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Churro Borough: Aftermath of a Frenzy

“I officially gave my two weeks’ notice,” says Churro Borough's Sylvia Yoo. That is, of course, in reference to her interior design job. Yoo’s life turned around two weeks ago when her churro ice cream sandwich creations took the food world by storm—pegged, perhaps mistakenly, as the next Cronut—while making appearances over radio airwaves and in Time magazine. READ MORE

Best 4th of July Recipes

Somehow, the official start of summer and the longest day of the year have already come and gone. Take advantage of the outdoors before summer slips away! Whether you're planning a picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue, or a rooftop dinner party, we’ve got recipes to fuel your next alfresco gathering. First up: the Fourth of July. READ MORE

Potato Salad: How Long Can It Stay at Room Temp?

A lot of us already know that, on its own, commercial mayonnaise poses no threat of food poisoning when kept at room temperature (although it may get a funky flavor you probably want to avoid). But when mayo, a perfectly good kid in his own right, starts hanging out with troublemakers (cross-contaminated or low-acid foods), the likelihood that he will toilet-paper your house (cause food poisoning) is pretty high. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Hot Wings

Wings are the perfect backyard barbecue food, either to snack on until the ribs are done or to serve with a big crunchy salad as a meal in their own right. READ MORE

Wexler’s Makes the LA Jewish Deli Meaningful Again

The deli is arguably the most hallowed place for secular Jews. It is a meeting ground for families to mourn or celebrate; a place to nourish the mind and stomach with absurdly large portions of food; a vestigial gateway to our grandparents, who fed us fistfuls of lox while murmuring foreign Yiddish phrases. For many, delis are at the center of reform Jewish life, a tradition that links us to a past that at times seems inscrutable, or even remote. READ MORE

Pizzas Built for Summer

You hear pizza, you think cheese that flows like roof tar; pepperoni slices cupping in the oven, filling with grease; and a crust so overladen with toppings it droops like sorrow when you try to lift a slice. These half-dozen pizzas are different. We designed them to be elegant and summery, but full of flavor. READ MORE

Big Gay Ice Cream’s Doug Quint on LA, Expansion, and the Book

Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint are the nicest guys to ever bitch-slap a cone of soft-serve ice cream. If you’re not living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of their New York City food truck, Big Gay Ice Cream, or their shops in the East and West Village. Their claim to fame: unique toppings, everything from wasabi pea dust to the elements of the Mexican Affo’gay’to (hot chocolate, vanilla soft serve, whipped cream, chocolate, and chiles). I recently caught up with Doug about Big Gay Ice Cream’s latest news, including a pair of bicoastal openings. READ MORE

Beer Cocktail with Watermelon and a Surprise

There are few things more July Fourth than watermelon and beer. Combine them, and what you get is pretty much the perfect taste of American summer. This cocktail, though, adds a layer of complexity in the form of an old, somewhat obscure, but totally delicious orange liqueur. READ MORE

Choice Rice Cakes and More in Flushing’s Koreatown

Even Chowhounds, who keep up with this kind of news, hadn't all heard about the rebranding of one of their favorite Korean comfort foods, the savory rice cakes they know as tteokbokki or ddukbokki. Make that topokki, advises a rice cake R&D institute near Seoul (and no, we don't make these things up). The idea is to add to the dish's international appeal by subtracting daunting double consonants from its name. READ MORE

Vegetable Tacos with a Point of View

Mainstream America is smitten with the taco. So much, in fact, that the repertoire of tacos Americans now take for granted is expanding beyond where a lot of us ever thought we’d be, back in the days of crisp shells and spiced hamburger. READ MORE