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Seattle- Perfect french fries?

I am also looking for good french fries and haven't seen any in 5 years since Red Door changed locations. Only Dicks works for me lately. Nicholson pub I shall try soon.

1. Dick's on 45th is fabulous! Best Grease in town! Must wait for long lines from college/high school students then the greasy hot fries are served great! If no lin Dick's fries are soggy and nasty!

2. Red Mill - when originally opened they served fresh cut potato fries but have changed to frozen since at least 2005.
3. Brouwer's - employee's self post so I stay away from this over rated establishment.
4. Red Door - formerly great fries now just average. A former Red Door cook order these one year ago and returned them to management saying we have gone down hill!
5. Frites - Capitol Hill was average. I thought bit overpriced for international style fries.

May 21, 2007
seattlesbest in Greater Seattle