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11 of the Best Grilled Vegetarian Recipes

Used to be that tossing a frozen veggie burger patty on the backyard grill is as far as our interest in warm-weather vegetarian cooking went. Now our grills are bristling with amazingly inventive and delicious options. Here are 11 of our favorites. READ MORE

Satisfy the Kid and the Adult in You with These 11 Boozy Milkshakes

Alcoholic milkshakes will always be associated with one place in my mind: DC’s The Diner. Located in the part of town where one goes when they feel like making poor decisions on the weekends, you only end up at The Diner when it’s closing in on 3 AM and most of the city’s other food options have shuttered for the night. READ MORE

Perk Up Any Meal with These 9 Plantain Recipes

Plantains are similar to bananas but are larger, more angular, and are usually only eaten after being cooked. They have more starch and less sugar than bananas and are used often in tropical regions as a filling addition to any meal. READ MORE

13 Eggs Benedict Recipes Bound to Cure Boring Breakfasts

Eggs Benedict. One of those dishes that we all love but are a little too intimidated to make at home. Poaching the perfect eggs and making hollandaise sauce that doesn’t have the consistency of glue are two techniques that require skill, patience and maybe a little bit of luck. READ MORE

How to Pan-Fry Pork Chops

In the cooking world, a lot of breath is spent on explaining how to cook the perfect steak. What else could you expect, given the near fetishisistic emphasis that gets placed on pricey, prime beef? But as long as we're on the subject of cooking to temperature and getting a sear, it's worth mentioning that, hey, there are other meats out there to which the very same principles apply, with no less tasty results. Consider the pork chop, which more or less, is the porcine equivalent of the rib eye, t-bone, or sirloin steak.


11 Classic Cocktail Recipes

People may speak highly of your pie skills, or compliment your grilling game. But trust us: there is nothing more impressive than the ability to whip up a round of perfectly balanced cocktails for a crowd on a moment’s notice. READ MORE

11 Recipes to Embrace the Peak of Radish Season

Radishes are a thing of beauty, for sure. With their vivid pink hue and chubby, squat dimensions, they’re quite a joy to look at, and rather photogenic, too—my social media feeds currently seem to be clogged with radish glory shots, in all their rustic, dirt-flecked splendor. You’d think they might have overtaken kale as the vegetable de rigeur.

But as much as we love to coo over their looks, radishes tend to be one of those more obscure items when it comes to actually enjoying them on the plate. It seems that they’re mostly thought of as a salad or taco add-on, and a dispensable one at that.


10 Essential BBQ Sauce Recipes for Summer

With the official start of grill season - easily our favorite season - it’s FINALLY time for some good ole fashioned barbecue. And when it comes to barbecue, a good sauce is the best way to elevate your BBQ game. READ MORE

9 Great Dairy-Free Milkshake Recipes

Whether you're lactose intolerant, vegan, or looking for alternatives to dairy, you're about to see just how many ways you won't miss the moo juice in one of the most iconic ice cream treats.


9 Recipes to Get You Excited About Grits for Every Meal of the Day

If you've only been eating grits for breakfast, you've been making a mistake. Grits are incredibly versatile and make a great base for sauces, meat, and even a poached egg. They are easy to reheat and you can sear them with some butter as well for a great take on leftovers. Check out these 9 recipes for grits and you'll have a simple and tasty side that works for any time of day.