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15 Ultimate Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the best night of the year to create your own custom cocktail for a celebration. There are so many festive choices, and you can pick a spirit and provide a buffet bar of options to let guests customize their drinks. Whether you go with bubbly or not, this roundup of cocktail recipes will give you a solid foundation to improvise from for a celebratory start to the New Year. READ MORE

9 Ingredients to Spice Up Your Chili

Chili is the ultimate comfort food to keep us warm through the dark and cold winter months. Whether you already have a family recipe you usually whip up or are looking for inspiration, these surprising ingredients will bring your chili to the next level. READ MORE

New Year’s Day Brunch: Tips for Throwing the First Party of 2015

The ball has dropped. The toasts have been toasted, the kisses kissed, the countdown counted down. Maybe there are overflowing ashtrays, broken glass, a dress balled up in a corner where you left it. Or maybe just two champagne glasses in front of the TV. How you spend New Year's Eve is up to you; how you spend New Year's Day, leave to us. READ MORE

11 Essential Food and Movie Pairings for Right Now

Winter is the best time to cozy up with something good to eat and a movie. Take it to the next level with thematic snacks to pair with what’s playing out on screen. READ MORE

The Best Four-Ingredient Punches to Ring in the New Year

The ease of making a punch for a party is made that much easier by not having to go to a dozen different stores, searching for multiple varieties of bitters and random syrups. These nine punches are more than worth the limited effort they take to throw together. Bundt pan ice ring optional, but recommended. READ MORE

13 Recipes for Cornbread Purists and Mavericks

The more elemental a food, the more complex it tends to be. Cornbread is living proof: At its most primitive, cornbread’s nothing more than cornmeal and water, but the ingredients that follow (like flour, sugar, eggs, and leavener) determine a cornbread’s true character. Take a survey of styles, from cakelike Northern cornbread to the dense skillet cornbread of the South (and everything in between), and see if you can’t find a version that best suits you. READ MORE

11 Must-Try Chili Recipes

Asking someone for a chili recipe is like asking someone what Heaven looks like – endless variations, endless possibilities, and everyone believes that he or she is absolutely right. That’s why you have to know the sects of chili – what goes where and how and why. The borders are strict and the rules are many – luckily the results are always delicious. READ MORE

9 Reasons Your Holiday Baking Was a Big Disaster

Your peanut butter cookies crumbled and your black bottom cupcakes turned out black (really black). What went wrong? Allow me to count the ways. Baking is a science, and before you can turn that triple layer cake into a work of edible art, there are countless ways to screw it up. Don't blame the recipe if you're committing one of these nine major baking mistakes. READ MORE

11 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes: You Be the Judge

Chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate classic, but the debate between soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy rages on. Everyone has their own favorite recipe (many will admit to being fans of the one printed on the back of the Toll House bag of chocolate chips), but check out this roundup of chocolate chip cookie recipes for some new suggestions to try out during your holiday baking spree. READ MORE

How Do the World’s Savory Pancakes Stack Up? These 9 Will Not Disappoint.

Pancakes and crêpes are a universal symbol of deliciousness: Just about every culture around the world has its own take on a flatbread made with batter that’s been griddled until warm and crisp-edged. But while there’ll always be a place for banana pancakes and strawberry blintzes, we think the world’s best versions turn up in the form of savory variations. From Vietnamese banh xeo to Russian blini, here are some of our favorite sugar-free pancakes. READ MORE