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Anchovies (preserved)

Acchiuge, alici (Italian); anchois (French); boquerones (Spanish). Anchovies are a small, highly perishable warm-water fish that are often salted to preserve them. Once rinsed, the anchovies are quite mild and firm in texture. Before using, rinse under tepid water, discarding the bones and innards. Eat right away, or layer with olive oil and
refrigerate up to three weeks. Salted anchovies have been popular since ancient times and are ingredients in pizza, Provençal pissaladière, and salade niçoise.

Tinned anchovies are salted, washed, filleted, and packed in olive or other vegetable oil. White anchovies (or boquerones), which are filleted and lightly cured in vinegar and oil, are more perishable than canned or salt-packed anchovies but delicate and mild enough to enjoy right out of the package. They will usually be found in clear plastic
modified-atmosphere packaging in specialty markets. Store all types of cured anchovies in the refrigerator for up to 6 months, because they will deteriorate if not kept cold. Opened jars of anchovies will keep, closed tightly and refrigerated, for up to 1 month.

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