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Frosty Chai Ice Pops

Some days a milkshake is what you need, other days—like today, when it’s 93 degrees Fahrenheit with 41 percent humidity in New York City—only an ice pop will do. Fortunately Kim Laidlaw, who developed our chai milkshake recipe, worked out a variation for ice pops. They’re super easy, and all you need are pop molds, a freezer, and time. READ MORE

Raspberry Tart Is Just Ridiculously Easy

You need to commit to pie—the dough-making, the rolling out, the finicky transport from flat surface to pie dish, the wondering if the filling is going to end up like fruit soup. This rustic, dish-less raspberry tart removes a couple of those anxiety points, while preserving essential pie-ness (flaky crust, sweet-tart fruit filling, those little seeds that get stuck between your teeth that are one of the true experiences of summer). Here’s a fold-by-fold tutorial. READ MORE

At Luca & Bosco, Ice Cream’s a Sweet Second Act

Jobs in media and local government come and go. Ice cream is forever. So it happened that Catherine Oddenino and Ruthie Vishlitzky—who'd been honing their sweet frozen craft for some time in off-work hours before getting laid off a year ago—took the leap, got themselves a cart, and opened Luca & Bosco Fine Crafted Ice Cream. READ MORE

Chai Milkshakes Are Amazing

Was it Starbucks? Sometime over the past decade chai became just another beverage flavor, like vanilla, or pumpkin. But spiced tea, masala chai, has both a lovely delicacy and a fortifying strength. Here, Kim Laidlaw turns those qualitites into refreshing milkshakes that should get you through the hottest summer day, or at least a good 10 minutes of one. READ MORE

Will Raw Milk Make You Sick?

Like your vision after a few Long Island Iced Teas, the answer to that question is blurred. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Mango Tapioca Pudding

Mango sticky rice is my all-time favorite dessert. It even beats out my sweet-tooth staples (green tea Kit Kat bars, salted fudge brownies, chocolate–peanut butter ice cream). Unfortunately, it's not a dessert you can just whip up. READ MORE

Fuel for Night Crawlers at Essex Taqueria

Nightlife requires night food, which means Essex Taqueria is in the right place at the right time. Its generously filled grilled-fish tacos hit the spot, says small h, a Chowhound who topped them with salsa, white cheese, and radish but also appreciates the wide selection of other add-ons: cilantro, jalapeño, guacamole, corn, and many more. READ MORE

7 Smoothies to Kick Off Summer

For a fast, cooling treat that thankfully requires no heat to make, check out these seven smoothie ideas from CHOW’s community of inspired cooks READ MORE.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Happening in LA

There is an onslaught of high-quality ice cream shops heading to Los Angeles this summer, but keep your eyes peeled for Sylvia Yoo's churro ice cream sandwiches from her guerrilla operation, Churro Borough. READ MORE

Father’s Day, Table for One

My father taught me how to split and butter a baked potato so it ends up fluffy, how to dry a Chevrolet Impala after you’ve washed it so your towel doesn’t scratch the paint. He taught me that I needed to go confess to the crazy lady next door that I’d trampled her jade plant, and that you can turn pink hydrangeas blue by pissing on the roots. And he taught me how to eat in restaurants. Actually not how, but why to eat in restaurants. READ MORE