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Where can I find REAL truffle oil

What is "real" about Truffle oil? Truffles don't have oil. If you want real oil, try olive oil or corn oil or safflower oil.

Apr 08, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

recommendations for bologna

We had a lunch at Trattoria Anna Maria that we throughly enjoyed. One of the better Tortelloni of our visit, and I loved the friggione (stewed onions). But I have no idea where it rates in the culinary world. We ate outside, it may be a touristy place, I think they had promotional postcards. Who knows, the friggione was great, and the pasta very good.

Apr 01, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Anyone been to Taboon recently?

We are Taboon fans, and for us Andanda (I'm a veggie, wife eats fish) was a no return.

Mar 31, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Florences top restaurants for splurge meal?

As people who like simple Italian food (e.g. Buca della Orafo or Trattoria La Casalinga which are very different from each other, or Casa del Vino for a perfect sandwich), we found Ora di Aria hopelessly "messed with" and unappealing. We are vegetarian/pescatarian, so our choices were limited.

We do enjoy all the Cibreo places, especially the Cafe and Teatro del Sale.

Mar 25, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Looking for kanofi...qadifi...or what?

Kanafeh is very good at Taboon restaurant(773 Tenth Ave. at 52nd Street) , best I've had.

Mar 24, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Florence - need some help to finalise plans

On our very first trip to Florence 28 years ago, the white boar made a huge impression on us, but much less so last year. I think you can pass on it. We like Cafe & Trattoria Cibreo a lot, as well as their Teatro del Sale. Haven't been to Ristorante Cibreo in a long time, but sure it's also still very good. One of our favorites in Florence is Zeb, although it's a very upscale lunch counter, probably better for lunch than dinner. Trattoria Casalinga was good, as was Vechia Bettola (both simple and downscale, totally unlike Cibreo).

We do enjoy Buca Del Orafo as well.

Mar 16, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Florence Trip Planning - January 2014

Note that Cibreo has a restaurant, a trattoria and a cafe, all are good, prices (and service levels) drop as you go down the list, although we've been served by the chef Fabbio Picchi even in the cafe. He's quite a character. And his Teatro del Sale is a unique and fun experience (dinner & music or theatre), and the food there is quite good and varied, lots of food and a good value.

Jan 15, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Boca Chicu

Lupe's East LA Kitchen on lower Sixth Avenue I think shared ownership with Boca Chica, and has a few of the dishes I liked at Boca Chica, like the green chile stew.

Jan 05, 2014
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Quick Periyali report

Some of my favorite skordalia anywhere.

Dec 31, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Lunch for a group of 14 women after a visit to MOMA.

Pizzarte has good neapolitan pizza

Dec 25, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

new openings in Florence

We have an Eataly here in Manhattan, a block from work, and I don't find myself there too often, although much of their stuff is good to excellent (if somewhat pricey). It's much more satisfying to shop at the little places, DiPalo, Buon Italia, Faiccos, etc.

I feel the same in Florence - I'd rather eat and shop at San Ambrogio or local one off's (or Picchi's little collection) rather than chains that exist around the world.

Dec 19, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

new openings in Florence

For this I should go to Florence?

Dec 13, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Best mole in Manhattan?

I think the Mole at Mexicana Mama is excellent.

Nov 26, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

NY Style Chocolate Eclairs with vanilla pastry cream inside

You are right, I said pastry cream but in fact I usually went for the custard version.

Nov 18, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Breakfast on Friday near West 4 A line station


Nov 14, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

NY Style Chocolate Eclairs with vanilla pastry cream inside

The eclairs of my youth were from Craig's on 1st Avenue and about 19th Street. Vanilla pastry cream inside, chocolate on top. The current eclairs in New York seem to be a french style where the filling is always the same flavor as the topping, so chocolate on top means chocolate inside. I need plain pastry cream inside. Whatever happened to contrasts? Any place that still does that well?

Nov 14, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Authentic italian ambiance & food?

I Sodi on Christopher Street could easily be in Florence. Very simple delicious Italian food, little or no red sauce.

Nov 03, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Best Indian In NYC

Get the Onion Chili Rava Masala Dosa at Saravanas Bhavan.

Oct 28, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Must haves at Carbone tonight?

All you need for Carbone is a sense of humor and a deep credit card.

Oct 14, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

best pizza in manhattan

Keste has excellent Naples style pizza near NYU on Bleecker Street off Cornelia St. For New New York Style pizza, you can't beat Co (Company) on 24th and 9th Ave. Try the Quattro Cipolle.

Oct 14, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Authentic Mexican (Tijuana) food in NYC?

He lives in San Diego across the border from Tijuana. He's coming to New York looking for Tijuana food?

Sep 02, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

August in Florence - A Month of Eating By NY C'hounds

We were quite happy with the pizza at Il Pizzaiuolo
Via de' Macci 113/r, right across the street from Cibreo.

Sep 01, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Best almond croissants?

The croissants at Ceci Cela are excellent (interesting, non standard), but I just didn't care for the flat almond croissant with no crunch, no flake, no texture.

Aug 02, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Best almond croissants?

I tried Bien Cuit in the Village last week, burnt flesh on any croissant like thing is a real turn off for me. That said, the almond filling was fine.

Aug 02, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Best almond croissants?

My wife prefers the almond croissants from Lafayette over all others in the village/Soho. I really enjoy the almond brioche (yes, a different thing) at La Maison du Macaron on West 23rd Street.

Aug 02, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Favorite uses for fresh oregano?

Gennaro's in NYC summer salad - cubed watermelon, crumbled goat cheese, just a little excellent olive oil, sea salt, fresh oregano

Jul 30, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Home Cooking

Pakistani, Indian, or Middle Eastern food, for pre theater

I second Taboon or Gazala Palace for Middle Eastern.

Jul 09, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Where can I dine in short sleeves?

I wear short sleeve shirts nearly year round, have never had trouble eating well in New York City in the $5 to $125 per person range. This is simply not a concern, unless perhaps you are seeking a stuffy gentleman's club, in which case I can't help you.

Jul 09, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Manhattan

Florence (Firenze) trip report

Enjoyed last year so much, we went back this year. We're very picky eaters (and one is a vegetarian). We live in New York and the Italian food in Florence is simply better, which we attribute to better ingredients, more respect for the seasons, and less need to standout.

Pizzoaula near Cibreo & San Ambrosio market
Excellent pizza peppers & onion
Very Good fried shrimp and calamari, first rate salads.
this is an excellent pizzeria!

Coquinarius Wine bar Good value. Pear And Cheese ravioli very good, but needs a little more butter.
Excellent crostini, very Good Salad rustica
And of course good intelligent wine selections.

First time trying the 15 euro lunch at Teatro del Sale (once you are a member for 7 euros) -- delicious and excellent value, liked the excellent veggies and salads and pasta, delicious ribollita. So much flavor, so much value.

Borgo San jacopo too nuovo and fancy but one of us liked gazpacho and monkfish three ways. Zucchini rotunda and veggie plate okay. Desert pretty good. Splurge place mot worth it.. Would not return even to splurge.

Zeb still excellent, will return, in a year they have refined the pear ricotta totrellacci, more purity - not as sweet or shiny -but just as delicious. Be sure to have desert here too.

Teatro del sale saw Maria Cassi's very entertaining english/italian "Men and other animals" - very good pasta con melanzane, roast potatoes not as crunchy as my memory. A dozen other excellent salads, vegetables, two breads out of the oven, baked apples, chocolate cake. Again a wonderful food and entertainment experience and value (30 euro once you are a member). The all you can drink bag in box wine included in the price is adequate, but you can always buy up.

Gastone - very good risotto, very good fried fish, okay salads.

Osteria tre Panche - black truffles in excess (I know that would seem to be impossible - can't explain).

ANTINORI della Chianti - super fancy modern new cantina (25 minutes south of Florence) that hasn't yet seen a grape. The restaurant was rather unwelcoming, but found room for us. Great fried veggies, excellent pasta. Would happily eat here again. Winery tour was a joke, for $20 per person, 15 minute walk over a few catwalks and they point to a lot of empty oak barrels and steel tanks. Then they show a few empty steel tanks for olive oil and some oak barrels that do have Vin Santo in them. Then a 6 minute wine tasting, one white two of their lower end reds. Guide knew roughly what we know about wine. Overall, found the building and presentation incredibly pretentious and overwrought. Would return to the restaurant (but make a reservation).

Coquinarius again - still very good, Pear ravioli had more butter, and that was indeed better.

Lunch il Verrazzano- forno - what's not to like?

Dinner at Michelin star Ora D'Aria was pretty awful except cheese and desert. Who knew walnut tortellini could be so dry, chalky, undercooked and uninteresting. Not fair test of this restaurant since we don't eat meat. But for us, this food is simply too messed with, and not to good effect.

Mozzarella and tomato sandwich with capers (hold the anchovy) perfect at Casa del Vino near Duomo for 3.50. My favorite panini in Firenze. Hidden behind all the leather merchants.

Excellent inexpensive dinner at Trattoria Casalinga in Oltararno. Pinzimonio (olive oil not special, but they showed us what do with a whole raw artichoke). Fennel had so much flavor, who cares about the EVO? First rate ravioli, solid pesto, delicious cooked celery with greens. Wow. Warm friendly service. Roast potatoes are supposed to be great, they forgot to bring ours, something to look forward to.

Cafe Cibreo yum. Fabbio Picchi was personally serving, and it made it harder to find out all the specials -- (and he forbid one person having two primi -- ribollita & tagliatelle). Everything was delicious and served with major doses of love.

Vecchia bettola - best cacio e pera of my lifetime. So simple, so good. Three cheeses, one young, two older and so tasty. Perfectly ripe pear that still had some body. Very good ricotta ravioli -- or maybe it was tortellaci -- with salsa di noci. Like Zeb, wonderful ricotta in the pasta. Their signature spicy red sauce (kind of like Penne alla vodka which I don't like) was not to my taste, but perfectly prepared. Wild (alpine?) strawberries for desert. Mmm good.

Zeb again - more of same. Like Cibreo's cheaper offspring, the food is impeccable and infected with love. Tried different toretllaci with eggplant and spicy pacchino tomato sauce.

Jun 02, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy

Friday night dinner in Florence

We stayed two weeks on Borgo Santa Croce last year, and are doing it again later this month. Great location!

We called a cab for the airport, but the rest of the time we walked or took buses. There are two bus stops within a block. Google maps on iPhone or Android will tell you how to get between any two points in Florence by bus. You can buy bus tickets at most newsstands and tobacco shops, or for a 10% premium you can pay for a bus ride by sending a text message.

May 02, 2013
DavyTheFatBoy in Italy