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9 Ways to Stuff French Toast

When plain seems lame. READ MORE

Kale, Will You Never Die? 7 Food Trends That Ruled 2014, and 3 for 2015

Now that the glitter of New Year’s has settled, we’re taking a look back at the food fads—some predictable, others not so much—that gripped us in 2014. Behold, seven trends that diners and home cooks couldn’t get enough of last year, plus three trends we’re betting will go big in 2015. READ MORE

Got a Hangover? This Burger Might Be the Answer

With all of the merriment—let’s be honest, drinking—that accompanies the holiday season, odds are that you might wake up one morning with everyone’s least favorite next-day companion: a hangover. We’ve all been there before, and sometimes a greasy meal is the best medicine.

Looking to capitalize on anyone who might have overindulged during the holidays, Red Robin is debuting their Cure Burger this week (January 1-7, 2015) as a “hidden” menu item. What is a Cure Burger you ask? Well, it’s the cure to what ails you—get it? Clever branding there: a burger topped with chili, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and cheddar cheese all served with a side of Red Robin’s signature steak fries. READ MORE

Cheers to 7 Sparkling Wines Suitable for Any Budget

Whether you’re smooching under the glowing purple lights of a party bus or simply curled up on your couch watching the ball drop, chances are your New Year’s Eve will involve some sort of midnight toast. Make it a memorable one by starting with standout sparkling wine, which doesn’t have to be expensive to be distinctive. Here, we offer seven that stand up to the task, whether your budget’s $14 or $140. READ MORE

The Best Quick Soups for Winter

When you get home exhausted and hungry from the gym or after-work bevs or running errands, sometimes it just seems too cold and overwhelming to cook something. But you are an adult, and you’re not trying to throw money away on delivery or ruin your healthy eating streak by getting in bed with an entire pizza. READ MORE

Vitamix Victories: 9 Healthy Blender Recipes to Kick Off Your New Year

If you’ve been anywhere near a Williams-Sonoma catalog lately, you’ve seen the two-page spread on the Vitamix Professional Series: perhaps the world’s greatest (and most expensive) blender. Known for lasting a lifetime, the Vitamix is a pricey kitchen gadget at $650 for the high-end model, but it’s not like you’re only going to make some smoothies with it. You can use this blender to make ice cream, nut butters, dips, soup, rice flour, even cookie dough—if you can dream it, you can blend it. Check out these nine recipes for inspiration, and add a Vitamix to your New Year's wish list. READ MORE

Your Ultimate Guide to East Coast Clam Chowders

There’s no better antidote to this season’s cold and wet weather than clam chowder. After all, what could be more uplifting on a winter day than slurping down the essence of the summer shore? But ask cooks up and down the East Coast to distill the essence of the ocean to one steaming bowl of soup, and you’ll get half a dozen different chowders (at least). Which style’s best? We’ve included a recipe for each, so you can answer that divisive question for yourself. READ MORE

15 Ultimate Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the best night of the year to create your own custom cocktail for a celebration. There are so many festive choices, and you can pick a spirit and provide a buffet bar of options to let guests customize their drinks. Whether you go with bubbly or not, this roundup of cocktail recipes will give you a solid foundation to improvise from for a celebratory start to the New Year. READ MORE

9 Ingredients to Spice Up Your Chili

Chili is the ultimate comfort food to keep us warm through the dark and cold winter months. Whether you already have a family recipe you usually whip up or are looking for inspiration, these surprising ingredients will bring your chili to the next level. READ MORE

New Year’s Day Brunch: Tips for Throwing the First Party of 2015

The ball has dropped. The toasts have been toasted, the kisses kissed, the countdown counted down. Maybe there are overflowing ashtrays, broken glass, a dress balled up in a corner where you left it. Or maybe just two champagne glasses in front of the TV. How you spend New Year's Eve is up to you; how you spend New Year's Day, leave to us. READ MORE