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Love Falafel? Look No Further. 13 Falafel Recipes for Summer

Crunchy, crisp fried falafel balls make for the best, cheapest dinners. With vibrant spices and creamy tahini sauce, falafel is one of our favorite dishes from Middle Eastern cuisine. READ MORE

Beyond Banana Bread: 9 Quick Banana Dessert Recipes

See those bananas ripening on your counter? Don’t just toss them in a smoothie – try these unexpected ways to eat them.


9 Great Slow Cooker Jams, Preserves, and Condiments

The crockpot just might be the perfect cooking appliance for ketchups, jams, fruit butters, and other cooked-down things. These are all things best left to transform on their own, in the presence of steady, pervasive heat. The other great thing about crockpotting in summer is you can set it, and flee the stuffiness of the kitchen. Here are 9 recipes that’s be humming away in our kitchen for the rest of the season. READ MORE

9 Sauerkraut Recipes So Simple, You’ll Never Buy ‘Kraut Again

If you love sauerkraut, it’s almost as easy to make your own batch at home as it is to buy a jar at the store. You can customize the spices and ferment for as little as a couple of days to a few weeks. READ MORE

The 10 Best Cocktails for Day Drinking, Ranked

Drinking while the sun’s still high is an art in which the medium is crucial. Try to sip something overly liquorous, and you’ll be hammered before the sundial’s shadow creeps an inch. The trick is to serve something calibrated to facilitate high spirits spread over a long, hot afternoon. We’ve got you covered—here are 10 day-appropriate cocktails, ranked from worst to best. READ MORE

11 Veggie Burgers So Good You’ll Forget They’re Not Meat

Veggie burgers have come a long way in the past decade. They’re no longer the mealy, flavorless, and crumbly patties you remember – many of them are now so good that you’ll find yourself trying out a recipe even if you do eat meat. READ MORE

9 Recipes That Balance Savory and Sweet

Modern tastebuds are used to flavor mashups. More and more restaurant desserts these days straddle the line between sweet and savory; so do appetizers, even entrees. We rounded up 9 of our favorite sweet-savory blended dishes from CHOW, appropriate for brunch, dessert, afternoon snacks, with drinks—however you choose to play it. READ MORE

13 Recipes That Prove You Can Make Pesto Out of Anything

If you ask any Italian, especially one from Northern Italy, pesto should only consist of the following: garlic, Italian basil, olive oil, pine nuts and a combo of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Fiore Sardo cheeses. And while we love the traditional stuff, technically, you can make pesto out any combo of oil, nuts, garlic, cheese and vegetables. READ MORE

11 Ways to Add More Blueberries to Your Breakfast

Summer is synonymous with blueberry breakfasts. From scones to pancakes to waffles, there aren’t many breakfast menu items that don’t taste better with fresh berries. READ MORE

Summer’s Most Refreshing Dish: Ceviche

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer entrée that doesn’t require turning on the oven and heating up the kitchen, look no further. Ceviche is an extremely simple recipe – take raw fish, scallops, octopus, even shrimp and let the acidic lime juice do the work. READ MORE