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Is there any Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Toronto area??

Should try Johny Banana on Queen & Bathurst. I'm originally from Mexico and this one, along with Milagro on Mercer are the only 2 restaurants I would reccomend and recognize as decent and authentic Mexican restaurants in the GTA. They are both owned by Mexicans that apparently were born and raised in Mexico City.

Authen. Latin/Spanish Restaurants ?

I'm originally from Mexico and consider myself a serious Latin food foodie. These are my recommendations for best Spanish/Latin in Toronto:

- Torito on Augusta (Spanish) Good deal for price and ambiance/quality.
- Johny Banana on Queen & Bathurst (Mexican/Latin) Good deal for price and ambiance/quality.
- Milagro on Mercer (Mexican) Good food, a little bit pricey.
- Cava on Yonge & St. Clair (Spanish/Latin) Good food, a little bit pricey.
- Casa Barcelona on Bloor West Village (Spanish) Good food, place not so cool.

Cucina on College?

I'd have to say Cucina is one of the worst places I've been to. Service is very poor (snobbish, comatose servers) and there's nothing outstanding about the food. Terroni is way better!!!!

Ceviche in Toronto

Go for Johny Banana on Queen & Bathurst. Very good ceviche! They have a different one every week (only available on weekends) but the time I was there I had this tilapia, cilantro and green chile one which was so fresh and good. Very cool unpretentious loungy ambiance (music is amazing). Milagro on Mercer has a good selection too and they even have a ceviche bar. Although the place is kinda expensive and a little bit pretentious.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

I agree with you. I should say that when Burrito Boyz started, their burritos were very good, huge and decently priced. Good deal for the price. I guess that's what made them famous but now they are terrible!! Quality of ingredients is awful and the service there sucks. I heard that they changed their produce supplier to make a bigger mark although they were already doing pretty good and they went for a second quality supplier that offers bad quality vegetables for half the price. I noticed that with the meat more than the vegetables. At first their quality and flavour was so good and now it's like only after having several tequila shots at the nightclub and when you get really hungry late at night when in the area you can swallow their stuff. I'd say Quesada is the best option for quality, Mexican flavour and price. They even have green salsa and salsa borracha which are really authentic Mexican ingredients. Johny Banana is another option (spicy as hell, and a chorizo burrito which is very interesting) although it's more pricey (full service restaurant) but way better quality.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

What was, in your opinion so terrible about Johny Banana. I really liked it. I'm originally from Mexico and the only three palces that are close in flavour and service to what we have in Mexico are Milagros, Johny Banana and Jalapeno's.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

Well burritos are not really the best example of authentic Mexican food. Burritos are not the national Mexican dish as many believe. They are probably the most representative dish of Tex-Mex food along with nachos and fajitas. I'm originally from Mexico and you wouldn't find those dishes at a Mexican restaurant. But if you are wondering where is the best Mexican in Toronto I can recommend 3 places:

- Johny Banana at Queen & Bathurst
- Milagro on Mercer St.
- Jalapeno on King.

Although if you are craving a burrito, I'd recommend Johny Banana and Quesada on Wellington. Both places serve huge burritos and they keep them pretty Mexican and with good quality ingredients contrary to Burrito Boyz' Tex-Mex flavour and not so good quality and service. Johny Banana's burritos are pricey though cause it's not a fast food place as Quesada where burritos are big as well but cheaper.

Best margaritas in Toronto?

I agree with butcher. You should try Johny Banana on Queen & Bathurst, they have amazing cocktails specially their margaritas and mojitos. Try the tamarind or hibiscus margarita.