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Big Gay Ice Cream’s Doug Quint on LA, Expansion, and the Book

Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint are the nicest guys to ever bitch-slap a cone of soft-serve ice cream. If you’re not living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of their New York City food truck, Big Gay Ice Cream, or their shops in the East and West Village. Their claim to fame: unique toppings, everything from wasabi pea dust to the elements of the Mexican Affo’gay’to (hot chocolate, vanilla soft serve, whipped cream, chocolate, and chiles). I recently caught up with Doug about Big Gay Ice Cream’s latest news, including a pair of bicoastal openings. READ MORE

Beer Cocktail with Watermelon and a Surprise

There are few things more July Fourth than watermelon and beer. Combine them, and what you get is pretty much the perfect taste of American summer. This cocktail, though, adds a layer of complexity in the form of an old, somewhat obscure, but totally delicious orange liqueur. READ MORE

Choice Rice Cakes and More in Flushing’s Koreatown

Even Chowhounds, who keep up with this kind of news, hadn't all heard about the rebranding of one of their favorite Korean comfort foods, the savory rice cakes they know as tteokbokki or ddukbokki. Make that topokki, advises a rice cake R&D institute near Seoul (and no, we don't make these things up). The idea is to add to the dish's international appeal by subtracting daunting double consonants from its name. READ MORE

Vegetable Tacos with a Point of View

Mainstream America is smitten with the taco. So much, in fact, that the repertoire of tacos Americans now take for granted is expanding beyond where a lot of us ever thought we’d be, back in the days of crisp shells and spiced hamburger. READ MORE

Soft-Shell Crabs from the Village to Queens

It's the time of year when Chowhounds crave soft-shell crabs, and an awesome Thai version has surfaced at Ayada in Queens. Simon, a veteran Thailand traveler, describes perfectly cooked crab, heavy on luscious backfin meat and served with a heap of fresh, deftly balanced papaya salad that some consider the city's best. The bamboo salad, or supnormai, is another smart order. READ MORE

Fresh Cherry Cobbler

A cobbler made with fresh cherries has been on my list of kitchen goals for a while now. I’ve made cobblers with canned filling (good for campouts when you can’t mess with pitting), but fresh was at the top of my 2014 summer cooking list. READ MORE

Ice Cream, Fresh from the Cow

For most of us ice cream is an urban pleasure. Like bars and food trucks, scoop shops define a city. But for Jenny Ko and Alex Saneski, ice cream is an extension of farm life. READ MORE

6 Ways to Make Ice Cream Without a Fancy Freezer

Screw ice cream machines! Grab a freezer bag, a coffee can, or some liquid nitrogen, and get ready to eat your weight in sundaes. Here are six ways to make ice cream without a traditional maker. READ MORE

McConnell’s Ice Cream Is Coming to LA’s Grand Central Market

Michael Palmer put the health of his future on the line for a legendary brand of Santa Barbara ice cream (the best ice cream, he might tell you). READ MORE

Fresh Cherry Hot Sauce Is Spicy-Sweet and Smoky

I wanted to do a fresh version of the Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce I made last year, when cherries were out of season (it calls for bottled juice). So I’ve been waiting. But now in California, fresh, sweet cherries are at their peak. READ MORE