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9 Easy One-Pot Couscous Recipes

When I was a kid, there was always a box of couscous in my family’s pantry. When we were stumped about what to eat for lunch or dinner, and sometimes even breakfast, out came the couscous. READ MORE

9 Fruit Smoothie Recipes to Start the Day

Sometimes you’re just too tired to make breakfast and sneaking a pop-tart is a guarantee that you’ll be hangry before lunchtime. Enter: the smoothie. READ MORE

Why Greece Is Home to the World’s Other Great Pasta Cuisine

Thanks to some good PR and a questionable story involving Marco Polo, the world knows Italy as the home of pasta. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that pasta’s origins are debated and that its presence stretches across the wider Mediterranean. READ MORE

Ramen: Is It Hype? 6 Arguments on Chowhound

Ramen is one of the most admired, debated, and commercially successful dishes of the past 5 years (ever since David Chang and Peter Meehan’s book, Momofuku, introduced Americans to the weekend-long tonkotsu ramen-making process). Now that Chang thinks ramen’s very popularity has killed it, the Chowhound community asks: Has it all been one big hype? Here are 7 responses on Chowhound that help explain the ramen effect READ MORE

How to Bake Cakes in a Jar

Baking in jars is ready-made for warm weather. You end up with perfectly contained self-serve portions ideal for toting to picnics or hauling out to the backyard on a tray. Set them out on the picnic table or buffet, let your guests do the rest. Watch this video CHOW Tip on baking in jars with Karen Solomon, then—as inspiration—check out 5 recipes for self-contained summer baking! READ MORE

From Basic to Bizzare: 7 Ways to Build a Better Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is as classic Southern comfort foods as it gets. Buttery biscuits, creamy gravy loaded with sausage, and your tastebuds. However, why stop there when you can take it a step further? READ MORE

12 Great Reasons to Plug In Your Slow Cooker This Summer

Quick, what do you think when we say “slow cooker”? Soup? Braised short ribs? True, cold weather is the perfect time to let something comforting simmer away in the crock pot, but so is warm weather. Summer, arguably, is even more appropriate for slow cooking than winter, since in summer, you want to be able to plug in an appliance and get the heck out of the kitchen. Here, to keep you cool and well fed all summer long, are 12 recipes. READ MORE

9 Summer Pasta Salad Recipes from Classic to Crazy

If pasta salad didn’t already exist, the first person invited to a potluck picnic would pretty much have to invent it. A cold salad of penne or macaroni, tossed with summer vegetables, meats, cheeses, herbs, and a bold dressing is the perfect thing to transport out to the coast, to drop on a picnic table, harmonizing beautifully with anything coming off the grill. Here, as inspiration for what to haul to your next party, are 9 of our recent favorites. READ MORE

DIY FroYo: 7 Must-Try Frozen Yogurt Recipes for Summer

Frozen yogurt is one of summer’s greatest pleasures – smooth, creamy, and arguably a little less of a guilty pleasure than ice cream – homemade frozen yogurt manages to be even tastier than any store-bought brand. READ MORE

Steak Taste on a Burger Budget: 7 Affordable Steak Recipes

Nothing says luxury like a steak dinner. Of course, nothing says empty wallet like a steak dinner, either. But does it have to be that way? READ MORE