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Slow Cooker Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Hate waking up early on weekends? Wish Sunday brunch would magically appear when you finally do roll out of bed? Problems solved, thanks to this cheesy sausage breakfast casserole cooked in a slow cooker. READ MORE

Cocktails for Tourists: 6 San Francisco Places You Can Sip

Almost 17 million tourists climbed San Francisco’s hills last year, shooting enough photos to fill every existing Instagram feed with dawn-filtered images of Coit Tower, cute Victorians, and that zigzag street choked with creeping cars. When tourists go to San Francisco, doing all that climbing and shooting, naturally they get thirsty. READ MORE

10 Reasons You Should Be Eating in Houston Right Now

Houston has always had a vibrant food scene, but it’s only recently that chefs and restaurants in the most populous city in Texas got the nation buzzing. Houston now has the kind of buzz that motivates chefs like FT33’s Matt McCallister to drive down from Dallas with his team for a full-on food weekend, the kind that lures A Life Worth Eating’s Adam Goldberg for a taste of Vietnamese food and barbecue. The reason? Ten of them are right here. READ MORE

Don’t Miss These 5 Photo Stories

It's been almost a week since we released our new community Conversations, and we can’t get enough of the Photo Story posts that have been shared over the past few days. Thanks to this new feature, you can present your own stories in a more dynamic format, helping bring users one step closer to their fellow community members’ culinary experiences. READ MORE

7 Things to Pack for the Perfect Picnic

August is summer’s home stretch: Time to turn every last ounce of energy into a final kick for enjoying alfresco eating. Keep the basket by the door, make sure the red-checkered tablecloth is clean, and consider one of these seven picnic ideas from CHOW’s Home Cooking Community. READ MORE

The Most Fabulous Candy Bar Ever

Los Angeles accessories designer Onch has an eye for bright, yummy things, the shiny artifacts of pop culture. Nicki Minaj wore Onch’s Rainbow Swirl Cone necklace at the 2011 MTV VMAs; you could rock his bacon-strip bracelet at the next PETA gala. In spring, candy boutique Sweet Los Angeles released Onch’s literally edible Monchie Bar, white chocolate studded with gummy bears, Sour Patch Kids, and Fruity Pebbles cereal. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Quinoa-Stuffed Red Peppers

Stuffed peppers were one of the first things I cooked for my wife when we started dating. They were completely undercooked, burnt yet crunchy. The couscous I packed inside turned into a semolina puck, anchored to the pepper bottom by cheese cement. This recipe is none of those things. READ MORE

Introducing New Conversation Features for CHOW’s Community

Tens of thousands of users visit the CHOW Community every day to talk, debate, and exchange ideas about great food, recipes, and restaurants.

Some users want to start a real debate around something they care deeply about. Other users want to share photos of their meals, whether home-cooked dishes or a delicious experience they’ve had dining out. Many users share links to articles and resources they found somewhere else online. Finally, lots of users tap into the power of the Community by posting questions that they would like to have answered. READ MORE

Killer Kebabs for the Rest of Summer

There aren’t many food rituals for summer: watermelon, strawberry shortcake, slushy drinks. And, of course, cooking everything you can on the grill. READ MORE

The Last Crawfish Boil

I grew up in Houston in the 1990s. Then as now, Houston was the nation’s energy capital. Every year in early May, more than 50,000 conventioneers descended on the Astrodome for the Offshore Technology Conference, the largest oil and gas trade show in the world. One of those convention-goers was my father, a Taiwanese-turned-Texan mechanical engineer with a deep knowledge of the offshore drilling industry and a penchant for colorful stories. Dad had a weakness for steak, barbecue, and free food. READ MORE