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12 Vegetarian Recipes to Help You Trim Meat Out of Your Life

Gather round, my hunter-gatherers! You juiced! You went Paleo! You Whole30’d for like…a whole 30 minutes until you realized you couldn’t drink. You gave up drinking! On Tuesdays, anyway. Well, one Tuesday.  At least until that happy hour. Hours? Unclear. You’ve dropped those New Year New You resolutions like you were going to drop that “winter weight” you’ve been carrying since June.  Eh, maybe next year. READ MORE

Is It OK to Leave Butter on the Kitchen Counter?

A Chowhound finds out that two friends keep butter out on the kitchen counter, not in the refrigerator. So SIMIHOUND posed the question to fellow 'hounds: Is this a common practice? And how long does room-temp butter last before it goes rancid? READ MORE

8 African-American Chefs Changing U.S. Food Culture

Much has been written about the relative scarcity of women in kitchens. The same could be said for African-Americans. Although the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirm that there's a growing number of black chefs in U.S. restaurants, there’s still plenty of headway to be made. Meanwhile, prominent African-American chefs and culinary personalities are breaking racial barriers. Here are eight luminaries making America's food culture more diverse. READ MORE

9 Cozy Cocktails to Cuddle Up to This Valentine’s Day

Men of the world, do yourself a favor this Valentine’s Day: Leave the champagne on the shelf. Even dry champagnes leave you with a killer hangover, and it has all the romance of a box of drugstore chocolates. Still get those flowers, but be a little more creative with your choice of liquid courage. READ MORE

10 Good Luck Foods for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an opportunity to honor family and friends, and to enjoy some culinary traditions. We consulted Fuchsia Dunlop, author of Shark’s Fin and Sichuan Pepper, and Doris Lum, president of the Association of Chinese Cooking Teachers, as well as Rosemary Gong’s book on Chinese culture and celebrations, Good Luck Life, to find out what foods we should have on hand to ensure a prosperous and happy year to come. READ MORE

11 Red Velvet Recipes Perfect for Valentine’s Day

An old-fashioned Southern cake, red velvet is traditionally red or reddish-brown and made with buttermilk, cocoa, vinegar, and oil, which makes for a moist crumb. But red velvet isn’t just a delicious cake—these recipes are a great way to play around with your favorite red velvet flavors in a creative and inspiring way. From waffles to donuts and everything in between, here are 11 recipes to try out for a special brunch or perfect afternoon snack. READ MORE

8 Scallop Recipes for Every Diet

Scallops are a wonderful option for all types of diets. Whether you’re counting calories, avoiding carbs, or looking to indulge in a decadent seafood feast, there is a scallop recipe that suits your needs. The high protein content makes these mollusks a satisfying meal, they are naturally low in fat, and they are absolutely delicious. On top of all that scallops only take a few minutes each to cook, so they are a great option for a fast weeknight meal. Check out the list below for nine ways to sear, grill, and serve up scallops! READ MORE

9 Easy Pork Chop Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

We’ve rounded up nine juicy recipes that will give an extra flavor boost to the weeknight pork chop dinners you usually whip up. The recipes featured range from easy entrées that can be made in under an hour, to flavorful cooking adventures that require you to make your own glaze. READ MORE

10 Essential Kimchi Dishes

Kimchi has had something of a moment lately, as culinary borderhoppers and microbial enthusiasts alike have celebrated the fact that the stuff is not just good, but also good for you. The tart, funky flavors that make the spicy pickle so addictive are the result of lactic acid fermentation, a process that produces probiotic bacteria believed to promote health. Think of it as the original Korean superfood. READ MORE

13 Donut Recipes That’ll Make You Rethink Your Dunkin’ Habit

If America had a national breakfast pastry, the donut would take the title, hands down. Who, after all, can refuse the deceptively light consistency and sweet crackle of a glazed donut? Yet donuts remain a rare sight in a home kitchen—a shame, considering they achieve a new state of deliciousness when made from scratch with fresh ingredients and devoured right out of the frying pan. If you’ve never thought about making homemade donuts, these 13 versions just might be enough for you to reconsider. READ MORE