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8 Recipes to Up Your Chicken Teriyaki Game

Let’s face it: Opening a bottle of store-bought teriyaki sauce isn’t going to cut it this BBQ season. No need to freak out, though. Properly made teriyaki is, by nature, simple. Here are 8 recipes to turn you into a teriyaki ninja. READ MORE

The Ultimate Guide to Pulled Pork

Is there any food more versatile than pulled pork? Barbecue platters, sandwiches, and tacos around the world would answer with a strong no. Unlike its peers, pork loin and pork tenderloin, it rarely runs bland and dry, and while it has a richness to it, there’s no fear of eating yourself sick with too much of a good thing (fatty pork belly, we’re looking at you). Pulled pork is also large enough to feed a crowd, freezes well, costs little to make, and is pretty darn tough to completely mess up. We think that’s reason enough to master it. READ MORE

11 Essential Recipes for Building Your Own Burrito at Home

Oh, the counter people at Chipotle make burrito assembly look so easy. We’ve all stared them down from across the plexiglass divide, watching them put a scoop of rice here, ladling some beans on there, and rolling the whole thing up in one swift motion. READ MORE

Breaking Out the Grill? Try One of These 13 Seafood Recipes

With grill season just starting to heat up, there are probably more than a few of us looking for any and every excuse to cook out outdoors. And while burgers, brats, and kebabs are high on the list for most alfresco chefs, it seems that only the brave and daring go for fish and seafood. With a reputation as being especially tough to get right on the grill, easily falling apart and turning bone dry, it’s understandable why so many categorically shy away from it. READ MORE

11 Recipes to Make Your Favorite Snacks from the ’90s at Home

The ‘90s were the height of the prepackaged junk food era, and although you’re eating whole grains and kale these days, there’s no shame in looking back fondly on some of the snacks you used to love. Here are some homemade takes on the best snacks that are a guilt-free way to settle your snack-attack while watching an episode of Salute Your Shorts. READ MORE

9 Easy Dessert Hacks That Yield Elegant Results

The elegant little dessert that looked like it took you hours but, in fact, needed only a few well-considered tweaks to make it feel special—that’s the Holy Grail of entertaining. Because we’re slackers at heart—slackers who love throwing awesome dinner parties—we’ve gathered up these 9 easy hacks for sweets that only look complicated. READ MORE

8 Cocktails Beyond the Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

If you’re coming to this Cinco de Mayo cocktail menu expecting a margarita, here it is, the Perfect Margarita. And if perfect to you means blended, here’s that too. If you’ve decided to read further, we’ve thrown in some variety. Cinco de Mayo isn’t celebrated very widely in Mexico (it’s often erroneously thought of as Mexican Independence Day, which is actually September 16), but it’s so popular in the States that many people consider it the kickoff of summer—no matter that there’s still frost in some parts of the country. Since there are no real rules, serve up what you like. Here’s an assortment of Mexican-influenced, but by no means traditional, cocktails that use beer, tequila, and rum. So pull out the chips, some salsa, and plenty of water, and party—it’s almost summer! READ MORE

9 Things That Taste Like a Margarita But Aren’t

We love margaritas, in all their various colors and flavors. The simple blend of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur in the right proportion never fails to charm—even outside of the margarita glass. Here are 9 recipes, from skirt steak to cake, that take the classic Cinco de Mayo cocktail as inspiration. READ MORE

10 Easy, Healthy Farro Recipes

If you need more whole grains in your life, farro is a good place to start. This ancient grain (it was a dietary staple of ancient Romans) packs a lot of flavor, plus a good dose of fiber and protein. Once you have the basic cooking part down, farro is an easy ingredient to serve a zillion different ways—the only catch is choosing the right kind. READ MORE

13 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Mother’s Day is just ‘round the corner. You’ve already made reservations at mom’s go-to brunch spot and ordered a bouquet of flowers, right? Well, in case that that last sentence sent you scrambling for the phone, there’s still time to plan a perfect day that’s all about mother dearest (by the way, her favorite restaurant is already booked solid). To show how much you really appreciate her, why not make a brunch to remember? She did prepare your morning meals for the better part of your youth, after all. Isn’t it about time you returned the favor? READ MORE