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Recommendation for restaurant Easter Sunday early dinner?

This New Yorker is heading to New Orleans Easter weekend! Any recommendations for Easter Sunday early dinner? Price range is fairly open. Staying in the French Quarter. Thanks!

Feb 07, 2012
canmich19 in New Orleans

Storm King, wineries-where to lunch or brunch in lower Hudson Valley

I agree with Quine - Storm King is definitely not a short stop. If you get tired walking around there is a tour bus/cart type thing. I really enjoyed my last trip there.

Best pizza in Oceanside/Rockville Centre area?

Hey Thanks - Blue Moon is so close I will try there this weekend. I will definitely check Grimaldi's too - on the way home from work. As far as Umberto's goes - the one in NHP serves fantastic Sicilian and Grandma's. I haven't tried their Grandpa's yet though.

Best pizza in Oceanside/Rockville Centre area?

I've been looking for a good pizza place in this area and I can't seem to find one. I think I've been spoiled by working near Umberto's in New Hyde Park. I keep looking for something as good in this area. Any recommendations?