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Palate - Food & Wine (a review)

Just ate at Palate for the first time tonight. went in at 6:45 without a reservation. asked about bar seating and the girls at the front were completely unhelpful, told us to go look and wait and see what we would get. we walked to the wine bar in the back and found two seats open and sat for 10 minutes before anyone even came over. i asked for water when someone finally came and did not get it so i had to grab someone to ask again. the service was horrible. asked bout cheese, got no information. asked about wine and the waiter said, 'oh i'll be right back' and never came back. we grabbed someone else who helped us at that point. won't go into the whole play-by-play but the staff was running around and everyone seemed confused and overworked and nobody seemed knowledgeable. great wines, great cheeses but not served with panache. the porkfolio was boring but good and the short ribs were nice but not exciting. i would go back for the good wine and cheese but the service and sense of madness going on there seemed very unrefined for place trying to be refined and casual.

Jan 10, 2009
feedthekitty in Los Angeles Area

Blair's Silverlake - Mostly Good Food, Amateur service

Just thought some of you might be interested in our dining experience at Blair's in Silverlake last night.

Things started badly when we arrived and said we were part of a party of 6 under one of two names. They young blonde hostessing checked and asked us again what the reservation was under and came back and said have a drink at the bar, your table is almost ready. A few minutes later she seated us for 6 at a 4 top. we sat for 25 minutes wondering where our dining partners where when i decided to get up and check the next room over. And they they were sitting at a 6 top, watiing on us!
That is a huge amatuer mistake, to not realize the party has arrived and then to not figure it out after 25 minutes! Hardly an apology either.

The bread was good at least.

Onto dinner. each of us ordered an appetizer and one to share for the table
5 of the appetizers came and the wait staff always had to say "who ordered the...." they could never figure out who ordered what.

the last appetizer took 10 minutes longer. we finished before he got his!
and the one for the table to share didn't show.
when we told the waiter he seemed non-plussed.
in fact our waiter had no people skills at all.

chopped salad: fair to good
tuna tartar: good, but seen the recipe and serving style many times before. fred eric used to serve something similar at fred 62 in a cone.
beet salad: person eating it loved it
crab cake: pricey at $15.00 but solid

last appetizer: truffle mac and cheese showed up last and the waiter stoood holding it and said "do you guys still want this?" - which was rude and also sort of unprofessional. he should have served it nicely and apologized for the dely with kindness.

glasses were never refilled, two glasses sat empty for 15 minutes until we asked.

main course: the gave one wrong main course to us and it had to be swtiched out. we waited
the short ribs: really good, a litte fatty (3 of us ordered this) and too rich , but a good dish
steak: good, not amazing
salmon: very good

dessert: they brought the table behind us's dessert first, we told them it was not ours.
the desserts we had were large portions and very good:
one called cofffe and doughnuts which as homemade creme filled cinnamon doughnuts with coffee ice cream and the other a banana pudding, both really good.

coffee: had to ask for cream and sugar was not brought out.

bill for six wiht only 2 glasses of wine and one beer. (no bottles, no liquor really)

$415.00! they graciously added a large party tip since we were six brining it close to $500.00

for that price point this restaurant needs to hire real serve staff from other fine, but casual dining establishments. it was a joke how bad the service was, just really poor all around. nobody seemed to get anythign right. i think the worst thing is not knowing waht people ordered and brining the wrong things, but the fact that we were seated in two different rooms for 25 minutes is a real first.

again, good quality food, pricey on some dishes for sure and with that service i would rather go to patina or somewhere and spend a little more and hardly notice the service cause it's so slick.

May 20, 2007
feedthekitty in Los Angeles Area