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10 Soups You’d Never Guess Came Out of the Slow Cooker

The concept of mixing ingredients together, going to work, and coming home to dinner is ideal in theory. In reality, it isn’t always quite so appealing. If you’re uninspired after scrolling through crockpot recipes for cheeseburger soup and canned-bean chili, we’re here to help. Behold, 10 soups—from lamb birria to beef pho—so sophisticated you’d never guess they could be made in a plug-in appliance. READ MORE

9 Midnight Snacks Worth Staying Up For

It always starts the same way: It’s late and there’s nothing on but cooking shows, making you crazy hungry. Of course you want to eat something satisfying, without waking up the whole house by clattering pans in the kitchen. Solution: Make one of these 9 easy midnight snack recipes. READ MORE

3 Days to Make 8 Cronuts at Home? No.

Hey guys, that Cronut™ you stood in line for, or experienced as a bad knockoff? You’ll be able to make the home version soon. Theoretically. READ MORE

9 Homemade Versions of Halloween Candy Classics

If you’re looking forward to Halloween candy, wait until you try these homemade versions of your favorite store-bought treats. Perfect for Halloween parties or trick-or-treaters, most are quick and easy to make and taste even better than the originals! READ MORE

11 Delicious Things You Can Make from a Pumpkin

Canned is cool, but cooking with actual pumpkins, from scratch, is better. Maybe you went pumpkin picking and ended up with a few too many. Or you carved some pretty amazing jack-o’-lanterns and now you have a pile of pumpkin innards on your table. Fear not: Here are 11 ideas to turn fall’s iconic porch decoration into something delicious. Most of these recipes start with a base of pumpkin purée that is simple to make and keeps for months in the freezer. READ MORE

5 One-Dish Thanksgivings You Don’t Have the Guts to Make

Halloween’s not even here, and the food world’s already dreaming up crazy Thanksgiving notions. Case in point: BuzzFeed’s Thanksgiving in a bucket, which is exactly what it sounds like: stuffing, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce, all layered on top of one another in a three-gallon pail. READ MORE

9 Delicious Desserts to Make with Beer

Even though the official celebration of Oktoberfest in Germany has already come and gone (beer tents opened up on September 20 and closed on October 5), we’re happy to find any excuse to extend our beer love throughout October. READ MORE

Josey Baker Showed Us How to Make Amazing Skillet Pizzas

The measure of a cookbook might not be in any particular recipe, but in the author’s power to get you psyched to try. San Francisco baker Josey Baker (that’s literally his given name), proprietor of The Mill, is master of the psych. The word “passion” is such a cliché in food writing it’s embarrassing, but Baker embodies the kind of passion for breads that invites you to get over your embarrassment and just submit, find your own passion. Baker is always pumped. He’s got an easy, whole-face smile that you feel in his eyes as much as his grin. He wants to help you be awesome, even if you’ve never made bread in your life and you have no idea how to reach even marginal awesomeness. His book, Josey Baker Bread, is an invitation to give up your fears and submit to that smile and simply believe: You can be totally awesome. READ MORE

The Myth of the Secret Recipe

The English food writer Elizabeth David once described La Mère Poulard, a woman famous in France in the mid-20th century for her omelets. Food writers of the time made pilgrimages to La Mère Poulard’s restaurant, talked up the omelets, and speculated about her kitchen’s secret. Did they add cream to the eggs? Use special pans? Raise a special breed of chickens that laid delicious eggs? READ MORE

10 Edible Blasts from the ’90s You Can Make at Home

Did you ever rock crimped hair with a baby-doll dress and neon slap bracelets? Or maybe oversized flannel shirts with ripped jeans and Doc Martens? If so, you were a kid of the '90s. Kick back, crack open a Crystal Pepsi, and get ready for an edible trip down memory lane. READ MORE