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Make Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake with Your Kid

My mom's slow cooker chocolate cake is a straightforward recipe that's a great way to introduce little ones to cooking. I measured out all of the ingredients, and then had my daughter Beatrix do all the mixing. READ MORE

Turns Out Tech Bros Love Cookies That Keep Them Wired and Working

Akiva Resnikoff started this company, The Cookie Department, like five years ago in California and the idea was to do functional foods in cookie form. You know functional foods: chocolate that’s got something in it to make you smarter and kill it at work, and drinks to make you more focused—they were kind of peaking about four years ago. Since then, the only functional foods with stamina have tended to be the things that get you wired: Red Bull, and Four Loko (though I don’t think you can buy that anymore), and maybe Mountain Dew, which is pretty much just dosed with caffeine, probably the most legitimately functional of all the functional boosts. READ MORE

Adoboloco Hot Sauce Is Our Favorite Burrito Blaster

A few years back, Tim and Summer Parsons of Maui started homeschooling their three kids. Their edible education curriculum called for expanding the garden on their half-acre plot. “Everybody chose what they wanted to grow, and one of the things was jalapeños,” Tim Parsons says. They grew really well, those jalapeños—insanely well. The Parsonses had so many they began turning them into hot sauce. READ MORE

Hand-Juice and Heart at a Korean Restaurant on the Fringe

Sunhui Chang had a catering company called Kitchen Dick Road. He was driving around up in Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula, and he saw a street sign: Kitchen-Dick Road, right at the intersection of Woodcock. Back home in Oakland, California, he called his company that: Kitchen Dick Road. He had cards printed up. He thought it was hilarious. But how many brides really want to deal with the question Who’s catering your wedding? with an answer that has dick in it? So Chang and his wife, Ellen, started calling it KDR instead, and when people asked—people who would never, ever find Kitchen Dick Road even a tiny bit funny, blank to the self-effacing humor that hardens like callouses on a cook’s blade finger—they made something up to fit the initials: Korean Dude Rocks. READ MORE

Spring Food Fests Coast to Coast

We’re smack in the middle of spring, and that means the 2014 growing season is well under way. Asparagus, artichokes, rhubarb, and strawberries are all showing up at a farmers’ market near you.

For a more concentrated dose of the season (with plenty of carnival distractions, coronations, and live music), check out one of these spring food festivals happening around the United States: READ MORE

Seeking the Soul of American Food at Pebble Beach Food & Wine

This guy in a suit is leaning up against the wall and he’s absolutely hammered—like, reeling drunk—and he’s got his nose in a glass of Pinot (or something) and he’s trying to swirl it, only he’s too gone so he’s just jerking his glass. He’s going to end up staining that suit jacket, but he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who has only one decent suit. I’m figuring he won’t care. It’s the opening night reception at Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2014, and this is the inner sanctum: the wine room. READ MORE

What Kind of Food Has Meaning?

My grandma was a really terrible cook, but she could bake. She made angel food cake with chocolate glaze that tasted the way playground bark smells, only sweet. And she made lemon cookies that were tangy and had white icing that dripped a little off the edges and while it was thick it also looked gauzy. I asked her for the recipe and she wrote it out for me on the white pad she kept near the phone. READ MORE

Kosher Soul: Michael W. Twitty on Freedom, Diversity, and the Passover Table

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating a journey of emancipation, symbolized by food on the Seder plate. That’s fertile ground for a culinary historian who also happens to teach Judaic Studies. Talking with writer, historian, and chef Michael W. Twitty is to pivot around several simultaneous conversations: Judaism, blackness, history, activism. Twitty susses these things out on his food blog, Afroculinaria. The site is dedicated to preserving and reconstructing the diaspora cooking traditions of the antebellum South, and looks into identity matters of being both black and Jewish (or what he calls “Kosher/Soul”). Pesach, the Hebrew word for Passover, translates as “mouth speak.” We thought it was the perfect moment to ask Twitty to mouth-speak his own thoughts on his favorite holiday, and what he plans to cook for Passover this year. READ MORE

Make Your Own Nacho Cheese Crackers

In part one of my cracker-making exploration, I showed you how to make classy Free-Form Herb Crackers to serve with cheese. Here’s how you make my other current favorite, sort of like Cheez-Its mashed up with jalapeño rings (they taste almost exactly like nachos and are much less messy). For the cheese powder, you’ll need to steal the flavor packet from a box of mac 'n' cheese. Cook and toss the naked macaroni that remains with butter and cheese, or save for a craft project. Up to you. READ MORE

CSA 2.0, the New Generation of Produce Boxes

Community-supported agriculture subscriptions have been around since the '80s, but they’ve become increasingly popular over the last decade. Now, an inspiring crop of online options has made CSAs customizable in ways that used to be impossible. READ MORE