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Mr Taster is leaving Los Angeles!

<cloak off>

Hey Mr. T

You'll be missed here old friend. Having been to Portland, I can see the appeal. I know you'll enjoy your new home and the AMAZING food scene there.

Just be aware of the "ABC isn't like back home in XYZ" trap that every chow émigré goes through and enjoy what's awesome there.

</cloak on>

Tacolandia 2014 6/28 3-7pm

+1 taco-eating Asian

mangosteen sighting!


I saw them at Wholesome Choice Irvine last week. In season, 99 Ranch has them too.

I imagine the Vietnamese fruit vendors in Little Saigon will have them too.

South African Food

Wholesome Choice is an international supermarket with a South African section. They have Milo. Locations in Irvine and Anaheim Hills.

Chances are so will Super Irvine.

Nina's Indian Grocery in Lake Forest also carries South African products and I'm pretty sure Milo is in stock.


"I've heard of bait and switch, but this is bait and go fuck yourself."

Funniest thing I've read on Chowhound in a *very* long time!

Gum Arabic, where to buy?

I've seen it at wholesome Choice in Irvine. It's a Persian-owned market with a very broad international inventory.

Don't know if or how it's used in Persian cuisine, but maybe there's a Persian market near you that carries it?

Chili Cheese Burrito (Chilito) - It's Back!

We went to the Tustin Markeplace TB. The wrapper was small, the fillings were skimpy.

Apparently it's a limited-time special menu item?

Breakfast in irvine

Don't know what your food preferences and budget are, but first thought is Lucca Cafe off of the 405 & Shady Canyon. Don't confuse with the similar sounding Cafe Lucca in Orange.

Frozen Dumplings?

XLB are available frozen, but I haven't had any that were all that great

Diho Bakery in Irvine, for example, sells a pretty wide selection of frozen dumplings including XLB.

Frozen Dumplings?

Dean Sin World comes immediately to mind for their frozen dumplings.

Where can you find baking supplies

My local Whole Foods sells high gluten flour in the bulk bins.

Smart & Final sells their house brand Romanelli HG flour in 25# bags. If your local store doesn't carry it, ask them to special-order it from the warehouse.

Lastly, Restaurant Depot has a warehouse store in Torrance. They are wholesale-only, but you can get a free membership if you can provide a business license (doesn't need to be in foodservice) or have proof you work for a 501(c)3 charity.

Restaurant Depot sells several brands of HG flour in 50# or 25# bags.

kings flour all purpose flour

Fucking Sysco.

For the OP: Smart & Final carries the King Arthur AP flour in 10 pound bags. Not every location stocks it, but they can order it for you in from their distribution center. Ask them if they can get the 50 pound sacks while you're there. Good luck.

kings flour all purpose flour

If you are a foodservice business, give Goldberg & Solovy a call. Several years ago, they were the King Arthur distributor in L.A. and carried the specialty commercial KA flours.

They were acquired by Sysco two years ago, so I'm not sure if KA is still part of their offerings. In any case, they are a wholesale-only business, so don't expect to do business if you wouldn't qualify for a commercial account.


Downtown LA


No. I talked to Neil about it last week. They just signed a lease recently, so it's pushed out to some time in 2014.

Heading to the Stanton, CA (a little west of Anaheim) area for the T-day holiday

3rd for Park Avenue Fine Dining, or Il Garage, their Italian menu when you eat al fresco overlooking their garden.

In Cerritos, Cafe Hiro is your spot. It's French food with a Japanese flair.

Where Marie Sharps Hot Sauce is sold in So. Calif?

One of their US distributors is in South LA. Get it direct from the source. I buy it by the case, but you can web-order a bottle at a time if that's what you want.

SOUP - LA Dish of the Month (November 2013)

Agreed on Bar Harbor. This is my favorite canned chowder. Near me, Wholesome Choice in Irvine sells it.

Lamb Offal in OC?

Don't know where you are, buy try the Persian markets that sell halal meat. They will almost always have them in stock.

Wholesome Choice: Irvine & Anaheim Hills
Super Irvine: Irvine
Mission Ranch Market: Mission Viejo

Where in LA to find veg/vegan fake "meat?"

Glad you liked it. I drove past Green Farm Market yesterday and was thinking about this thread. Thanks for reporting back.

Perhaps I should have warned you that the menu at Au Lac is on the more expensive end for Little Saigon. It'd be twice as much if it were in West LA, so hope that eased the sting for you a bit.

On a side note, I was in the neighborhood because I went to Au Coeur de Paris for baguettes, macarons and their killer almond croissant. Do stop in next time you make the schelp.

Okonomiyaki anyone?

I've tried Gottsui, Gaja Moc, and Doya Doya. Of the three, Gottsui is head and shoulders my favorite.

Santa Ana need rec

Il Dolce. Between the two, I prefer ecco.

Santa Ana need rec

Is this a casual dinner with someone who doesn't mind hole in the wall, or do you want something a little nicer?

You're close to the South Coast Plaza area. In that area, what comes to mind are either hole in the wall joints or places that are way above your $25 / pp request.

You're also not far from Costa Mesa. Near Brisol & Baker, you have ecco for pizza & pastas, which you can eke out at $25 / pp if you stay away from cocktails.

Old Vine would be nice too, but it's above your price point.

Where in LA to find veg/vegan fake "meat?"

If you're willing to make a trek, I'd steer you to a Vietnamese market in Little Saigon called Green Farm Market. It's right off the 405 at Magnolia.

They have maybe the biggest selection of fake soy-meat products I've seen anywhere. There's an entire aisle of dry goods sorta like what you're looking for. Behind you will be a row of refrigerator cases with vacuum packed soy cold cuts. Around the corner from that, a freezer case with more TVP-based "meat."

Caveat: Not being a vegetarian myself, I don't pay close attention to vegan food, so they may not have the exact product or brand you seek.

While you're in the area, stop by one of two excellent vegan Viet restaurants: Au Lac (on Brookhurst) or Bo De Tinh Tam Chay (on Beach Blvd). Of the two, Au Lac is more adventurous, diping into the raw-vegan menu. There's more emphasis on live vegetables, rather than a reliance on processed TVP fake meat.

A-1 Eastern Pickle Company

I once saw A1's delivery truck at Brent's. Unless something has changed since then, I would assume they are still Brent's pickle vendor.

85CBakeryCafe coming to Gardena

Also Garden Grove at the Mall of Fortune.

Surface streets from North Hollywood to El Monte, with dogs.

If you're going during a weekday, I'd urge you to make a trip to the Gioia Cheese factory in South El Monte and pick up some freshly-made burrata to take home.

Take a cooler full of ice and bring cash.

cream pies

^ ^ This ^ ^

Downhill report: Pho Thanh Lich

Pho Thanh Lich moved to a new location in June 2013.

13135 Brookhurst St., Garden Grove, CA

Best Lebanese in Orange County?

Across the parking lot is Nina's Indian & British Grocery. It's a great place for grocery stuff, but they also have an Indian restaurant in the back that's pretty solid. Not a destination restaurant, but a decent and easy choice for Indian in Lake Forest. I still prefer Annapoorna in Irvine for my Indian fix in this area.

Taco Stop for a hole in the wall taqueria. Stay away from the picture menu. Choose from the printed menu on the counter right by the register (ie tacos, tortas, and burritos - that's what they excel at). Definitely sample the home-made salsas on ice. If you like heat, try the pineapple-habanero "relish".

Slater's 50/50 is also in this area, if you're feeling like an expensive gourmet burger + craft beer.