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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the SF Chowhound community.

Roast Goose Hunting at SF’s Ming Kee

Meat's where it's at when you're talking about the Chinese barbecue joint Ming Kee, which recently reopened on Ocean Avenue. The roast goose, available weekends only, is a special treat; note also that the soy sauce chicken comes in two varieties, with the heritage breed of chicken at a premium price.

Fun Wines, Excellent Piggy at Oakland’s Barrel Room

The Barrel Room, near Union Square in SF, recently opened a Rockridge outpost. According to an early report on Chowhound, the broader food menu at the Oakland wine bar is suitable for a night out, featuring hearty bistro fare like porc au pruneaux and brandade of wild cod on toast.

In the Bay Area, Team-Building Food Events That Are Not Lame

Team-building events can be a drag, but a question about a food-related event for a coworkers brought up a number of intriguing ideas. Suggestions include a tour of St. George Spirits in Alameda, a foraging experience organized by ForageSF, and a volunteer gig serving food to the needy at Glide.

Mien Cuisine Pops Up at Naked Lunch

New Year's resolution to break out of a dining rut? Checking out the minority Mien cuisine that pops up on Sundays at Naked Lunch might do the trick: Chao Mien is the work of Lao-born chef Sarn Saechao, who highlights local ingredients in Southeast Asian–inspired dishes like salmon-stuffed roti and cilantro-flecked chicken dumplings.

Dim Sum Spots in Chinatown (Not Touristy, Please)

Along the Grant Avenue stretch of San Francisco's Chinatown, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the tourist hordes pushing through barkers flapping laminated menus for unexceptional restaurants. Where can you find good dim sum that's not overrun by tourists? Happy Chinese on Powell and City View on Commercial are two suggestions to add to your list.

Converting a Fish-Hater? Try These Restaurants

When you're dining with someone who finds the idea of fish a bit dodgy (particularly when there's a face attached to said fish), where should you go and what should you order for a seafood dinner that might intrigue the apprehensive diner? Chowhound suggestions include shrimp dumplings at any dim sum spot, salt and pepper squid at a Cantonese place like Yuet Lee, or excellent fish and chips at Martins West.

Nieves Cinco de Mayo Opens in San Francisco

Note to ice cream obsessives: Chowhound bigwheel042 sends word to head to Mission Market, where you'll find the newest outlet of Nieves Cinco de Mayo. This Fruitvale ice creamery features uncommon flavors with a subtle, building sweetness, such as rompope (eggnog), rose petal, and cherimoya.

Dinner and a Drink: Pair Front Porch with Rock Bar

Rock Bar, from the Front Porch folks, offers the full bag of mixology tricks, from tinctures to infusions, says Chowhound mariacarmen. To set down a foundation to soak up the booze, you can order food from neighboring Front Porch (including shrimp and grits with red-eye gravy) and they'll serve it to you at Rock Bar.

Cijjo Lights Up Mountain View Small-Plates Scene

It's too early for a final judgment on Mountain View newbie Cijjo, but one Chowhound member says that the "energetic" and "serious" approach of Chef Ira Siegel results in ambitious dishes that stick the landing. Chowhound member eatzalot marveled at the chef's across-the-board success at an array of international dishes like Alsatian onion-cheese tarts, spicy ahi cones, and roasted marrow.

To-Go Food for Flights from SFO?

Departing out of SFO and want to pick up something in downtown San Francisco to eat on your flight? One good option is a stop at the International Food Court on Bush Street and Kearny, where you can grab a to-go dish that's maybe cheaper and definitely tastier than airplane food, like Vietnamese spring rolls from Pho Express.