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Key West: Suggestions for Xmas Eve & Xmas night

Escaping the New England snow and will be in Key West on the 24th & 25th. First visit. Welcome suggestions for nice meals for those nights. Thanks!

Dec 19, 2009
squashchick in Florida

Foodie weekend in Portland, ME - what should I hit next time?

Just got back from our first jaunt to Maine and must recommend Street & Co. very highly if you like seafood. From my Chowhound perusings I deduced that S&C and Fore Street appear to get the most mentions when it comes to good restaurants and I chose S&C because my SO loves plainly cooked seafood. We didn't have a reservation, but there are a few tables available for walk-ins and somebody took less time than normal so we didn't have to wait. Everything was terrific, from the great bread (from some bakery on Commericial St.), to the mussels, to the perfectly prepared grilled swordfish and mahi mahi. I had high expecations for the blueberry pie, but a spontaneous trip to LLBean dashed my dessert hopes.

Best steak restaurant on the Main Line?

Further out, in Radnor, is Flemings which seems to be quite popular with the red meat crowd. Search the Chowhound site for the reviews. Might be a better bet.

Oct 02, 2008
squashchick in Pennsylvania

City Line Ave area/Bala Cynwyd?

Agree on the Sang Kee noise level for a date. If you go 5 minutes down the road to Ardmore (past the be-sure-to-skip Fellini's) you'll hit Cafe San Pietro & Primavera, both Italian joints, nothing extraordinary, but loads better than Fellini's. If you go to the New Tavern be aware of their heavy sauces which tend to overwhelm whatever they're covering - get them on the side. The downside about the New Tavern is that the median age is quite high and by 8:30 or the place has cleared out. On the plus side, if the date is going well you'll literally feel like you're the only two people in the room and no metaphor will be needed!

Sep 10, 2008
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Takeout Near Main Line

Here's a link to a discussion about Chinese on the Main Line since that encompasses takeout. Personally, I'm not a Chung Sing fan and have recently had two good experiences with Hunan in Ardmore (just not the egg roll).

For Sushi, love, LOVE SushiLand in Bryn Mawr. Great prices, terrific food.

If you like burritos you have the new Chipotle in Ardmore and the Santa Fe Burrito in Wynnewood Plaza.

Aug 14, 2008
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Chinese food quest in the suburbs

From a Narberthian, my $.02, FWIW:
When I first moved to this area I was happy to find Chung Sing, probably because it's in an old diner and looks cute. I wanted to like it - really I did - but I came to the conclusion that it was just too greasy for me. Now I get my standard takeout from Szechuan Garden Inn (behind the Subway & Human Zoom at 47 W. Lancaster). Previous poster who mentioned the owner is right on: I forgot my wallet one night and she gave me the food anyway. Trusted me to pay later (which I did). Anyone else have thoughts on that one?

I thought Yang Ming and Margaret Kuo were excellent, but too pricey for my "everyday" Chinese. Must try Hu-Nan, but entrance looks forbidding.

I've taken out from SangKee and eaten in a few times and though I'm partial to its Four Seasons dish I can understand why not everyone is sold on the place. Part of the reason (I think) it's so popular is that the mod-ish decor is much nicer than your usual Chinese neighborhood restaurant so there's not that strip mall atmosphere issue (only that decibel ear busting issue).

Anyone been to Auspicous in Ardmore?

Jul 16, 2008
squashchick in Philadelphia

dinner favs near Bryn Mawr Film Institute?

I can vouch for SushiLand (great prices, great prices, little atmosphere), Lourdas (good food, cash only, BYO), and Tango. Freska, also a BYO, was good, but the noise level was disconcerting a few years ago. Don't know if that's been fixed. Sola is excellent, but don't go if you have a time constraint. Plus, that's not immediately nearby. For pub food there's The Grog and Kelly's.

Jun 04, 2008
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Cheap Sushi in Philly

Have a car? Then drive out 20 minutes to the Main Line (seriously) and visit my new favorite restaurant, Sushi Land, on Lancaster Ave. (Rte 30) in Bryn Mawr. For $21 I get an order of Shumai and two kinds of rolls of varying complexity. OK, so it's not "all you can eat", but it's about all I can eat and I think the quality is quite good.

Apr 21, 2008
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Great restaurants that are always empty...

I'll add 211 York to the list. I always try to plug it whenever possible because i've never had a bad meal there. It's an oasis of fine dining in the midst of the barren Jenkintown/Abington area. Fortunately, it seems to plug along, but during the week, at any rate, it's usually quite empty.

Jan 28, 2008
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Nice lunch spot in Devon/Stafford area

I've been to John Harvard's many times and can declare it quite "safe". It's certainly not in the class of Nectar or even 333 Belrose (which i've been to for lunch and has a nice vibe). But it's only a few blocks from Whole Foods which might be a huge benefit given the probably horrendous holiday shopping traffic (composed of people like you!).

If you do go to 333 Belrose then here's the shortcut to avoid inching down Lancaster Ave.: head east towards Philly and turn left at the Farmers Market (car wash on right) at Eagle Road. Pass Valley Forge Military Academy & Eastern College. Turn right at light at King of Prussia Road. Turn on to Belrose immediately after first light. Sounds complicated, but its not, and will save you 15 minutes.

Dec 06, 2007
squashchick in Pennsylvania

What is near Merion Cricket Club?

I second (or is it third) Sola for a very nice meal. Might have trouble getting in on short notice though - it's a rather small space and very popular. Ask for directions to the nearest liquor store in Ardmore or Bryn Mawr. I like Tango right near the Bryn Mawr train station - the space & vibe is a bit less conventional than Sola. Had one of the best meals of the past few years at the Old Guard House (mentioned before) and consider that "fine dining". Also right at the Bryn Mawr station is the greek Lourdas (cash only) which i think is consistently good. There's also a Japanese restaurant in Roesmont, right past Bryn Mawr, next to the Borders, that gets good reviews (can't think of the name now). And if you're in the mood for Indian the best one nearby is in Ardmore - Khajuraho India. I also agree with Susannah Foo's Gourment Kitchen about 10 minutes down the road on Rt 30/Lancaster Ave. Great food, interesting space, but can be awfully loud when crowded.

Good luck in the Hunter Lott!

Nov 15, 2007
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Restaurants That Never Get Mentioned

Here's one that never gets mentioned, probably because it's in the very unhip northern suburbs: 211 York. It's in Jenkintown on Old York Road and meals there have been consistently excellent. The room is low key and quiet. Unfortunately, I think it's too quiet due to lack of customers and i'd hate to see one of the few "fine dining" establishments in the area bite the dust. Makes a great birthday or anniversary spot.

Nov 08, 2007
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Best late-night dining on mainline

As a transplanted New Yorker now in Narberth I've had this problem for years. "Decent" hasn't been my criteria, but rather "open and serving food". And it helps if the staff isn't looking at their watches. I'm further east than you, so - don't snort - Gullifty's next to the Bryn Mawr Borders has often been our go-to fallback after 10. Great beer selection and safe food from a large menu (vs the often seen "limited late" menu). Sometimes they have an open mic night which can blast your eardrums (unless you're in your 20's and have teflon ears), so we ask to sit in the upstairs section. I, too, welcome other suggestions.

Oct 19, 2007
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Anything new along the Main Line

I will also submit Susanna Foos in Radnor as a place you should try. It can be quite noisy during the heart of the evening, but their shrimp dumplings are heavenly.

People are also giving Theresa's Next Door in Wayne good reviews, but i haven't tried it yet.

Oct 02, 2007
squashchick in Pennsylvania

Great Pizza on Main Line?

We enjoy the Quattro Stagioni pizza at Primavera, a restaurant in the old bank building on Lancaster in Ardmore. Thin crust. After eating a whole pizza you don't feel like you have a lead weight in your stomach.

May 31, 2007
squashchick in Philadelphia

Morehead City/Beaufort NC

Thanks to all of you who contributed your thoughts. We heeded your advice and avoided the Sanitary (unlike friends who went the first night and were disappointed-should've looked at Chowhound first!).

Made it to:
Beaufort Grocery Co. for lunch: Very good.
Net House. Great stuffed soft shell crabs and everybody enjoyed their meals. AreBe was right: the seafood bisque was amazing. Took out a pint our last night.
Bistro-By-The-Sea: Not exactly a fine-dining atmosphere, but the food was quite good. Too bad there wasn't any fish that didn't have fancy sauces.
Blue Moon Bistro: salmon over lobster ravioli with asparagus-excellent. Hint: in the afternoon was told the place was fully booked, but showed up around 9:00 after golf and were seated in the bar area. Our best meal.
Williams: highly recommended by our hosts, but we were a bit disappointed. Slow service (although two drinks were on the house as make-up). Overall, though, very good.
NY Deli: took out sandwiches. Great hoagie!

Didn't make it to El's Drive-In for a shrimp burger, but had one from Laurie Ann's in Swansboro. I thought it would be a patty-the shrimp equivalent of a crabcake-but to my surprise it was a pile of fried shrimp between two hamburger rolls. Silly me.

The "best" meal, though, was when my partner cooked the three fish we caught during a five hour fishing trip. Hmmm...$140 tour divided by three fish equals $47 per fish. Oh well, that's not the point; it was the experience we went for. Oh wait, my SO got seasick for much of the trip ....At least one of us had a good time!

Thanks again to all you Chowhounds. Much appreciated.

Morehead City/Beaufort NC

Please help out some Philadelphians heading down to Morehead City for a week -- first time in the Carolinas! Can't find any recent postings about restaurants. Looking for suggestions about the local specialties, seafood restaurants, local haunts, and fine (but not too fine) dining. Menus with abundant vegetarian choices a plus.

Thanks, in advance, to the wonderful Chowhound community.