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The Glass Onion in Charleston: bad first impression

I ate there for the eighth time today since it opened. I never eat at the same restaurant twice in the same month. It is close to my house and they don't close between lunch and dinner (which is when I eat lunch). Plus the food is really good. And by really good I mean amazing. The texture of the crust on everything that is fried is perfection. The salty smoky goodness of the pork belly is going to cause me health problems. I like their collards quite a bit though I think mine are better. Today I had the soft-shell crab for the second time. If there is a food heaven it is paved with fried soft-shell crabs. Two thumbs up.

Good coffee and pastries in downtown Charleston

Kennedy'S sounds like what OP is looking for. It is a nice little bakery. I used to go there for coffee and pastries in the mornings.

Where do I eat in Charleston?!?!

No contest. Gullah Cuisine is awesome. I don't recomend dinner ($$$ for the same stuff from the lunch buffet). Sunday brunch buffet is wonderful. They pull out all the stops. No Sunday liquer licence though.

I would skip Jim N' Nick's though. Not my favorite for BBQ.

Ill Cortile is a must as is FIG. I like Panne y Vino even better than Ill Cortile. Don't know their hours though.

Sunday Brunch/Lunch near Broad Street

Brunch at High Cotton has the BBQ Duck Hash which I love.

Asian Food in Charleston

The sushi restaurant that took the place of Pho Bac is really good. I went the first week they were open and it was half price; so of course I ordered three times what I should have. It was all so good.

I agree with Red Orchids. The food is very good plus they have a very decent wine selection and the only place to have a sake selection. The owner is very passionate about sake.

There is a new Vietnamese restaurant where Emperors Garden was across from Citadel Mall. Not the best I have had but still pretty good. They are trying to have mostly authentic food but I guess it is hard to appeal to everyone. The waitress and I had a conversation about how everyone wants a "number four." "Number four" is not food. We agreed that he who invented sweet & sour chicken should be shot.

Jasmine on James Island is nothing if not a good deal. Cheap and huge portions. Not the most consistant though. Three of us ate there yesterday and two of the dishes were wonderful while one was very bland like it had missed some stage in the process. They are one of the only places in charleston that have chili paste as a condiment. Everyone else serves chili oil with the dried flakes that I find disgusting. The chili paste only gets better the older it gets. So much more flavor than just flakes.

Dec 30, 2007
CharlestonChow in Southeast

Charleston/Mt. Pleasant

Langdons in Mt P. Often overlooked but wonderful food and a good wine list. Open for lunch too.

Charleston wine & cheese venues

Avondale Wine and Cheese is one of my favorites. It is not on East Bay though. It is in West Ashley on Hwy 17. They have tastings on Mondays and Thursdays. Her cheese plates are really good too. Lots of nice people there for the various events.

Making up for calories burned during the Kiawah Half

One of the cooks who was at La Fourchette in the begining is going back. Everything is still run by the owner/chef but, I have seen this other guy cook and doubt that anything will change for the worse.

I have only had one bad experience at Lana. It was a poorly thought out and executed lunch special. It was a peice of grilled fish on a bed of iceberg with some fruit thrown in. Not so good. Every other time I have been there it has been wonderful though.

We used to go to Bookstore Cafe in College to get the giant potato things with eggs on top. I forget what they were called but they were the perfect hangover medicine. We stoped going because the owner was so consitently rude to us. It was always a little over priced but we could deal with that if it were not for the abuse. Maybe it has changed. Maybe I'll try it again.

Hibachi Fusion, in Ladson, SC

They moved Pho Bac to a new location either in North Charleston or Goose Creek I think. They opened the sushi place in the location of the old Pho Bac. It is just off 17N on Johnnie Dodds in the same shopping center as La Hacienda, A.C.'s, and A Culinary Art Company.

Taco Trucks Near Hilton Head Island, SC

I go to one on John's Island often. It parks outside of Tienda Mexicana and is called La Michoacana. They are not associated with the store but park there for lunch. They make the best Tortas. You have to ask them to press them though. I don't know why they don't press them for Americans. They also have very good tripe. The Chicharones (corn on a stick slathered in mayo) are fun too.

The owner of the grocery store speaks English very well and can give you all of the information you need. She used to own El Sol and cooks even better than the man on the truck.

Tienda Mexicana
3247 Maybank Hwy
Johns Island SC 29455

Hibachi Fusion, in Ladson, SC

I have not been yet. Will be going soon though. Do you have the address?

I did have a wonderful time at the new sushi plce in Mt P. Remember Pho Bac? The owners turned it into a really nice little sushi place. I had five different dishes and they were all as good as I have had anywhere in Charleston.

Also, a friend says that Koi in West Ashley is very good for sushi, rice bowls, and hibachi.

McCrady's in Charleston, SC - Dinner report.

I find McCrady's to be an experience rather than the typical high-brow butter and foie driven French tour de force. The whole molecular gastronomy thing is fun. Frozen popcorn, sos vide scallops, lamb the way God intended, and beef like butter are all sensory overload for me.

A while back I saw atable get this dish where the bowl in the center of the plate was surrounded by aromatics (citrus I think) and filled with boiling water from a small pitcher, tableside, to release the aromas. The waiter said that it was some sort of lobster dish that was not on the regular menu. Apparently this particular guest was a regular and the dish was prepared for the entire table at the behest of the chef. Supper cool stuff.

I like the place.

Al di La - Charleston - interesting experience - Comments?

Well John Marshall is no longer there. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Personally I treat the whole restaurant experience as a short vacation. I tell the waiter that I like to take my time and enjoy my meal. I assure him that I'm easy to please but want to enjoy his restaurant. It is the job of a busy restaurant to schedule reservations in a way to first minimize wait time and a distant second to maximize turnover. There is an art to setting up a reservation book. Some tables take longer and that is an event they should be prepared for.

If they really needed your table they should have offered to buy your party a complimentary round of desert drinks at the bar. This is the perfect win-win situation for a restaurant. Most people would refuse the drinks, appreciate the courtesy, and leave happy. If they accepted the offer, the restaurant spent maybe $10 cost to keep two parties happy.

Amuse is my new Al Di La. I had the trotters last night and a fork fight over the last bite. For my birthday I want a cake size version with layers of the sauce. Mmm...., pork birthday cake.

Dinner in Charleston... Help!

The food at Cru is really good but the staff is what I like so much about the place. The chef is always there and comes out to talk. The wait staff is genuinely nice. I did some work for them once and instead of being angry at the fact that I was in the way (I was in the way) they kept refilling my coffee and offering assistance. Nice people.

Best Steak in Charleston?

I do not care for Grill 225. A friend, whos oppinion I respect, raved about Oak. I know that McCrady's used to do a ribeye cap steak. This is the tastiest part of the entire cow. It is as tender as the fillet but tastes like beef and butter. If they still serve it you owe yourself the treat.

Charleston - best birthday dinner for 2? ($100)

La Fourchette and Pane y Vino would be my choices downtown. These are the kind of places I would go every night if I could eat out every night. Comfortable and delicious.

Cordavi in Charleston, SC has closed

They closed because the two chefs were going in different directions acording to the paper. I really liked the restaurant and was sad to see it close. if you want good molecular gastronomy you can still go to McCrady's though. Sean Brock does some really amazing things over there. They have the smartest cooks in town.

Charleston: late night, small plates

There is virtually nothing open after 10:00 besides the bars. I think that FIG is the only one on your list that serves until 11:00. Pearlz has surprisingly good food and they serve food a little later. Both Moe's locations (Crosstown and Downtown serve until 11:00. Vickery's and Gene's both serve food until 1:00 I think. I know Mistral has live music often and may serve food later on those nights. There is a relatively new chineese restaurant next to Henry's on the market, but I don't think it is so good. There is also a little pizza place in the Rainbow Market that stays open late.

If all else fails there is Alex's, Daves Seafood, and the Waffle House.

Chic food in Charleston

Cru is one of my all-time favorites. For the best bloody mary there is only one place; Moe's Crosstown Tavern way up on Ruttledge Ave. I thnk they only serve it on Sundays for brunch. Get there at 10:30 if you want a seat though. A distant second for a bloody is Genes Haufbrau in West Ashley.

Southern Food [moved from South board]

Supposedly possum is good if you keep it in a cage for a couple of weeks and feed it chicken feed. According to an old man I knew who actually ate the things, this would clean out all of the nasty flavors from the other stuff a possum will eat. I'm not terribly interested in finding out what a possum tastes like but this sounds like a logical method of purging a possum.

Catfish would be another example of this. Bigger, older catfish can have muddy taste that I really don't like. I met an old man once who had a bathtub on the bank of Black Creek for purging fish. He would keep a steady flow of well-water running through the tub and out the drain to the creek. After a night of breathing in clean water the fish would taste sweet and clean ( according to the guy with the tub).

Nov 05, 2007
CharlestonChow in General Topics

Southern Food [moved from South board]

I don't agree with these guys about everything but this is a good start.

Good luck!

Nov 02, 2007
CharlestonChow in General Topics

Charleston noshing

J Bistro was a great restaurant. Unfortunately it has gone out of business.

Charleston noshing

Second The Boathouse and The Wreck. Neither are the out-and-out best but both good. Also Hanks downtown.

Basil is good and close to other really cool places downtown in the North of Calhoun King St area. If you just want good Thai there is also a place in My P next to the bowling ally and Jasmine on Folly Rd.

Big second to DavidA's recomendation of La Fourchette over Rue de Jean. Much better.

Charleston Cooks is great but $$$. Berlins now has a location downtown. I have always found that restaurant supply stores have most of teh useful kitchen tools. Berlins also has some great knives. Good deals on French steel pans too.

Charleston New Year

Robert's of Charleston is great for new years eve. You guys may be on the young side for Robert's but it is great time anyway. You would also get out in time to catch some of the First Night events boyleschris mentioned. Get a pedi-cab to get from one side of town to the other. They are quick and show up when they say they will. They are in high demand on New Years though.

Bar B Que in Charleston

Downtown, unfortunately, is a BBQ wasteland.

Jim n Nick's is a chain and not my favorite. Sticky Fingers is also a chain but at least regional and really pretty o.k.

As said, Moma Browns (Mt P) is really good. I like it for their huge selection of sides.

Melvins (Mt P, James Island) is a local chain and not bad. I think the chicken BBQ sandich is the best thing they have going.

Bessingers (cousin to Melvin) is not my favorite but does have a huge local following.

J.B.'s Smokeshack (John's Island, Goose Creek) is wonderful for one reason.... the best hash ever! BBQ is good but the hash is someting I buy extra of to put in the freezer.

Hometeam (West Ashley) never get's mentioned in discussions about BBQ. Their BBQ is not so good. Really good brisket if you don't use their sauce though

For fish go with any of mball's recomendations and you will be happy, happy.

Jestine's Kitchen in Charleston?

Gullah Cuisine is a favorite. A little polished for soul food but the food is great. I like the lunch buffet better than the dinner menu.

Dave's Seafood and Hannibals Kitchen downtown are great and cheap.

I live close to Ledy's and have yet to have a good meal there. The red rice is always dry and oily. Does anyone have a particular dish/day/time that Ledy's is best? I think that they may do a Sunday dinner. Might have to try it again.

24 hours in Charleston, S.C.

Coast v. SNOB- Apples/Oranges.. Both very good. Both located near other good restaurants. Coast is close to some very good bars though.

Dianas is not bad. Have not been there in a long time though.

Bars close to Coast: AC's, Chai's, Raval, Coast, Rue de Jean.

Dark, narrow, shoebox could be lots of places but sounds like G&M (Fast & French).

Summerville, SC favorites?

Woodlands is 5 Star.
Oskars for good simple meat and three.
Red Pepper for Italian.

charleston trip report - a so cal hound visits the south

Yes I have been several times. It is a F&B bar with fairly good food. I did not want to like it b/c it is owned by T-Bonez which I do not care for. However, the chain (T-Bonz, Pearlz, Liberty) is owned by Jerry Sheer who is one of the most genuinely nice guys in the restaurant industry. Tremendous respect for him.

I have always had very good service. The oyster shooters are addictive (even if you don't like taking shots). I like the place well enough. Give it one more try around 11:00 on a Thursday or Friday night.

Charleston: new restaurant from Al di La cook?

John Marshall is, I think, going to open a B&B in North Carolina with an empasis on food and possibly a small wine making operation.