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Best Fish and Chips in Detroit ?

Thanks Jim for your recommendation of Kildare house. Mushy peas are indeed availlable in cans in Hillers. "Bachelor's Fish & Chip shop style" are my favourite. Traditionally, mushy peas are made in the Chip shop by boiling dried whole peas for a long period of time until they adopt a consistancy quite similar to baked beans (only green). They were traditionally ladled over the chips but nowadays put in a plastic foam carry out container. My American friends always express surprise that during the 44 years I lived in England I NEVER ONCE saw fish and chips served with coleslaw.

Best Fish and Chips in Detroit ?

Thanks to all for the recomendation to dine at Scotty Simpsons I will make my way there asap. I can also recommend the authenticity of Bet and Jessies which fries a very nice piece of fish. As a Briton though, the thing I miss the most is the mushy peas which always accompany Fish and Chips in England. Does anyone know a Fish and chip Shop in Michigan that serves Mushy peas?