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Fairway Market in Downtown White Plains?

I wish they would think of the North Western side of Westchester. I love Stew Leonards but I crave some variety . I would love something nearer to Ossining like elmsford or as was previously mentioned , Greenburgh.Even the new Ridge Hill would be ideal near the Sprain Brook

Hooray!!! Finally (good) Dominican cake close to home!! (Carolina's Desserts in Yonkers)

is it a dominican bakery?

Baked Goods In Westchester

where in somers

its bbq time. Looking for a good butcher near Ossining

i need a place to buy good cuts of steak in westchester county

Day trip to Philly.Any good breakfast spots?

need ideas on where to eat breakfast

Mar 27, 2010
shoekittykat in Philadelphia

breakfast quesadilla receipe

need a quick receipe for mexican breakfast

Mar 27, 2010
shoekittykat in Home Cooking

its bbq time. Looking for a good butcher near Ossining

Any great butcher shops to purchase good steaks and ribs?

ready for great buffet~

Any great buffets in westchester county

Holy Smoke!

what do you like about the sides

Breakfast Buffets


Breakfast Buffets

Looking for great Breakfast buffets in Westchester County. It may seem silly but I dont eat pork so I need a place that has alternatives such as turkey bacon or beef sausage. Any ideas?

Holy Smoke!

Can someone tell me about the BBQ joint?

greek food and Tarrytown

HAs anyone tried the Greek restuarant in Tarrytown and what dishes have you tried??

Best hot dogs in Westchester

Hi! were is Walters"

whats good food in yorktown heights?

Any good restuarants ?

Cuban/Dominican food In Westchester?

I hear you. Do you eat empanadas?

Meyer lemons -- a good buy in New Rochelle

I know this reply will not solve your intial problem but I saw QVC selling a dwarf meyer plant that you can buy. I must admit it seemed rather facinating to potentially have these lemons at my disposal. The dont mail them out for a few weeks but this time next year you will have them in your home. What are you planning to do with them?


have you had any other delectable treats there


thanks. i drive past there on my way to the movies. Any other great food there?

southern connecticut and baked goods

I live in Westchester County New York and I am interested in taking a reletively short drive to Connecticut for some good cakes, doughnuts or cupcakes. Any thoughts friends?

Breakfast Spots?

I live in Ossining but I am hearing some good things about Greenwich. I dont have any leads on specific restaurants but im willing to take a trip for some good pancakes ,burritos or eggs..


I love scallion pancakes from one of my favorite chinese restuarants in the city. I am looking for the same moist pancakes in Westchester County. Ive tried a few but they were dry and flavorless.Any thoughts?

Best hot dogs in Westchester

Have you been there recently Kat?

Looking for Perfect Pancakes?

I love Pancake Plus in Rockland County but I would love to find great pancakes in Westchester County. I love when the fruits are cooked in the pancakes not put on top at the end.

Cuban/Dominican food In Westchester?

I passed by it . it did look like a dive. I couldnt figure out where the entrance was. I guess if you say its good I'll give it a try and get out of the car lol!

Cuban/Dominican food In Westchester?

Sra Swanky,
I just went to Baileys BBQ . It was fantastic! The brisket was tender. I am getting over my loss of Q's in MK very quickly!
Thanks for the recommendation. I actually read something you wrote about red velvet cupcakes and the BBQ place. Followed it to a T.
Your the best!

Bailey's Smokehouse
136 Erie St E, Blauvelt, NY 10913

Q in Mt Kisco closed (as is the Guatemalen Chapines Deli?)

i guess i could but it is on the other side of town for me. I am in Ossining?

Okinawa- Ossining

thanks for sharing. It upset my friends and I and we really felt uncomfortable about how he handled the situation. I think we were more offended than anything...

Cuban/Dominican food In Westchester?

thanks for the link the food seems amazing!

Q in Mt Kisco closed (as is the Guatemalen Chapines Deli?)

Have you tried Memphis Maes in Croton? There is also a place in Shrub Oak that is decent. Qs surpasses them all but I guess its time to move on....