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TV’s 10 All-Time Greatest Servers

Table for two? Many of us have worked food service jobs in our lives, and it can be hard, demeaning, and exhausting, but can also offer the best group of coworkers you could imagine. So I’d like to pause to salute a few of my favorite fictional servers from television. READ MORE

20 Easy Food-Processor-Friendly Dips and Spreads

Dips are my favorite food. They are the reason I attend sports-watching get-togethers. I love their variety, from hot and cheesy to cool and minty, and there are few foods I have not used as a vehicle for said dips. Often just my fingers.

Each one here is easy to make with a food processor. Get on Amazon, pick out a machine, and two days later you'll be knee-deep in these delicious dips. A few minutes, a few ingredients, and this one key piece of equipment will make you want to host the Super Bowl at your place. It’s the most adult purchase you’ll make before buying a house, so come on, stop waiting to get a wedding registry (and a fiancé)—be a grown-up and get a food processor. READ MORE

9 Hearty and Healthy Fall Breakfasts

Chilly fall mornings are the perfect time to slow down and enjoy the season’s harvest with a healthy breakfast. Whether you’re after sweet or savory, the flavors of fall offer plenty of possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started. Try them on their own or to mix and match for a seasonal brunch to share with friends. READ MORE

Don’t Cook a Turkey If It’s Tamales You’re Thankful For

My dad was not Italian, but grew up with Italian kids in San Francisco and just south of there. Every year at Thingsgiving he’d recite the memory of his old friends’ dual holiday dinners, the turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes and stuffing, cranberry and pecan pie, but next to those a shadow feast of ravioli and crab cioppino, Swiss chard with olive oil, and red wine that somebody’s grandpa used to make in the garage, siphoned into Gallo Hearty Burgundy jugs. Those parallel spreads were the thing my father remembered best about Thanksgiving at his buddies' houses. READ MORE

We Made This Pizza Out of Thanksgiving Leftovers

I've been making strange unacceptable pizzas for some time now. If you don't think Thanksgiving leftovers work as pizza (but trust me, they do!), then try using your leftovers to make epic turkey-tastic nachos. READ MORE

9 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes, Traditional to Trippy

Turkey is the only constant on Thanksgiving. It’s often done poorly and is not that delicious, but if there isn’t a bird on the table there will be mutiny. So if you’re looking for something new to do to the bird, here are your options. Some add flavor, some cut down the oven time, and some are just fun to try. Just keep it classic for the first year with the in-laws. Then you can fly free. READ MORE

The 7 Safest Things to Eat While Driving

Eating & driving is a delicate balancing act. Messy foods turn into a science experiment under your car seat, hot foods can burn the crap out of you, and that rogue crouton that pulls your attention away from the road means you’ll need a better insurance policy than you can afford. Avoid those pitfalls with one of our seven best foods to eat while driving: READ MORE

9 Reasons Why We’re Hot for Hummus

Our love for hummus runs deep. Traditional, spicy, maybe some pine nuts, we loved them all. Yet our hummus game was weak. We didn’t know, we swear, we just didn’t know. But now we have been bathed in the light and our hummus game has emerged stronger! Better! Possibly unstoppable! And so we pass this knowledge on to you, so you do not suffer ages upon ages of generic—dare we say it, basic!—hummus. We bestow this gift upon you, in hopes that you will wield its great power with great responsibility. Go forth, and dip. READ MORE

9 Unusual Thanksgiving Leftover Mashups That Taste Great

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for leftovers—go big or go home. But if you’re sick of the traditional turkey, stuffing, and sides combo, here are some ideas to creatively use up the components of the year’s most delicious meal! READ MORE

Can We Think Beyond the Nuclear Family Table?

I was on a panel in San Francisco yesterday, talking about the family table. I don’t have to tell you that the American family table is a mess. Nobody has time to cook, except for people, mostly women, who have enough income to create time for shopping and fixing meals. Meanwhile, social scientists keep telling us that the family meal is crucial for everything from preventing childhood obesity to keeping kids from becoming stoners. It's a cause for Mark Bittman; same with Laurie David, with recipe help from Kirstin Uhrenholdt, her personal chef (what was that about having enough income to indulge the family table?). READ MORE