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cactus in west LA?


which whole foods did you see it at?

May 07, 2008
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

mid twenties foodies heading to santa monica

Bar Hayama is a great place for Sushi, they have an outdoor dining area which has a fire pit in the middle. They also have a great sake menu.

Another great place to go is Rustic Canyon (which can be hard to get into so make reservations) They have a sophisticated bear selection and great champagne cocktails. The food is amazing -- you really cant go wrong with anything you order.

Musha is good, but i find you need to know what to order, so if you want to go you should ask for recomendations.

Lastly, in Venice ( on Abbot Kinney which is a cool street) they have a "Other room" which is a bar that started in NY.

May 06, 2008
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

cactus in west LA?


does anyone know of a store in west LA where i can buy fresh cactus (in Spanish i think it is called nopales) ? I saw some at the Farmers market but it still had the spikes on it and I don't want (or know how too) deal with that.


May 06, 2008
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

best pumpkin pie in LA?

I have tried many pumpkin pies in my life and most of the time i would rather make my own, but not after trying the pumkin pie at City Bakery in the Brentwood country mart. Its fantastic and while you are at it, try the melted choclate cookies.

Nov 23, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Has Joan's on Third's Expansion Opened Yet?

i would also add that besides the space being larger, the selection has not changed very much. Still the same great stuff but nothing that wowed me besides the fact i could now move around,

Nov 05, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Suggestions for Craft?

any of the veggie sides.

my favorites include : mushrooms, baby carrots, corn. and artichokes

I also like the beet salad to start and the Hamachi with Ginger.

all the deserts are great so save room!

Nov 05, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Birthday dinner with 2 little sisters

My Family is coming to town and it will be my brothers birthday (26). i need a place to go for a birthday dinner- I have two sisters age 13 and 5 the rest of the poeple will be adults. my sissters are pretty good as far as restuarant behavior goes but dont want to drag them to a long drawn out meal. THey are both adventurous eaters.

It should also be in the brentwood/ santa monica area.

Im looking for any type of food but italian or steak house.

price range - moderate to high

my brother is a big fan of mellise, cut, luques and AOC but all seem a bit much with the kids.

any ideas???

Sep 25, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Best counter service spots?

i know the drinks are good at village idiot, but how is the food?

Sep 18, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Great Salads

One of my favorite salads in LA right now is from 3 square cafe and bakery - they have a few which are good but my favorite is the grilled veggie salad - i like how the veggies are cut up and not in huge pieces.
A few people have said that CPK has great salads and although they are a good stand by, I have to say that i think they lack any real personality.
If you are in Malibu try the salads at tradinoi restuarant or at John Garden for lunch. Johns makes a really good salad with a scoop of tuna a scoop of egg salad over really fresh lettuce.

Sep 18, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Tell me more about Hayama

Thanks for that, I always like reading a bit about a place before i go. btw it was great and i would def recomend it. Sit by the fire pit and yes the sake menu is great but dont over look the food - it was all awesome

Sep 10, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Tell me more about Hayama

I have heard/read good things about the ambiance at Hayama - the fire pit and great sake bar but not much about the food.
can anyone who has eaten thier tell me more?

Sep 06, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Another 21st Bday

I just went through the process of trying to find a great Birthday dinner spot in LA for my Brother and his friends. My bro just turned 26 but i think that the advice still rings true.

First off Mozza will not do parties of more then 6 so unless you want to rent out the private dinning space which will be $1500 flat rate then i dont think thats the way to go.

I have not eaten at Jar but i have heard good things.

Rustic Canyon has great food and would be a fun place for a birthday.

we ended up eating at AOC because we liked the idea of having a bunch of small plates to share and being a bit closer to Hollywood so we could go out after.

It was a hit, everything that we had was good and the wine was tasty without breaking the bank. The food was perfect to share and the wait staff did a great job spacing things out, guiding us with how much food to order and making it an overall pleasant expierence. I would recomend asking for a table upstairs on the patio, it feels more private and the noise is less then down stairs.

i would say AOC and if you dont mind being in Santa Monica then Rustic Canyon would also be good.

Aug 30, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

where to go in Berkeley for Dinner???

I just tried Vanessa's Bistro on Solano ave and it was great. Although they do not have a huge selection of veggie food what they do have is awesome. I had a curry tofu and veggie that i cant stop thinking about.

Kirin for chinese

picante for mexican

pizzaiola - which is in oakland but very good pizza and pasta dishes

is Katsuya worth it?

- I have heard and read different things about Katsuya in Brentwood area. is it worth the price and the hype? what is the price point?

Jun 19, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

candy place in LA

Im looking for a place to purchase good gummie candy - Haribo candy is my favorite. A place like sweet factory but i would love a more local place to support. any ideas?

the closer to brentwood/ santa monica the better.

Jun 09, 2007
momsafoodie in Los Angeles Area

Park Kitchen - a great meal

I ate at Park Kitchen last night and had a great meal! Among other great dishes we had a lamb tartar which was incredible. The menu changes almost weekly so you never get bored. I also found the entire staff to be really nice and helpful.

it was so good i have prolonged my stay in Portland to try the lunch .

May 30, 2007
momsafoodie in Pacific Northwest

Napa Valley Trip

I could not agree more with the above restaurant ideas: Auberge du soleil for the view at sunset is amazing and they have fun drinks as well.
Redd is great and Martini house - both places you can have a really nice lunch at or dinner (to maximize your foodie expierance )
At martini house if you like Kobi beef you will love the burger ...sooo good !
Lastly i have heard amazing things about Ad hoc from everyone - restaurant reviewers, wine makers and other chefs in the valley - cant wait to try it myself

Pullman (WA) and surounding area

Im going to visit a freind in Pullman WA any good food no more then an hour away?

May 25, 2007
momsafoodie in Pacific Northwest

Good Eating in Billings, MT?

i was looking forward to El burrito Cafeteria - i had heard from a few other people that it was good but it has closed! and has turned into a sarah mex place - did not try it. instead we ate at Jakes- good steaks and also good homemade potato chips.

May 25, 2007
momsafoodie in Mountain States

Billings montana steak

I just ate in Billings Montana at Jakes steak house - stick to the steak. we tried a few other things and they were fine but it is montana and steak is what they do best so i would stick to that. We also enjoyed the home made potato chips at the bar.

Best Lunch in Napa Valley?

My mom lives in snt Helena and I have always enjoyed Martini House and Redds for lunch and for dinner. Both places have really nice patio area's and amazing food.

Redds- ate there last summer any time i could. I have eaten through most of the menu and have not been let down.
Matini house - great food. amazing Kobi beef burger.

If you are in Yountville you should try the pastry at Bouchon - the "nutter butter" the "oreo" cookies are great. pretty much you cant go wrong

A Great Lunch in Ann Arbor

I have now eaten at Everyday cook 3 times and each time has been better then the last. each day they have a different menu of about 6 things to choose from- they always have a veggie dish, soup and desert plus two/ three meat dishes. It is now one of my favorites in Ann Abor.

Road tip help

sorry for being so vague everyone! and thanks for the responses! I am new to this and am so glad to have so much help. I am now in bismark. I will be driving on 94/90 through ND and Montana. any ideas?

Real Seafood Co in Ann Arbor Michigan?

In chelsea, about 20 min outside of Ann Arbor there is a place called Common Grill makes rolls that taste the same if not better. They will tell you how to make them or you can buy them frozen. The food is great too.

May 24, 2007
momsafoodie in Chains

Road tip help

ill be driving through N. Michigan, N WI, ND, and Montana on a road trip. any sugestions on good road food?or good food at all.

Best Burger in San Fran

okay I know its not fast food or a burger joint but Martini House in snt. Helena/Napa area makes the best Kobi beef burgers iv ever had.
also has anyone had the burger at Val's hamburgers ... i ate one years ago and remember it being great