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How to Make Crispy Fried Avocados for Tacos

I've been on a taco quest in the past couple of weeks, playing around with breakfast tacos and trying to come up with a great vegetarian taco that isn't just a bunch of sautéed zucchini and peppers wrapped in a tortilla. I think I've done it. READ MORE

Morgenstern’s Finest: A Chef’s Approach to Ice Cream

Nicholas Morgenstern has been a pastry chef in fine-dining kitchens and he's run his own restaurants, but one particular gig early in his career made a deep impression. He was cooking at a place in San Francisco when he was entrusted with the ice cream machine. That sparked an enduring passion that he's pursued at Brooklyn's General Greene and now, Morgenstern's Finest, his two-week-old ice cream parlor on the Lower East Side. READ MORE

Paletas Demystified! Fany Gerson’s Three-Year-Old Summer Classic

I’m digging Fany Gerson’s 2011 book Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas, and not just because I had secret fantasies of driving an ice cream truck as a kid (all the Bomb Pops I could eat!). It’s an adult take on popular kids’ treats, with an infusion of stories about the author’s childhood in Mexico. What’s more, it offers a history of chilled Mexican treats that any food nerd (myself included) can’t help loving. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Savory Oatmeal

I put together a set of savory oatmeal toppings a few years ago titled Oatmeal for Dinner. I remember adding sausage as a topping and thinking it would be great to get the sausage flavor into the oats themselves, instead of just sitting on the surface. That's how this recipe was born. READ MORE

Decoy: Great Peking Duck from a RedFarm Spinoff

Decoy is about the duck, and the duck doesn't disappoint. Opened in December downstairs from sister restaurant RedFarm, it introduced its signature feasts of Peking duck a month ago, and the CHOW community is already ranking it among the top versions in town. READ MORE

Make These Delicious Fried Egg Tacos

Tacos and fried eggs are my two favorite things: Why not combine them? So I came up with these seven variations on the breakfast taco, all of them topped with an egg fried sunny-side up. I think the best thing about fried egg tacos is what happens to the yolk: It breaks when you pick up the taco, coating the filling with a rich yellow sauce. READ MORE

Mexico in Three Regrets

We’re on our honeymoon. Perry and I got married last month at an art gallery in Chicago; we had a Southeast Asian theme and served lemongrass Kamikazes and Singhas and everyone got drunk. Perry said, “Let’s go to Mexico.” Neither of us had ever been. We bought the all-inclusive plan at Caribbean Village, maybe the homeliest hotel on Boulevard Kukulkan, Cancun’s zona gringo. It’s cheap. There’s a swim-up bar and a cluster of country boys with the jug-eared look of U.S. military. READ MORE

Gin and Tonic, Barcelona Style

The gin and tonic is the stiffest of British drinks, bracing, cool, and astringent. But like a London holiday-goer on a cheap fare to the Costa del Sol, England’s venerable old G&T has sought the warmth of Spain. The Spanish are now the biggest gin drinkers on the planet, per capita, and the gin and tonic (known as the “gin tonic”) has become the new taste of Madrid and Barcelona. As a nod to the summer travel season, we came up with our own Spanish gin tonic. READ MORE

7 Ideas for Chilled Soups This Summer

It’s hot outside and I’m sweating up a storm, which can only mean one thing: cold soup season! Thanks to hungry and hot contributors to our community discussion boards, I’ve got seven new ways to chill out this summer. READ MORE

Dear New York: San Francisco’s Haute Dog Will Crush Your Cronuts

If the Cronut™ has taught us anything (besides the importance of hiring a good trademark attorney), it’s how much we all love croissants. Not '90s croissants, with their flab, their chicken salad fillings, and their dubious fats that are not butter. These days we’re all really into croissants that crunch. CHOW’s Chris Rochelle found the latest evidence at Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco. READ MORE