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7 Reasons to Make Rice Pudding Tonight

It's time to talk rice pudding. That old-timey favorite that Mom used to make. Here are some options for new spins on an old favorite! READ MORE

Common Appliances, Uncommon Uses

All those kitchen appliances, taking up shelf space until the next time you're craving waffles or dried fruit or sorbet. Isn't there a way to employ them more often? We were inspired by a Chowhound post that asked for alternate uses for a waffle iron. READ MORE

9 Crowd-Pleasing Shrimp Dishes

These flavorful shrimp dishes are a guaranteed hit at any dinner party and are easily prepped ahead of time. Buttery, grilled, roasted, and even prosciutto-wrapped shrimp are all fantastic solutions to the eternal question of what’s for dinner. Try any one of these nine shrimp recipes for a standout dinner or passed appetizer and you won’t regret it. READ MORE

9 Tofu Recipes Even Meat Eaters Could Love

Growing up in a part-Japanese family, tofu was a regular part of our meals at home. It wasn’t something that we ate only on Meatless Mondays or when someone was on a health kick. It held court as a side dish or element of a larger meal. Singular in its creamy virtues, it was there, above all, to contribute texture and flavor. READ MORE

23 Reasons Chicken Thighs Have a Leg Up on White Meat

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts may be the top-selling cut at the supermarket, but shrewd cooks know that chicken thighs are actually the way to go. Not only are they less expensive, they’re also more flavorful, juicier, and harder to mess up than their white meat counterparts. We love these 11 recipes, which show off the chicken thigh’s versatility. READ MORE

Heinz Sriracha Ketchup Sucks, But Lee Kum Kee’s Is Pretty Good

Last year the Hong Kong sauce company Lee Kum Kee came out with Sriracha Chili Ketchup, which we have already lost the cap to (we had to cover it with a wadded piece of plastic wrap) . A couple days ago I got a sample bottle of Heinz Sriracha Tomato Ketchup (“New!”), which the label says is “Blended with Sriracha Flavor.” READ MORE

21 Cosmetic Uses for Everyday Foods

Don’t think of the grocery store as a single-use destination. It’s not just for deciding what’s for dinner—it’s a veritable beauty mecca. Your favorite foods like papaya, avocado, and even olive oil aren’t just for eating; they’re for preening and primping. So no matter your motivation (you want to save a few dollars, up your green quotient, or just find a novel way to pass the time), here are 21 cosmetic uses for food that are just as good, if not better, than their store-bought counterparts. READ MORE

Flip Winter the Bird with 11 Exotic Coconut Dishes

At this point in winter, most of the country has taken a few snow-and-ice beatings, and now is the time we're all silently cursing the coworkers who had the foresight and frequent flyer miles to book a tropical vacation. (Hope the airline loses your bag, jerks!) If you're the one taking a "staycation" to do "a few projects around the house" like binge-watching Girls in a fleece onesie, find a bit of sunshine and solace in a few great coconut dishes: If you can't take an exotic vacation, at least you can taste one. READ MORE

14 Mardi Gras Recipes for Fat Tuesday

This month, more than a million people will flock to the French Quarter in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras, and chances are they’ll be washing their liquor down with some of the city’s legendary Cajun and Creole cuisine. We can’t all take the pilgrimage down to the Big Easy for the event, but the holiday’s a good excuse to celebrate New Orleans food no matter where you live. Need a little menu inspiration? We’ve got just the thing to whet your appetite. READ MORE

Valentine’s Day Recipe All-Stars

Valentine's Day All-Star Recipes Chocolate body paint and rose petals are for amateurs. We all know that the way to someone's heart is via the belly. If these dishes look familiar, it's because they're the all-stars of precoital dining, the greatest hits that will never disappear from Valentine's menus (even if you secretly want them to). So don't go rogue and try to be creative; make these dishes, because they taste good and you want to eat them. READ MORE