pan with bbq, cornbread, baked beans and slaw. Too bad he died and the place lost focus, that was good stuff.

Sep 02, 2012
rick in asheville in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

Northern meaning KDH/NH/etc.

There is a place in Avon near the Food Lion that's ok...Highway 12 cafe? That place was good the last time I was there. The chinese place there is ok, too. Plus the pizza place.

Sep 02, 2012
rick in asheville in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

That's been it for me. Toppers a few times for pizza over the years but I always stay in Avon or Frisco and avoid the northern part of hatteras like the plague. I live in a town with a lot of great restaurants so I can eat top notch food whenever. When I'm on Hatteras for fishing/surfing I opt for generic, locally owned places. I don't think some of the fancy places would appreciate me walking in wearing flip flops, board shorts and a t shirt.

Jul 12, 2012
rick in asheville in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

You and me both. When I'm in that area the only places I eat at are Orange Blossom (apple ugly + coffee), Finegan's Dining Haul and Papa Nino's for pizza.

Jul 09, 2012
rick in asheville in Southeast

Pho Fusion - Grand Opening Today in Asheville

I'm going to visit them within the next few weeks. My only problem is that I've eaten a lot of Vietnamese food, a good bit of it off menu in the town I used to live. I hope they do a nice pho that is authentic vs some hacked together one that's designed to please the local palate.

Nov 28, 2010
rick in asheville in Southeast

Best burger in Asheville?

Charlotte Street Pub has decent burgers. Reasonably priced, good toppins and you can get either fries or onion rings. I love the rings, they're good.

Aug 15, 2010
rick in asheville in Southeast

Diner Food -Asheville

Sunny Point, Tastee Diner (I think they do breakfast). Moose Cafe has a killer breakfast too.

Oct 10, 2009
rick in asheville in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

My faves are:
-Orange Blossom (bakery) down in Buxton, right near the entrance to the light. The apple uglies are killer.
-Finnegan's Dining Haul (Buxton). Not pretty but the food is good. Service can be slow...but I love this place, I've never had a bad meal.
-Topper's Pizza in Avon, near Food Lion. Ok pizza, great burgers.

My favorite place was Bubba's in Frisco when Bubba was still alive and it was his only location and he was there in the kitchen. Great guy, the place went downhill after he passed on. RIP, Bubba.

Oct 10, 2009
rick in asheville in Southeast

Diner Food -Asheville

I second Five Points. Good food, can be busy but it's a steady mixed crowd.

I'm trying to think of other many have closed. I used to love Happy Hill (Patton Ave) but it closed. A meat and 3 type of place.

Tastee Diner on Haywood Road is good. Always busy and the same faces are always there.

My favorite place was Sweat Tea's in Canton. A lady and her hubby (from Hville) owned/ran/cooked there. Amazing food and lots of it. They later sold it, it's under new owners. Good but not great like it was.

Oct 10, 2009
rick in asheville in Southeast

Asheville Food Scene -- What does it need?

Warren Wilson has beef/pork during certain times of the year.

This place has a ton of mexican joints. Like someone said they're all pretty much cookie cutter. If I need "mex" I'll go to El Chapala's. Cheap and they have ok drinks. If I'm driving around I'll hit one of the taco vans that are parked here and there.

Asian places...either cheap chinese or pricey. Dragon Inn was good but their new place next to EF I thought was way too expensive.

Bakeries....tons but they're all identical. I like the french place up on Merrimon if I need a fix. The "bakery" at EF I didn't like (bland). GL has some items, the jalapeno cheese biscuits are good.

For BBQ I wait until I'm in Shelby then go to Alston Bridge's. Vietnamese I wait until I'm home in VB then go to Saigon 1.

Restaurants up here seem to be really highly priced/over rated or so so.

Mar 14, 2009
rick in asheville in Southeast

The Highs (Chilhowie VA) and Woes of a trip to North Carolina (for BBQ).

My trip would have involved heading to Greenville or Wilson for eastern BBQ. Then down to Lexington for some.

I'd skip WNC for BBQ. It's red sauce and many places seem to put enough sauce on it to make it more of a soup than Q.

Need Cheap Family Eats in Atlanta

When we are in Atlanta we usually eat at one of 4 places:
-Varsity (kid likes it, it usually works me over)
-Coco Loco (Cuban), moderately priced but the food is pretty good and the service is usually good though I once had a water who didn't seem to care what happened that day. For the 3 of us it costs around 55.00
-Violette (French), cheap for French, the food is good and the staff are attentive. For the 3 of us it ran 75.00 but that included wine, beer and 2 desserts.
-Flying Biscuit (breakfast). Reasonable, lots of food though it can get crowded.

Never been to Matt's, I was raised on "down east" BBQ and what they call BBQ outside of eastern NC I find disgusting. ;)

One night in Charlotte/NC: On the hunt for BBQ

Lexington #1 if you're up for the drive OR head over to Bridge's in Shelby.

There are 2 Bridges. One is Red's, which is on 74 (aka East Dixon Blvd). The other is Alston Bridges BBQ, located on Grover Street in Shelby. I love both though the one on Grover Street treats me better (Seem to get more for your dollar). I'm just getting used to red slaw...

Oh, I have an office in Shelby, i you need directions to either of the Bridge's let me know. I'm usually there a couple of times per week.

Newport News, Williamsburg, Jamestowne?

The Trellis in Williamsburg is worthy of a visit, nice stuff.

Attn. Asheville Hounds!

Ugh, I know it's too late but they have great crab cakes. The food here is always good and the service is quick too. They're right about the wine, if you order a glass you get a glass not something that looks like a shot.

Need Cheap Family Eats in Atlanta

The Varsity is good, cheap. It can get crowded.

Landmark Diner is good too.

Also hit, there are lots of reviews on other eateries there. The cool thing about Atlanta is that there are so many options from the $$$ places that require a second mortgage to the places like Varsity that are reasonable.

What I do when I'm there is to open up my mapping software then see where my hotel is then map out the restaurants. Makes it easier when you have kids in tow.

Need Recommendations for the Bryson City/Murphy/Hayesville NC and Ocoee, TN areas

Shoebooties is good, nice menu and popular amongst visitors. I usually go there for lunch, a sandwich with a side is 6.00 plus a drink. The lunches aren't huge but the food is good.

Doyle's Cedar Hill gets good reviews though I've never eaten there. I've been trying to but I usually am heading back home (Asheville) when dinner hits (I have a remote office I tend to in Murphy).

The Sweet Tooth (down from Doyle's) is good if you're in need of an ice cream fix.

There is a Mexican restaurant west of Murphy...go past Murphy "proper", cross the bridge, it's down on the left a bit. The name escapes me but the food was good and the people were nice.

If you want beer with your meal buy it before you hit town as they don't sell it there. Wine, yes, but no beer. Most places allow brown bagging, call before you arrive to confirm if this is the case. I was there working for a few days, went in to the supermarket and asked where the beer'd think I was Bin Laden from the looks I got. :)

Southern food recs in Asheville, NC

I'd pass on Gabrielle's. It seems to be more miss than hit and the service needs help - my folks were there a few weeks ago and their waiter was so inattentive that Dad inquired as to whether he had a pulse or not.

Sun Point (West Asheville) has nice breakfasts too. I hit that often since it's a short walk from home.

12 Bones is a must do. I've eaten there several dozen times and the food is always outstanding and the staff are always up.

Salsa is more hit than miss, the last time I was in there Hector was there and was in a foul mood, he tore one of the staff a new one right in front of a full house, which startled my daughter (dude, take it out back). The food is good though if that type is your style.
No one mentions the Rabbit Motel? :(

Oh, pass on Moose Cafe. When I was working in the hotel biz their line was "all veggies fresh from the farmer's market". The beans I had were canned and the carrots tasted like they had spent several months soaking in water. The chicken was ok though, I thought I had a better meal at Cracker Barrel. :P

Asheville, NC - Restaurants that host private parties/events?

Windows on the Park does this - the're a catering place. They were a wine restaurant that had amazing food but when the park across from them closed they closed their doors. Nice place and the food - and wine - are very good.

If you're set on BBQ Little Pigs might be able to do it.

Another idea is Pisgah View Ranch. It's out a bit but if you want an interesting down home experience they're an option. It's all country food - fried chicken, mashies, etc served in a setting like at home. Big tables where you pass the bowls around and get to know your neighbors.

May 22, 2007
rick in asheville in Southeast