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Industry Insiders Welcome!

There’s been a lot of buzz (nearly 400 comments over the past week) since we’ve posted our new moderation policy, which invites professional voices to contribute to CHOW Conversations, and though it may take a bit more time to find the right balance, we’re excited to welcome new voices to the Community, sharing the inside scoop on their corners of the industry. READ MORE

When Chefs Make Hot Sauce: The Lacto-Fermented Saga of Willy B’s

Two chefs in Los Angeles, Christian Page and Willy Barling, began tinkering with raw, lacto-fermented hot sauces until they came up with a small, hand-bottled line all their own. READ MORE

The Burrito Bowl Nobody Seems to Order

Cactus Taqueria #2 in LA's Koreatown might not have the character of one-off taco joints, but it certainly has a dependable product and a legion of late-night customers. No one seems to order the rice bowls. Justin Bolois finds out why. READ MORE

New York’s Breton Crêpe Master Carries On

Get Jean-Christophe Henry talking about crêpes (this isn't difficult) and you'll learn a thing or two. He's a charming, chatty son of Brittany who'll tell you all about his homeland's signature pancakes: how good ones are rare in New York, what's in them, and how they're made. He's been making his own in the East Village for a year now. READ MORE

Potato Salad, Hold the Mayo

Hate to break it to you guys, but there’re more ways to dress a potato salad than either mayo or vinegar and bacon. Please, if only for the sake of the potatoes, let’s explore some new dimensions in picnic sides. READ MORE

Georgian Food Is Having a Manhattan Moment

Manhattanites who've never tasted Georgian cooking have run out of excuses. Once available only to those who ventured into deepest Brooklyn, the rich, cheesy breads and other specialties of the former Soviet republic landed last year in the East Village at Oda House. Now this hearty comfort food from the Caucasus has surfaced at Old Tbilisi Garden on Bleecker Street. READ MORE

5 Happy Hour Conversation Starters from CHOW!

If you're looking to catch up on your booze news, check out this week’s Link posts from the CHOW community. The theme of the week appears to be alcoholic beverages, and considering the weekend is just around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to start stocking up on your beer, wine, and spirit headlines. Here are our top five conversation starters shared by the community this week. READ MORE

Grade-A Rice Bowl from a Banh Mi Hero

Rice bowls at a sandwich shop? At Hero Shop in DTLA, Chef Eric Park takes the same high-flavor approach with rice bowls that he does with banh mi. READ MORE

Advice for Eating Out: Don’t Let Fools Run the Table

Food writer and recovering control freak Andrew Simmons explains how to keep the most clueless members of a shared dining excursion from making bad decisions for the group, with case studies from three restaurants in LA's Koreatown. READ MORE

Bryant Terry Taught Me How to Groove

To me, “vegan” is a curse. Take away my ability to use bacon in every recipe and I just might cut you. Yet Bryant Terry took me by surprise recently, after I discovered his 2009 cookbook Vegan Soul Kitchen. His recipes pack so much flavor, all my thoughts of bacon and aggression simply evaporate in the delicious-smelling steam of mustard greens and roasted yam soup. READ MORE