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The bread & butter presentation says so much.

I always say to my husband "they don't love us" when we are given an un-heated old loaf of bread and some cold pats of butter. Even without the butter it tells so much. They didn't even care enough for their customers to heat up the darn thing. Not to mention some kind of cute whipping up of the butter into an inviting concoction. I can tell in the first few minutes if its going to be a great meal or just a "tie on the feedbag" one.

May 22, 2007
Irishzazen in Not About Food

Annamaria Pastaria on Montrose.

What a disappointment. We ate here in the past and, unless we were hallucinating, had great meals and 'had been looking forward to going back which we did today, unfortunately.
What happened here? DId they get new owners? Did the old chef move on?
Wow - what do you do with a place that disappoints so much? Everything was so ordinary. Dry old bread with little cold butter still on the paper, bIg old slab of boring fish, bitter appetizer, boring pasta, lousy drinks. Its got it ALL and for $72.00 (before tip) I would rather have gone to well, anywhere - yuck. How do you recover from a terrible meal?

May 20, 2007
Irishzazen in Chicago Area