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Halloween Candy Throwdown in 8 Rounds

8 Freaky and Delicious Halloween Cocktails

Holidays are reason enough to fix yourself a stiff one, but Halloween concoctions are in a league all their own. Pick out a skull goblet and grab your cocktail shaker: Here are 8 grown-up treats to sip on 2014's ultimate freaky Friday. READ MORE

World Series of Food: Kansas City vs. San Francisco

Kansas City or San Francisco: Whose regional food sweeps the series? READ MORE

11 Ways to Bake with Halloween Candy

The only thing better than a home-baked cookie is one you’ve hacked to include bits of your favorite trick-or-treat candy. These 11 recipes will have you hoarding Halloween treats just to stock your baking pantry. READ MORE

12 Alt-Milks for Today’s Alt-Bros

So you’re an alt-bro in search of an alt-milk. The obvious question is why, you idiot, since regular milk is delicious. I don’t have to tell you that. Milk is necessary for cheese and yogurt, cheesecake and bowls of Frosted Flakes, but you’re too alt for that. Like, “Ugh, cow’s milk is sooo mainstream. You might as well listen to Coldplay and drink pumpkin spice devil brews.” Fine. Here are your dumb alt-milks. READ MORE

9 Ridiculous Brunch Waits That Won’t Make You Feel Like a Jerk

I love a good egg dish as much as the next guy, but waiting more than 45 minutes for brunch is when I’m tempted to just eat the granola bar I’ve stashed in my purse and call it done. Yes, brunch is a great way to catch up with friends and rehash last night’s antics over mimosas, but waiting in a two-hour line for French toast is pushing it—unless the food is amazing. Here are nine places with some of the most outrageous brunch waits across the country that just might be worth passing on that granola bar and sucking it up. READ MORE

10 Things That Taste Like Apple Pie But Aren’t

Apple pie’s the perfect confluence of joyous autumn things: fresh-picked orchard apples; familiar, nutty spices; oven-baked goods that are sure to warm the home. But let’s face it: We’ve got a long cold-weather haul ahead of us, so a little variety is going to be key to making it through to next spring. With that in mind, here are 10 ways — some logical, some not so much — to enjoy the essence of apple pie (just hold the pie). READ MORE

9 Foods That Prove the Midwest Rules

Those of us from the Midwest know a few things besides how to de-ice a windshield and the best strategy for obliterating an opponent in a game of cornhole: We know amazing local eats. Celebrate the heartland with these nine things you know you crave if you're a Midwesterner. READ MORE

Learn to Love Noodles for Breakfast

A savory and sometimes spicy breakfast will always be my first choice to start the day. For me, pancakes should only be eaten when wrapped around sausage, and oatmeal can be for dinner. Most people might be part of the sweet camp, but here three easy noodle breakfasts that might just turn you into a savory morning meal believer. READ MORE

10 Soups You’d Never Guess Came Out of the Slow Cooker

The concept of mixing ingredients together, going to work, and coming home to dinner is ideal in theory. In reality, it isn’t always quite so appealing. If you’re uninspired after scrolling through crockpot recipes for cheeseburger soup and canned-bean chili, we’re here to help. Behold, 10 soups—from lamb birria to beef pho—so sophisticated you’d never guess they could be made in a plug-in appliance. READ MORE