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Eating Inside Old Weang Ping’s House

Going to Old Weang Ping Village is a little unnerving. It’s tucked inside a house on a residential street. You have to knock loudly on the door before the owner unlocks it, emerges, and lets you in. There are bars on the windows. The owner locks everything back up and shows you to your table. Inside, there are a few tables and booths under a thatch awning; everything’s a little worn and cozy.

The food is intriguing, says Lillian Hsu, and worth the journey. There’s tasty fish curry, and a smoky eggplant dish that still calls to her, days later. It’s a mysterious and weirdly wonderful dish; sort of like Cambodian eggplant curry, but even smokier.

The restaurant seems like a two-person operation: The owner takes all the orders, and his wife does all the cooking.

Old Weang Ping Village [East Bay]
6217 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland

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Sheer Tangy Clean Wonderfulness

“I don’t even like yogurt gelato, but at Cici it was sheer tangy, clean wonderfulness,” says rworange. Raspberry sorbet is also stunning—it’s elegant in texture, and tastes deeply of the fruit. Cherry vanilla is similarly deeply cherry.

The folks here are welcoming. They’ll let you try as many flavors as you want; they’ll even warn you off flavors that they think didn’t turn out as well that day.

Cici [Marin County]
17 E. Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley

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Surprises of Xyclo

Ruth Lafler is surprised by the tastiness of Xyclo. It has all the hallmarks of cruddy food: upscale, “modern Vietnamese” cuisine, with gringo-friendly surroundings. But the food is damn fine.

There are very good fried spring rolls—crisp and wholly ungreasy. There are excellent raw rolls, sparklingly fresh, and well-balanced in the filling department. Bun Cha Hanoi is fresh and flavorful, with nicely charred meat and tender noodles. Steamed tofu is silky and deliciously sauced, and garlic noodles are nice—not overpoweringly garlicky, like in some other versions.

Xyclo [East Bay]
4218 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

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Lobster Rolls and Ipswich Clams, in Napa

Much excitement for you lovers of the Northeasterly clam shack: Lobster Shack is now open. This is the Napa relative of the excellent Old Port Lobster Shack, which has been satisfying Peninsula Chowhounds for a while.

It’s a classic seafood joint: tables with rolls of brown paper towels, bottles of malt vinegar and hot sauce, and a pretty casual attitude. Fried Ipswich clams are priced about what they would be in your usual Northeast shack—$10.75 for a half order, $18 for a full order—but the portions are a little smaller. The clams are a little smaller too, so they end up coming out a bit overcooked, though they are true belly clams.

The winner, though, is the amazing, gorgeous, perfect lobster roll, says Dan Wodarcyk. It’s in the classic mold: cold lobster, mixed with a teeny bit of Hellmann’s, salt, pepper, and green onions, served on a toasted “New England Hot Dog Bun.” It is a stellar sandwich, with perfect flavors, perfect textures, and a pretty generous serving of claw meat.

The buns are the true New England type—big slabs of crustless white bread. The crustlessness allows for the right level of grilling. The folks who run the place actually brought over the molds for the buns from New England, and are having a local bakery make ’em right.

Good New England clam chowder, too.

Lobster Shack [Napa County]
806 Fourth Street, Napa

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Alert! Perfect Fresh Porcini!

It is fresh porcini season, and excellent porcini dishes are showing up all over town.

César on Piedmont is serving up some wonderful roasted fresh porcini with white truffle butter; it’s amazing says JasmineG. “Get ’em while they last,” urges Robert Lauriston. Also great there: pimentos de padron, sand dabs, and a beautiful apricot custard.

At Eccolo, ML8000 found an exciting dish of fresh porcini and veal chops al cartaccio (in a parchment bag). “The chop was good but the mushrooms were outstanding.”

César [East Bay]
4039 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

Eccolo [East Bay]
1820 Fourth Street, Berkeley

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The Wonders of Multilayered Roti

A truly great roti prata, explains commuter_101, is a multilayered beast, one that you have to pick at to eat. It is not flat and monolayered, like a naan. He says there’s great roti prata at Straits Café.

atobiko loves, loves, loves the fantastic roti prata at Banana Leaf. “If you’re ever there on the weekends, you can see the special roti chefs churning these out like there’s no tomorrow!”

Roti prata is quite good at Banana Island. They have a special open kitchen where the roti is made, and it is, indeed, a many-layered beast. They’ve also got roti prata desserts—like one stuffed with peanut butter and fruit, and folded into little sweet roti pockets.

iOrderTheLamb is a fan of the roti prata at Shiok!

Fussy Foodie recommends roti canai at Old Town Café.

Straits Café [Peninsula]
3295 El Camino Real, Palo Alto

Banana Leaf Restaurant [South Bay]
182 Ranch Drive, Milpitas

Banana Island [Peninsula]
311 Lake Merced Boulevard, Daly City

Shiok! [Peninsula]
1137 Chestnut Street, Menlo Park

Old Town Café [East Bay]
4288 Dublin Boulevard, Dublin

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The Joy of Kabul

Firstly, Kabul City’s lunch buffet is gone. This is because almost everybody is interested in the kebabs, and kebabs don’t do well on a steam table. This is good news for you kebab-lovers; you will have fresh-made kebabs to your heart’s delight.

There is, instead, a lunch menu, with smaller portions and lower prices than the dinner menu. Badinjon burani (eggplant) is smooth, silky, and delicious. Kadu burani (pumpkin) has a lovely, bright flavor, though it’s a bit too sweet for some. Qabely pallow (braised lamb chunks with raisin rice) is excellently textured and colored. Kebabs are great, though well-done; lamb-lovers may want to request medium-rare lamb kebabs.

The true favorite, says Cynsa, is the mantu—a hugely satisfying meat dumpling with a delicate wrapper and light saucing.

Melanie Wong’s favorite thing is actually the daugh, an herbed yogurt drink. The yogurt itself is rich and tangy, and comes strongly herbed with mint, coriander, and some bits of cumin. Shola zand—rice pudding with almonds, saffron, and pistachios ($4)—is also excellent. “The style of cooking is more like the homestyle places I’ve tried in Fremont and less refined than Helmand’s,” she explains.

Every dish is $6.99 at lunch. It’s quite the bargain.

Do not be afraid that this place is on Fisherman’s Wharf. It actually makes the wharf worthwhile.

Kabul City [Fisherman’s Wharf]
380 Beach Street, San Francisco

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Dasaprakash for Southern Indian

Dasaprakash is a truly wonderful Southern Indian restaurant, says Fine. “The quality of the cooking and the warmth of the hospitality make Dasaprakash a restaurant worthy of any ethnic-food lover’s interest.”

The star of this dining experience is conjeevaram iddly, which, at $4.50, is an incredible bargain. It’s delicate, flavorful, with a deeply satisfying texture. Mysore masala dosai is another delight—a spicy crêpe filled with potato and onion.

Puliyodarai—a spicy rice and tamarind dish—is very likable, and rather like a good nasi goreng, with the dry, slightly oily textured rice. (The owner told Fine that he should have ordered bisi bele huli anna and wafers—the owner’s favorite of the rice dishes. Then the owner gave Fine a complimentary order of bisi bele.)

The hospitality is awesome. Once it was determined that Fine’s party was English-only, the owner came out and had a long discussion over the menu, which involved worrying about whether they had ordered too much, worrying that they were spending too much by not ordering the special thali, and worrying about whether any of them had cilantro tolerance problems. The owner seemed surprised that there were non-Indians enjoying his cuisine. Surprised, but very happy.

Dishes run between $4.50 and $7. Go nuts, eat your heart out.

Dasaprakash: Cuisine of South India [South Bay]
2636 Homestead Road, Santa Clara

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The Utterly Exceptional Underwood

Underwood Bar and Bistro is kare_raisu’s new favorite restaurant in Sonoma County. Everything at her first visit was extraordinary.

Frisée salad is perfect, with abundant, thick chunks of delicious pork lardons, and a beautifully poached egg. The seared ahi special is made for hot days: It comes with roasted corn, asparagus, arugula, and an Israeli couscous salad with creamy porcini vinaigrette. And it’s garnished with bits of pancetta and porcini. “I cannot begin to describe how well the rich texture of the tuna worked against this accompaniment—amazing.” Roasted halibut is cooked to a perfectly crisp, golden sear; the insides are marvelously juicy and warm. On top of sautéed mixed greens and a potato purée, it’s perfect.

It is, she says, “a truly great restaurant—worthwhile for anyone in the area to check out.”

It’s one of Lori SF’s favorite restaurants too. She suggests the patio; it’s a sweet spot for summer.

Underwood Bar and Bistro [Sonoma County]
9113 Graton Road, Graton

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Mad Indian-Western Fusion

Spice Route is a seriously awesome sort of mad Indian-Western fusion restaurant in the lobby of a Best Western. This may weird you out. Don’t worry about it—you’ll completely forget you’re in a hotel.

Fussy Foodie had a freaking odd, completely exciting spread there. Mussel pakora—nicely fried, nicely tasty mussels placed back in their shells. Incredible mini lamb burgers, spiced like kebab and meltingly tender. And srirachi chicken wings batter-fried and tossed in a spicy, wildly flavorful sauce—completely addictive.

Herb naan is fantastic, with a nice crispy back, a softly chewy center, and tons of herbs on top. Lemongrass lamb chops come out perfectly medium rare, over creamy cumin-spiced potatoes and garlicky spinach. It is sweet, savory, and wonderful. Salmon is crisp on the outside and buttery soft on the inside, and covered with tamarind sauce. It’s solid.

This place is brand new. At the moment, there are no soups or salads on the menu, but they are coming. There is a web address, but no website. That is coming, too.

Closed Sundays.

Spice Route [South Bay]
Inside the Best Western Hotel
400 Valley Way, Milpitas

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