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Be Honest, You Love These 8 Americanized Asian Foods

Asia is a huge continent with a diverse culinary history. Take China for instance: From hot and spicy Hunan dishes to plump Cantonese dumplings, the cuisine varies greatly by region. In American culture many of these regional cuisines have been thrown together (and mixed with a little American flair) to form something altogether different. Often these new dishes are looked down upon, or dismissed as being “Americanized” cuisine. Are they authentic? Perhaps not, but they can still be quite delicious. Here are eight dishes worth eating straight out of the takeout carton. READ MORE

Chowhound’s Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving

We’re already well into the second week of November, which means one thing: Thanksgiving’s going to be here before you know it. Worried about navigating the wide world of Thanksgiving planning all alone? Fear not. The Chowhound discussion boards are here for you. READ MORE

6 Essential Stocks for Soup Season

With winter on its way, it’s a great time to load up on a variety of soup stocks. Chicken, beef, fish, and vegetable stocks can all be made easily at home. Homemade stocks are a healthy, low-sodium alternative to store bought broths and stocks. With some basic knowledge, you can make a variety of stocks affordably at home. Spend a few afternoons preparing batches from the recipes below, then cool and store in the freezer until needed. With the base on hand for all your favorite soups and stews, you’ll be ready when winter blows in. READ MORE

8 Appetizers You Won’t Believe Came Out of a Slow Cooker

Time-strapped home cooks know the crock pot to be the secret behind a set-it-and-forget-it supper. But the ceramic vessel, which is typically tasked with breaking down tough cuts of meat, can also be your secret weapon at a holiday party. Next time it’s your turn to host cocktails at home, bust out the insert for one of these eight appetizers. READ MORE

10 Kinds of Cheesecake Your Grandma Didn’t Bake

Cheesecake is one of the best desserts to serve at a party: It’s rich, filling, and makes it simple to serve a crowd. It’s hard to eat more than one slice, and there are so many variations that you’ll never run out of recipes to try. Here are 10 kinds of cheesecake that walk on the wild side—try them out for the holidays, as they travel well and are easy to make ahead of time. READ MORE

9 Underrated Winter Greens

As the colder-weather months begin to arrive, eating seasonally can seem daunting. The vegetables you’ve relied on all summer and fall are quickly consumed during the great harvest, while the surplus is often fermented and canned so as to last through the winter. READ MORE

Relish the Season: 9 Chutneys and Relishes for Thanksgiving

Add depth to your Thanksgiving meal this year with these unique relish and chutney recipes. From classic cranberry to exotic mango, these condiments will bring out the flavor of the Thanksgiving staples you love. READ MORE

Chill Out with These 11 Classic Nightcaps

The few hours between dinner and bedtime should be the most relaxing part of the day, but too often we spend them thinking about what we will accomplish tomorrow. I propose a nightly ritual to help us forget our troubles and really let go: the nightcap. Some might consider the nightcap a lost art, but with a few tricks anyone can master it. There are only a few rules: no cocktails, no beer, and no scary stories (they might cause bad dreams). READ MORE

11 Thai Dishes That Do Not Wimp Out

The era of pad thai is finally over! Thai cuisine is back, and it’s a lot more interesting this time around than when we were all being introduced to sugary coconut-milk curries. Now, say hello to fiery, funky flavors that don't hold back: Pungent herbs, spicy chiles, fermented fish, and sour tamarind are just part of the arsenal. Read on for a crash course in 11 of Thai food's new essentials. READ MORE

11 Meal Mistakes to Avoid at the Airport

The airport is a confusing, stressful, harrowing place at the best of times, but never more so than when there is a meal involved. Running late or spending hours on a hard seat during a layover can lead to bad choices when deciding how to dine. Here are the 11 pitfalls to avoid the next time you find yourself stuck at the airport. READ MORE