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16 Sweet Sixteen Recipes to Grub on During March Madness Games

March madness, people–it’s coming! And no one but NO ONE can handle the excitement, stress and even occasional tears of competitive basketball without a healthy array of tasty treats. Check out these ideas for the most delicious ways to get your grub and your game on at the same time. READ MORE

9 Carrot Cake Recipes That Make It Fun to Eat Your Vegetables

Carrot cake is the only cake I know that can boast a full pound of vegetables contained within the batter. The grated carrots make for a moist cake and a good dose of beta-carotene in each bite (for cake, at least). And with cream cheese frosting, it’s one of the most decadent desserts you can put on the table. There are as many kinds of carrot cake recipes as there are carrot cake lovers–try one of these 9 recipes and you’ll be sure to find the one that rings your bell. READ MORE

9 Dishes to Try for the Persian New Year

For Iranians, March 20 isn’t just another day. It’s the vernal equinox, which is a big event: the start of Nowruz, the festival of spring. This non-religious holiday is considered by many to be the start of the New Year, a time to set good intentions for the year to come.


Improve Your Risotto Technique with These 11 Recipes

In this winter that seems to have brought a new blast of cold or precipitation with each week (at least here on the East Coast), reaching for cozy, familiar comforts has been a necessity for coping. I've personally found myself grabbing for my most well-worn sweaters, revisiting favorite books, and, of course, making those timeless recipes that come almost intuitively to me. Risotto has been chief among them. READ MORE

9 Essential Steak Cuts, and How to Cook Them

Not all beef steaks are created equal. Some are lean, some are rich with fat; some are fine and tender, others are coarse and robust. What ties them all together is that they can be cooked quickly using direct heat, although even then, there’s a wide range of possibilities. It could be said that a steak is only as good as the amount of attention put into preparing it the right way. READ MORE

11 Beef Recipes You Should Master: It’s What’s for Dinner

Nutrient-rich and full of iron, beef is a versatile meat that cooks quickly and is just as delicious in a winter stew as it is grilled outdoors in the summer. When purchasing, look for grass-fed beef, which means that the cows are pasture-fed and forage for grass. Grass-fed beef is arguably more nutritious than grain-fed beef and contains fewer calories, more omega-3 fats, vitamins, and antioxidants, but is often much more expensive. Try out these 11 recipes for a delicious beef dinner that won’t take long to get on the table and with more than enough protein to keep you full for the rest of the evening. READ MORE

9 Rice Krispies Treat Recipes for Any Occasion

Having trouble deciding on the right dessert? Rice Krispies Treats are a culinary giant. Everyone is glad to see them at party or potluck table, they’re versatile, and you can throw them together in a matter of minutes. With these 9 different recipes you’ll be able to find the perfect Rice Krispies Treat for any night. Check out recipe 8 for a trick to make them even faster! READ MORE

7 Products Hot on Food Shelves Right Now

Each winter, food companies descend upon San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show, the largest gathering of specialty foods and beverages on the West Coast. There, 1,400 purveyors, from one-person businesses selling artisan products to top 10 food corporations who represent household names, display what new products will be on offer for the coming year.


11 Recipes You’d Never Guess Contained Tofu

It’s time to rethink your stance on tofu, which is so much more than a meat alternative or questionable impulse purchase from your local health food store. Silken or soft tofu can be an amazing addition to all kinds of recipes, adding a low-calorie creaminess that easily absorbs flavorings. Firm tofu marinates beautifully and is easy to pan-sear and toss on top of salads or use instead of meat. Try these 11 recipes and get ready to give tofu another chance.


7 Garlic Bread Recipes to Keep Vampires at Bay

Garlic bread­­––vampires hate it, your sweet Nonna from Queens loves it, and there’s absolutely no way that spaghetti can save face without a hunk of it by its side. Here is the ultimate list of garlic bread to make your breath stink for days and your taste buds sing with glee. READ MORE