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Taranta, Davio's, Grill 23 or Mistral

Mistral. There is no other option from your list. Mistral, since the day it opened, is the best restaurant in Boston and I have never been dissappointed in my experiences there nor have I heard of anyone else being dissappointed with the expection of the posting below. I had friends from Korea here recently and they loved it. I really enjoy Taranta as well but stick with a classic when you have people visiting. You can rest easy that way.

Family Style Red Sauce - North End - 20 people

I love the North End but the best place for you is Magiano's in the Park Plaza area. It is always family style there, the food is good, the artmosphere not stuffy at all and you won't be dissappointed. If not there then I would go for L'Osteria in the North End and see what they can do for you.

New York Pizza

Ok Ok. So I know this is new England but I am not a native and while I like the food here I haven't found anywhere that sells a good New York style pizza. Only New Yorkers will know what I mean. Any suggestions (besides going home every now and again)?

Andover Ma area, sunday evening

I hear it's for sale so make sure before you go that there isn't something new there.


Bacco has a full bar, I will give you that, but the food isn't a knock your socks off experience.

Scotch Pine Farm in Pepperell?

Has anyone ever eaten there that is on this site? I have read a few reviews but before driving out there I thought I'd get some feedback. Any help would be appreciated. It may also go by the nake "The Wee Little Tea House".

Graduation dinner for 18!

I'd opt for La Galleria 33 in the North End on Salem Street. We were just there Sunday for a party of 8 and had a terrific time. Ask for Nick as your waiter and know that he will make sure you order the best choices for that day and will smile the whole time. The food was fattastic, the wine list quite comprehensive and not budget breaking, the decor perfect and the service amazing for the North End. It is usually gruff and to the point but we were greeted with a smile and the waiter (Nick) kept us laughing and made us feel right at home. We'll be back the next time we want a great meal and a great night.