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French Recipes for a Bastille Day Picnic

Now that the Fourth of July is behind us, it’s time to gear up for France’s Independence Day celebration: Bastille Day. Also known as Le Quatorze Juillet (the 14th of July) and La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration) in francophone countries, this day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution, and is a great excuse to pack up a French-inspired picnic. READ MORE

Ping An Mien, a Chinese Family Noodle Story

Some families have legacy recipes for Sunday meatballs, sugar-dusted Christmas cookies, or extra-flaky biscuits. My family has something even more special: ping an mien. READ MORE

Tisha Cherry’s Instagram Food Portraits Are Amazing

Tisha Cherry has given all of us a reason to play with food again, thanks to her hashtag #ArtintheEats. On her Instagram you'll find sly pop-culture references and puns made from different foods. The attention to detail is remarkable. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Party Mix

This one is easy but takes some minding to keep the mix from burning and to get it all to dry out evenly. Remember to keep stirring every 30 minutes! READ MORE

Peaches! 7 Things to Make with Summer’s Perfect Fruit

A perfectly ripe peach is the apotheosis of summer. After the seasonal first thrill of eating peaches out of hand (preferably over the sink, to catch the juices), consider one of these seven delicious ways to capture their essence, culled from discussions on our Home Cooking board. READ MORE

Thai Boat Noodles: New York’s Next Ramen?

"This could certainly become a trend to compete with ramen," BTaylor suggests on Chowhound. "This" would be boat noodles, a Thai street-food staple that suddenly has New Yorkers buzzing, after making its first stateside splash on the West Coast. READ MORE

Salmon Burgers and 5 Tasty Ways to Top Them

Burgers may be the most riffed-on food in the American canon but let’s face it, the beef patty has limitations. Bacon, barbecue sauce, and blue cheese are a beef burger’s best buds, assertive enough to stand up to the taste of medium-rare chuck, but switch a burger’s central protein to something more delicate—salmon, say—and a whole bunch of slathering possibilities present themselves. READ MORE

6 Slushy Cocktails for Hot Summer Days

Being an adult lets you do things only grown-ups can do, with a whole childhood’s worth of inspiration to give you ideas. Take the cocktail. It’s the defining beverage for being an adult, and when it’s hot out, you can combine it with the defining beverage of your childhood summers, the 7-Eleven Slurpee, and nobody will tell you no. READ MORE

Hot Dog Toppings Rule!

As any Chicagoan knows, taking a hot dog to the next level is largely a matter of how you top it. Ketchup might have no place on a wiener, but what about Fritos and jalapeños? Totally legit. So is the stuff that graces this brace of superdogs we've collected from fellow food sites. READ MORE

Linguine with Smoked Clams and Cherry Tomatoes

Lately I’ve been going crazy with my little stovetop smoker, including transforming a basic clam pasta recipe into something special. Without the smoke, this is an old favorite of mine (I’ve used it in the past to win over guests). Adding smoky flavor makes it ready for the big time. Hats off to my smoker! READ MORE