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"Grilled Cheese Invitational" Who is going?!


Looks interesting....has anyone been before?! Is anyone going?! Thoughts?

I want my coffee : no starbucks , no peets

One of my friends mentioned " Its a Grind " in walnut creek. Has anyone heard of this? Apparently its hidden in the Nob Hill Foods Shopping Center on Oak Grove....

I want my coffee : no starbucks , no peets

I'm talking no big chains. If I'm going to chalk up 4 bucks for a latte ( for that amount I could buy a whole gallon of milk ) where should I go? Looking for consistent quality, easy calm atmosphere, friendly baristas and free wi-fi would make it superb.

Any ideas? Looking in East Bay like Concord, Walnut Creek, Alamo etc

Does Starbucks make any good food?

no the food isn't that great, however with the gift card you could buy books, cd's, gift sets, journals and dvd's! lots of options besides food. Also check out the trail mix' at the front of the line by the register.

Mar 07, 2008
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The " Feasty Boys" Beer, Bacon, Butter and Better don't forget the cheese

Has anyone seen this on the travel channel? Its like two Paula Deens.....

Alamo chowhounds : Yellowwood coffee and tea?

have you been? is it worth going to? any reviews?

Does anyone remember Ci Ci Oles?

Off of Clayton Blvd? Now its some pub/bar but did the restaurant move?! It had GREAT mexican food and i'm sad to see that its gone. Anybody know?