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3 Dive Bar Veggie Burgers We Love

We all want to eat better in January and February, but kale smoothies lose their charm after about number 3. Our adjusted resolution for 2014: Keep living a normal existence, just make it healthier. That means still dropping in on our local dive bar for a double IPA, but instead of slamming a double-bacon cheeseburger with that, we’ll go meat-free. That’s easier here in the Bay Area, where it’s no biggie for even dives to sling veggie burgers made from scratch, not fished from a freezer. So as inspiration for eating better in real-life situations like hanging out on barstools, we give you a trio of tasty veggie burgers from chilled-out taverns in San Francisco and Oakland (thanks to Chowhounds for the suggestions). Can we get some facon on that? READ MORE

San Francisco’s Best Bites of 2013

The San Francisco board's annual "Best Bites" list is a quick way to see which dishes were at the top of the pile for locals and tourists alike. The 2013 compendium includes several repeat offenders, like the Russian honey cake at 20th Century Café, fried chicken at Oakland's Miss Ollie's, and several dishes from Rich Table and Cotogna.

AQ Spin-Off TBD Ablaze on Mission Street

The expansion trend continues with TBD, brought to you by the owners of AQ. With the "hipster hunting lodge" décor that's au courant in San Francisco, the restaurant excites admirers of the original with dishes like cured wild salmon on rye waffles, a hot-link-like andouille sausage with fenugreek sauce, and "damn good" s'mores with house-made marshmallows.

La Nebbia, New Wine Bar from La Ciccia Owners

The bottarga and tuna heart dishes at La Ciccia, the Noe Valley Sardinian restaurant, are beloved among Chowhounds. Looks like La Nebbia, the owners' new wine bar/restaurant, may match the popularity of La Ciccia, with a casual food menu that allows the kitchen to riff off seasonal ingredients, like a pizza section with a current pie topped by speck, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, and lemon zest.

Italian Panache at New Berkeley Gelateria

A new East Bay gelateria's pure flavors and balanced sweetness recall memory's of Italy's best-quality frozen treats. Chowhounds say the careful attention to production at Caravaggio Gelateria Italiana pays off with exceptional flavors like hazelnut, fig, and Turkish pistachio.

Yamadaya, LA-Based Ramen Chain, Lands in Japantown

The buzz was strong before Ramen Yamadaya's opening day on Buchanan Street in Japantown, and according to one early report, the soup lives up to the hype. Chowhound member hhc calls the tonkotsu pork broth "magical" and warns would-be diners to "go early & eat fast...people are waiting for your seats!"

Top 10 San Francisco Restaurant Openings of 2013

The tech boom brought a flood of newcomers to the Bay Area in 2013, and more mouths means more appetites to sate with food trucks, pop-ups, cafeterias, and fine restaurants. In alphabetical order, here are 10 of 2013's most impressive debuts. READ MORE

The Best San Francisco Chowhound Finds of 2013

Chowhounds in the Bay Area are always on the hunt for a dish that haunts the memory, whether it's rediscovering a classic or ferreting out a bite in a neighborhood outside the zone of interest for restaurant critics. Below, in alphabetical order, are 10 of the most interesting discoveries unearthed in 2013 by contributors to the San Francisco Bay Area discussion board. READ MORE

The Scoop on Daniel Patterson’s Alta CA

Alta CA, Chef Daniel Patterson's new small-plates restaurant, is a quick walk from the Twitter offices, but does it deserve a look from anyone not based in the Mid-Market neighborhood? Sounds like service is still finding its footing, but one Chowhound member says that though the target audience may be the tech crowd and not foodies, the cooks are so talented they "can't help themselves" from turning out treats like beef tendon puffs.

Berkeley’s Revived Great China Still Impresses

After closing for repairs following a fire, Berkeley's Great China has now reopened. Loyalists say the standards, including ma po tofu and walnut prawns, are as good if not better than before the blaze.