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11 Tips for Making Our Favorite Summer Sweets

Summer fruit is flooding the farmers’ markets, so its time to get your baking on. READ MORE

The 9 Essential Recipes for College Cooking

Cooking in a college apartment can be a challenge, if only because the battered Ikea hand-offs your parents sent you to school with to cook in wouldn’t necessarily turn out perfect results even if Gordon Ramsey were the man behind the weak electric range of your rental. These 9 recipes will, however, set you in good stead with roommates and friends, and provide at least a baseline of calories for getting through. READ MORE

Beyond Ramen: 9 Japanese Noodle Recipes to Know Right Now

The ramen craze of the last few years has certainly accomplished a lot. Not only has it shown America that ramen is way more than just some brittle stuff with a spice packet in a styrofoam cup, it has also opened up a corner of Japanese gastronomy that was barely known on these shores before. READ MORE

Make Pesto Tonight, Cook These 6 Recipes All Week

It takes less than 10 minutes to whack together a great pesto in the food processor. Fresh basil leaves, a few spoonfuls of toasted pine nuts, garlic, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil, plus—crucially!—really good-quality Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Take advantage of summer’s last bumper crop of fresh basil by making three or four times our basic recipe, then reap the dividend via these 6 pesto-lavished recipes. Oh, and any pesto you’re not going to use in the next few days, freeze for up to a month. READ MORE

Not Just for Sandwiches: 9 Things That are Even Better With Mayo

There’s a well-known moment in the film Pulp Fiction where Vincent says to Jules, “You know what they put on French fries in Holland instead of ketchup? Mayonnaise.” Hearing that line, mayo suddenly becomes strange, giving Americans reason to ask why the rest of the world is obsessed with the gloopy, white goop in ways that we simply can’t understand. READ MORE

11 Swordfish Recipes to Savor All Week Long

Swordfish is the chicken of the fish world: Meaty, easy to cook, and a perfect blank canvas. It’s mild enough to take on any flavor from Mediterranean to Caribbean. READ MORE

8 Eggplant Varieties from Around the Globe

The eggplant is a vegetable with a reputation spread far and wide. In India, it’s known as “the king of vegetables” for its crown-shaped stalky cap, while in Italy, it has the dubious distinction of being mela insana, the “mad apple.” READ MORE

Why Gochujang Is in Every Korean Pantry (and Belongs in Yours Too)

There are plenty of food cultures out there that embrace the spicy, but it’s hard to think of one that uses a single heat-packing ingredient so adamantly as Korean does with gochujang. READ MORE

11 Sweet and Savory Peach Recipes

We’re all about sweet peach pie and peach cobbler, but there’s so much more to make with season’s juiciest fruit. READ MORE

10 Make-Ahead Labor Day Recipes

Labor Day is the time to make the most of summer’s dwindling daylight and receding sense of freedom. One way to keep the chill of the past couple of months going: Plan a Labor Day picnic that lets you have fun, without the stress of last-minute cooking. Here are 10 delicious recipes you can make ahead, then haul to the party. READ MORE