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Autumn Chiller

Sounds good...

Sep 22, 2009
puffj in Recipes

Eat Real Fest, Oakland, August 28-30

I'm not sure Jack London Square is a good spot for this kind of events.

Aug 26, 2009
puffj in San Francisco Bay Area

What do you make for yourself when you eat alone?

I'm not a big cook, so I stick to grilled sandwiches. I usually go to the fridge and use any leftovers I find and combine it with cheese, bread and mayonese... hm.... mayonese... sometimes I also make a tuna spread with mayonese. So fast and easy. Oh... and did I say yummy?

Jun 05, 2009
puffj in Home Cooking

Make Your Own Jerky

I just checked the site above and it made me even more proud of our images here. Chris Rochelle, our in-house photographer, is kicking some serious bottom.

Jackson, designer at CHOW

Oct 13, 2008
puffj in Features

Shrimp with Catupiry Cheese and Hearts of Palm

Sep 10, 2008
puffj in Recipes

Who Makes Trader Joe's Food?

:) pitu, you made me laugh!

Mar 07, 2008
puffj in Features

The Awkward Lip-Kiss Greeting

Totally agreed linguafood! more hugs and kisses for these people...

I think the topic is appropriate, because whenever you deal with food you are dealing with people ( unless you are a loner who only eats delivery pizza inside your apartment, although nothing says you couldn't hug - or kiss - the delivery guy).

Also, the whole variation on hugs, kisses, half hugs, hand shakes, is a very cultural thing. I kiss all my friends from South America and Europe on the cheeks, including the guys. But I never felt I could do this with my friends from US.

And I reserve the really long affectionate hugs to really close friends and family members I enjoy.

Mar 05, 2008
puffj in Features

Stop Broadcasting Your Social Life

I agree with Mawrter. It's their loss, if they are not enjoying the moment they are living and the company of the people who are around. Ultimately this is a very capitalist way of dealing with our social life. "I always want more!" Instead of enjoying what we have going on right there, we can't resist the possibility of being connected to other people who potentially could be more interesting.
I personally refuse to get into this kind of crap, the "modern society anxiety". Sometimes I even leave my cell phone at home when I go out because I don't want to be bothered by unimportant text messaging from my anxious friends.

Feb 07, 2008
puffj in Features

Lunch Spot around Market and Sansome?

I'll have a low key business meeting over lunch tomorrow and it has to be around this area. Any suggestions for not too expensive but also not too cheap (and noisy) places? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!

Jan 30, 2008
puffj in San Francisco Bay Area

Favorite fiction foodie books.

I haven't read the book, but the movie is pretty cool... Sônia Braga in her best days!!!

Jan 20, 2008
puffj in Food Media & News

How to Keep Guests Out of the Kitchen

hahahahah awesome link chuckles... the girl in red singing the back vocals is my favorite... it seems like she drunk all the alcohol of the party!

Nov 19, 2007
puffj in Features

Venus as a Kitchen Boy

I'm no cook, but I can frie an egg better than she does.

Nov 19, 2007
puffj in Features

Upgrade Your Rags

my favorites are the Third Drawer Down ones, but if I buy any I will fell bad to dry dishes with them...

Nov 16, 2007
puffj in Features

Rabanada (Brazilian-Style French Toast)

Hey Farofa.... so nice to read a comment from a Brazilian reader! I'm from Blumenau and I work here at Chow. I have to confess that when Aïda asked me about Rabanada I had no idea of what it was. You know, in the south they are not very popular. But I'll try to make them at home now. Your line about Papai Noel had me smiling.... Como vai a Ilha Bela? hehehe abraços...

Nov 16, 2007
puffj in Recipes

Neoslacker Interactive Thanksgiving

hehehe.... good catch heatherkay. But I think the woman on the left side is just about to move the yummy black pepper lavash with watercress-walnut dip down a bit as the woman on the right side pulls the delicious pear cider gravy towards herself.

Nov 02, 2007
puffj in Features

Raiding Harrison Ford's Liquor Cabinet

good interview Michele, it flows really nicely...

Sep 20, 2007
puffj in Features

Why Do You Get a Headache When You Eat Ice Cream?

How did you know Rocky Road is my favorite flavor? I eat all the marshmallows last... yummy

Aug 16, 2007
puffj in Features


The lime should be left in the glass so it keeps releasing juice as you drink.

The video is pretty acurate, kamem01, minus the shaking, usually we just stir it with a spoon. The only thing missing there is samba in the background...

Aug 10, 2007
puffj in Recipes

The Janet Jackson Moment

Nicely done Daniel. I do think that everyone who truly appreciates good food and drinking have one of these special awakening moments in their past. Mine didn't include a flashing breast, but none the less it has had an everlasting effect on my life.

Aug 06, 2007
puffj in Features

Wow, You Eat a Lot

I think women who have a healthy apetite are very atractive. I usually tend to think there is something wrong with a woman who eats like a bird.

Jun 27, 2007
puffj in Features

Outta the Back of a Truck

good point pipistrello. I also think the images are fun.

Jun 27, 2007
puffj in Features

Opening Night at the Eat-O-Plex

I love going to the Parkway theater in Oakland. Not just because they serve food and beer, but also because of the whole atmosphere and film selection. It doesn't matter if theaters all over start serving food, if they continue showing only shallow Hollywood productions I won't give them my money.

Jun 27, 2007
puffj in Features

’Snot Appetizing


Jun 27, 2007
puffj in Features