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Vietnamese place that has banh chung?

This is the time to get em along with the pickled daikon and carrots fish sauce thats supposed to go with it...
I've pretty much seen them in all the vietnamese delis/bakerys I've visited these last two weeks. Banh Mi Che Cali, Vans Bakery, Lee's Sandwich, asian supermarkets. As other hounders have mentioned, you will find them along with all the other Chinese New Years goodies. The places I went to was in Little Saigon/OC, but you can find them in San Gabriel/Alhambra and Chinatown.
Yummm, best when fried in a little oil to crisp the outside but still soft inside. Thats it! I'm getting some tomorrow.
Good luck!

Feb 08, 2008
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Reasonably priced omakase west hollywood or surrounding area

I found myself thoroughly enjoying the Omakase at Sushi Roki in Hollywood. $85/per Make sure you get Jiro (sp?) as your sushi chef.

Feb 08, 2008
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Korean BBQ near Buena Park or La Habra

Fantastic All-you-can-Eat Korean BBQ for $10.99 in Stanton called Nel Bom.
In addition to all the fixings, you also get the Tofu soup, Cold Noodle soup, charboiled fish, salad and ice cream. (This is not the buffet time, btw.)

Oct 22, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Any delivery services including mornings?

My company gets breakfast delivered every other Friday by Le Petit Jewel. They have a variety of options. We normally get the one with scrambled eggs, sausages, fresh fruit platters, cottage cheese and granola and a variety of pastries such as croissants, muffins and donuts.

Its pretty good and nice to look forward to at the end of the week.

Not sure where u are located...
Best to give them a call.

Le Petit Jewel
(310) 729-4269

Sep 19, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area


Love to try it out...
do you mind sharing the location?


Sep 14, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area


Kiwiberry (near the Beverly Center)
pros: creamier than pinkberry, has a frequent buyer card
cons: horrible parking

Dolci Mango: (Redondo Beach/ Garden Grove)
pros: nice view to enjoy your fro yo (Redondo Beach)
cons: horrible parking, taste fluctuates

Frozen Monkey (Torrance):
Pros: good parking, same price as Pinkberry, offers other flavors such as green apple and strawberry, offers buy one get one free coupons
Cons: tastes wierd!

Jades Bakery:(Artesia and Normandie)
Pros: great bargain with their $1 cone or $3.50 for a 12oz, and good parking
Cons: its a bakery that has a fro yo machine, so no toppings (which I don't mind at all because I get great chinese pastries instead), taste fluctuates but overall pretty good

Ce Fiore: (Little Toyko)
Pros: creamier, offers other flavors, lots of toppings
Cons: horrible parking, and BF hates how it tastes

Boba Time (Western and Redondo Blvd)
Pros: best flavor in our opinion, also offers other treats like boba, mochas, shaved ice
Cons: no mochi topping for those who like it, super expensive at $5.50 for a large (Pinkberry's medium)

Diet Berry (on melrose):
Pros: offers a sugar free version which is not bad in flavor
Cons: horrible parking

I've yet to try Red Mango and Yogurberry.
Must go soon!

Sep 13, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

i found fresh lobster for $9.99!!

Dine in only???

Sep 12, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Poll: What restaurants do you eat in most often?

For the past half year, the place BF and I go to most often is:

Pinkberry (all locations): frozen yogurt
Dolci Mango: (redondo beach) frozen yogurt
Jade's Bakery: (Artesia near 99 Ranch Market) super cheap frozen yogurt...we double fist their $1 cone and get two 12 oz. for later
Boba Time (Western and Redondo): frozen yogurt (IMO the best tasting so we go here at least once a day unless we get fro yo somewhere else)
Banh Mi Che Cali (Little Saigon): at least once a week to stock up on Vietnamese yogurt which we take hope and freeze to make....Guess what??
Frozen Yogurt

Come to thing of it, there is not one day that we go without a fro yo fix.
Man, we are addicts.

Sep 12, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

L.A.hounder wants to bring the best of Chicago back

Happy Friday!

I will be flying out to Chicago (St. Charles actually) on Sunday for a week long training for my new job. This will be my first time to Chicago and am very excited to taste all the goodies this city has to offer...

I'm not sure if I will have time to actually go to downtown during the week, but it would be an awesome surprise if I could bring back something for my boyfriend who loves LOVES LOVES pizza, hot dogs, and samwiches.

My training will end next Friday at 3pm and I depart at 5:40pm.

Please tell me that there is a way to grab something good and take it home with me! (Btw, I will have a carry-on, but willing to check in)

Thanks in advance!!

Aug 24, 2007
Me so hungry in Chicago Area

New PINKBERRY in Santa Monica and Brentwood

I am happy to say that the bakery next to the 99Ranch and Marukai store on Artesia and Normandie just got a frozen yogurt machine...
You can get a fro yo cone for 99cents or for the same price as a PB medium with 3 toppings, you can get a medium AND a small (toppings are an additional 75 cents for each). They completely fill up the center and therefore there is no hole.
As for the taste, the fro yo at this bakery is creamier (PB is much icier) and a little more tart/sour (which I like).
Its a nice refreshing treat for these hot summer days.

Jul 30, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Banh Hoi - Vietnamese thin noodles in LA?

Pho 79 in Alhambra and Downtown LA definitely has Banh Hoi Thit Nuong with all the fresh herbs and greens. You can also get it with the charboiled pork paste or shrimp paste wrapped over sugar cane. Hmmmm, my favorite!

Jul 09, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Back to Pinkberry: A Post-Snowberry-Cantaloop-CéFiore Review

Do they offer sugarfree yogurt?

Jul 06, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Back to Pinkberry: A Post-Snowberry-Cantaloop-CéFiore Review

Which location are you referring to where they actually weigh the yogurt? I normally go to the Rolling Hills location and the portions always vary depending on who is "pulling" the yogurt.
It sucks!!!

My previous post:

Jul 06, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Do I need to bring a scale to Pinkberry?

Lol, great article!

That picture showed exactly what I was talking about. Is that normal? So how do you really know if you are getting the true weight that you pay for?

The reason I ask is because there are days when I can eat it all and even want some more and then there are days where I have to put it in the freezer for another time. Not sure if it was just my appetite that fluctuated or "the heavy/light hand that pulled the berry".

Not to mention that my BF's 13oz is the same height (tip-wise) as my 8oz.

I guess I really do feel punked and just want to know if this is normal when "pulling frozen yogurt". Maybe I'll have to check out Golden Spoon and Penguin's to find out...

Jun 15, 2007
Me so hungry in Chains

Best Churros in LA area?

Third on Literati II, I also liked the churros and chocolate dip at Cobras and Matadors. Its been awhile though so not sure if its still tasty. I'm normally so full at the end of my meal that I can only have a piece, but they're still tasty the next day for breakfast!

Jun 15, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Do I need to bring a scale to Pinkberry?

I just realized that the center is totally hollow. Meaning that they just swirl the yogurt in a spiral motion without filling the center...

I wasn't a frozen yogurt consumer before Pinkberry so I'm not sure if this is normal. I kinda assumed that the whole bottom part of the bowl gets filled up first and then swirled up. I was kinda sad to see this :~(

Jun 15, 2007
Me so hungry in Chains

Passed out w/ lucid dreams after a bowl of Steel Cut Oatmeal

So I normally eat the plain, quick 5-minute-to-prepare oatmeal for breakfast. However, after recently visiting an Irish breakfast restaurant up in Washington, I ordered their steel cut oatmeal served with a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream (Isn't that fantastic?!)...

Unfortunately to my disappointment, the waitress informed me that they were all sold out.

So as soon as I got home from my trip, I was determined to have my first bowl of steel cut oatmeal. Which I did sans the Baileys Cream since it was a work day..

Boy oh Boy! Talk about food coma! I was knocked out for almost three hours with such intense lucid dreams. I literally went about my day, from getting up, washing my face, getting ready for work, etc. but then I realize that I was just dreaming and then I'd have to tell myself to wake up. I would see myself waking up again and going through the same motions only to realize at some point that I was still dreaming. This continued over and over like a skipping reel of the film "Matrix" only difference is, Neo is a petite girl.

I was finally pulled out of this strange experience when my cell phone (that was sitting by my ear) starting ringing.

I told my BF about my experience and he told me that he had experienced that before, but for him, the culprit was a big bowl of yogurt parfait! I can't believe it! If you looked at him, you would think something like a monster burrito or something to that nature would knock him out...

So my question is..

Have you ever experienced this intense "lucid dream food coma knock out session"? And if so, what did you eat???

Jun 13, 2007
Me so hungry in General Topics

Savoy (Alhambra) Review--Excellent

Oh I miss Savoy!
I used to get the chicken with their salad and tasty dressing instead of the rice. Not too heavy.
I have to second on all the recommendations above.

Jun 12, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Ce Fiore v. Pinkberry

BF and I tried Ce Fiore in Little Tokyo tonight...
Although the selection of flavors, swirls, and creaminess was nice, we both like the tartness of Pinkberry more. To me, the green tea flavor of Ce Fiore tastes just like green tea ice cream.
We noticed that a Pinkberry store is about to open right across the street from Ce Fiore...
If we had to choose, we would go for Pinkberry, but with the outrageous prices, I'm glad we don't have to. The greek yogurt from Trader Joes or even the Vietnamese yogurt at Banh Mi Che Cali with a variety of fruits and berries from the farmer's market will do just fine for us.

Jun 11, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Lowest price- Spot Prawns

Hey Hounders,
Just came back from Vancouver and had some really great spot prawns for $6.99/lb.
I want some more! Does anyone know where I can get spot prawns? And what's the going price for these suckers?
I'm willing to travel.

Jun 07, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Best GELATO? Recommendations please?!?

Had the hazelnut gelato there. It was too sweet and the hazelnut aroma was a bit weak for me. The owner was very nice, but I'm sad to say, I don't plan on going back.

Jun 05, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

BC Spot Prawn Festival

Are the spot prawns still available? If so, when is the best time to go and do they cook it there for you? I'm a L.A. hounder visiting Seattle with the BF and we are planning to drive up either Wednesday or Thursay.

Hownding for half price

Sea Empress in Gardena sells a selection of dim sum for half price towards the end of service. Mostly pastries such as egg custard cups and char siu bao, but if you go in the Mitsuwa supermarket (in the same plaza), Sea Empress sells their left over dim sum for half price.

May 29, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Food - "Life Altering" Experience?

I bow to you!

May 28, 2007
Me so hungry in General Topics

Food - "Life Altering" Experience?

You're not crazy...

Today, BF and I walked almost five miles to and five miles back from Delicieuse (Redondo Beach) for the first time after reading about their specialty ice creams made with goat's milk. With only 15 minutes left until closing, we literally ran half a mile for ice cream! When we got there, we were totally out of breath and sopping wet with sweat and sooo happy. I wish I had a picture of the sweet little old man sitting at the doorway when we entered! After welcoming us in and without having to ask for a sample, he started to give us spoon after spoon of each flavor to taste. After trying all the unique flavors such as lemon-basil sorbet, caramel w/salt, and peach-rosemary to name a few, we settled with chocolate millionare (deep dark chocolate) and chocolate hazelnut. Although it was past their closing hour, the owner allowed us to sit in their cute little dining room to enjoy their ice cream and bask in our little moment of glory and victory over time, not to mention, being guilt-free of the calories we were about to consume...
For us, its like an adventure...Reading, searching, hunting, trekking, traveling experiencing, and remembering...
Our lives are centered around food and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, we've had our share of disappointments and we could have easily been greeted with a CLOSED sign after walking five miles, but honestly, the sweet isn't as sweet without the sour.

I too drive to Little Saigon to get my favorite cup of Vietnamese coffee, Pasadena for the best Chilean Sea Bass, Thai Town for mango and coconut sticky rice, and J-Town for ramen. I can go on and on..
How far will I go?
Tomorrow, we're dropping off a friend at the ANA Academy in San Diego and the first thing I did was log onto Chowhound. Per a fellow hounder's rec, we will be visiting Bubby's Gelato for their peanut buttter gelato.
On Tuesday, we are flying to Seattle and Vancouver to "visit a family member", but you and I know very well that the real reason is to make it in time for the spotted prawn season, dig our own clams,search for the best coffee, and fish for the freshest and fattiest wild salmon the Pacific Northwest has to offer.
Later in the Summer, we will be flying across the world to tour Italy to have a cup of espresso and and the mother of all gelatos.
Life altering experience? I would definitely say so..
I try to pay attention to whats happening before and after the meal, take a moment and look at the city I'm in, the people and culture surrounding me.
Coming from a very sheltered childhood and protective parents, as an adult, I've learned to expand my horizons with every meal I eat.

May 28, 2007
Me so hungry in General Topics

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

French fries and vanilla ice cream
Pickles and vanilla ice cream
Sugar and avocado
Doritos and white rice with siracha
Oatmeal with peanut butter and melted chocolate

May 27, 2007
Me so hungry in General Topics

Worked hard, now ready to play hard...with food

After a much intense school year, I'm finally done!!
As a graduation gift, BF is taking me to Seattle and Vancouver this Tuesday for twelve days. We want to do everything that is food related.
I have gotten a pretty good idea of where to go for food and coffee from all these wonderful posts; however, what about activities consisting food?
We'd love to go cherry picking, clam digging, salmon fishing, crabbing...anything and everything!
We are both classically trained chefs, and after returning to school to become a professional bean counter, I still can't let go of my bean cookin days.
I guess once a foodie, always a foodie!
For this reason, our ideal activity is to pick, fish, catch, or farm the purest, freshest foods mother nature has to offer and then prepare the best meal ever. Group activities are even better!

Much thanks and see you soon Seattle!

Where can I find really good PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM?

I too prefer gelato over ice cream.
What luck!
I'll be dropping off a friend at the ANA Academy in San Diego on Monday. I'm not familiar with the area. Is Bubby's gelato around that area?

May 26, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

New PINKBERRY in Santa Monica and Brentwood

Went to Literati Cafe for a soy mocha and saw a sign that they now sell Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

May 26, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area

Best Weekend Farmer's Market - Pasadena to Westside?

I've had these absolutely amazing mini donuts at the Saturday Torrance Farmer's Market a while back. They were like donut shaped beignets made in a cute little frying contraption and drenched in powdered sugar. Then he dissapeared!
Has anyone seen these delicious treasures in any of these other markets?

May 26, 2007
Me so hungry in Los Angeles Area