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How to Use Your Gas Grill Like an Oven

Heating up the indoor oven in summertime is something reptilegrrl dreads—even though she loves to braise and roast meats and vegetables. Can the outdoor gas grill—the kind with a lid that closes—be used as an outdoor oven that won't heat up the house on hot summer days? READ MORE

15 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Al Fresco Party

Summer should be laidback, not stressy. Same with the outdoor parties you’ll throw. Since hosting any kind of party can be rife with anxiety, in summer you need to be extra smart and organized to make sure things stay chill, both for your guests and (this is essential) you. Here are 15 tips to make it so. READ MORE

20 Lighter Versions of Your Favorite Indulgent Foods

Sure, most of us could eat celery sticks and lean fish protein and consider ourselves healthy, but what kind of existence would that be? Sometimes you need a little indulgence to keep you going. These 20 recipes represent a nice balance between tasty-enough-to-keep-your-interest and just-healthy-enough-to-keep-you-from-crashing. READ MORE

9 Steak Sandwiches for Your Next Summer Picnic

On its own, steak is pretty high up there on the list of foods that make you look like a boss, whether you’re searing it to a perfect medium rare or just feasting on its flesh and juices. But then there’s steak sandwich, which demands that you up your game and revert to your most primal instincts. READ MORE

9 Asian Greens That You Should Be Cooking with Right Now

For the uninitiated, a step into the produce section at an Asian market is like a crash course in plant taxonomy. Head over to the area where they keep the leafy greens and it’s hard not to be astounded by the sheer variety and volume. READ MORE

11 Quick Pickle Recipes for Fast Flavor

Every spread full of gloriously rich foods needs something to lighten up the mood, especially during barbecue season. Quick pickles are a fantastic way to bring that spark. READ MORE

9 Sunday Slow Cooker Recipes to Eat as Leftovers All Week

One brilliant thing about crockpot cooking is the scale. You put a bunch of things in, wait the requisite number of hours, and you’re rewarded with a big crock of something delicious, plenty for a party. If the party is more like a party of two, don’t despair. Another brilliant thing about slow cookers is the extraordinary leftovers they generate. Here are 9 leftover-friendly beauties. READ MORE

This Summer, Feast on Korean BBQ and Sides

When you hear “BBQ,” you probably think juicy ribs and Texan brisket. If your tastes run more towards the spicy and garlicky, however, turn your attention towards Korean BBQ. READ MORE

15 Healthy Ways to Use a Can of Tuna

A can of tuna is a lot of things: it’s a staple of the thrifty and a godsend for those times when you don’t really feel like cooking. It’s the chicken of the sea and a protein you can stockpile in your pantry. But what canned tuna really is, above all, is an excuse to get creative—tuna salad sandwiches are just the tip of the iceberg. READ MORE

10 Best Ways to Stuff Zucchini

Summer brings a glut of zucchini, whether or not you grow them yourself. There’s your neighbor who leaves them on your doorstep, your coworker who puts a free bin in the lunchroom, and the tempting nature of the piles at the farmers’ market. After you’ve made zucchini pizzas and enough zucchini bread to fill a chest freezer, get stuffing. Here are 10 recipes we love. READ MORE