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Got Chicken? Make These 13 Chicken Pasta Recipes

Like eating dessert before dinner and double dipping when no one’s watching, some food rules are just a lot more fun when they’re broken. I’m not sure who came up with the one about never pairing chicken with pasta, but I’d be willing to ruffle a few Italians’ feathers for the sake of getting my fix of chicken alfredo, buffalo chicken mac ‘n cheese, and more dishes that literally flip the bird at tradition. READ MORE

11 Salad Recipes to Add to Your Work Week Rotation

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to look at some bikini ready recipes. Feast your eyes on these easy salads and salad dressings, then mix and match your salad and dressing repertoire all summer long! READ MORE

How to Make the Best Quesadillas

The world owes Mexico a lot for its invention of the quesadilla. We’d be hard-pressed to find another dish as addictive that can come together so quickly with so little effort. Quesadillas are infinitely adaptable: make them a meal with large flour tortillas, or gluten-free with corn tortillas. A little low-fat cheese and a lot of vegetables, and they could almost pass for a health food; on the flip side, a generous pile of shredded Jack could be the remedy for a bad hangover. READ MORE

How to Buy Shrimp at the Store

Americans love shrimp. It doesn’t take a stream of endless shrimp extravaganza commercials to figure that one out. They are our seafood of choice, with per capita consumption far outpacing the next runner up, salmon. Battered and fried, dredged in cocktail sauce, or grilled on the barbecue, they are the low-fuss, crowd-pleasing seafood option that feels special without busting the bank. READ MORE

9 Pork Recipes That Make the Best of the Other White Meat

When you’re sick of chicken and don’t want to add any more red meat to your diet, pork (the Other White meat) is a fantastic and surprisingly lean protein choice that pairs well with many different flavors. Roasted, sautéed, fried–it doesn’t matter how you prepare it, a good cut of pork is a great choice for a simple dinner that is nutritious and flavorful. READ MORE

How to Make the Best Granola

So, you want to make your own granola. There are a few ground rules you need to follow. The oil and sugar to grain ratio is the critically important one, and can mean the difference between making a crispy, crunchy marvel of granola-ness and a kind of limp, chewy mess. This ratio varies slightly based on the type of grain you use, because you're about to find out that granola can be made from a huge, crazy variety of grains beyond typical rolled oats. Use our other-grain granola recipes as a base formula for nailing down the ratio. Once you make a few different granolas, you'll not only have the ratio, you'll be able to judge whether your mixture is too wet or dry just by touch or sight. And this basic guide to DIY granola is just the beginning. You'll never make the same granola twice once you start mixing in different nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and spices.


13 Shame-Free Ways to Eat Eggs for Dinner

Forget breakfast for dinner. You don't need a side of pancakes or sausage patties to rationalize an egg-centric meal. And forget about most of the obvious brunch-y egg dishes you think of when you think "eggs for dinner." These recipes go beyond scrambled and quiche, and demonstrate just how versatile the mighty egg can be. Hearty, healthy last-minute meals whipped up from the random contents of your refrigerator? Yep. Recipes that show off the fresh yard eggs you scored at the farmers market? Those, too. And, although it wasn't easy, we're delivering it all without a single bad pun involving the word "egg."


Bring Your Next Happy Hour Home with These 9 Cocktails

We tend to think of Happy Hour as a scene reserved for our favorite post-work bar, but who says that bar can't be in your own home? This gathering of cocktails covers a wide range of "classics"–a term we're using verrry loosely here to include both turn-of-the-century high-brow drinks with one ingredient in common (excellent Scotch), and a slew of fruity, fratty concoctions with a distinct, early Tom Cruise appeal. READ MORE

How to Feed 5 with 1 Steak in Less than 20 Minutes

If you love red meat, steak might just be one of the most satisfying, potentially one of the easiest, ingredients to make a quick meal. You can up the wow factor by getting creative with marinades and sauces (see below), but for fast and simple, nothing beats a basic marinade made with common kitchen pantry ingredients you should always have on hand. READ MORE

15 Ways to Feed Your Nutella Addiction

Yes, yes, of course you can still eat it with a spoon, straight outta the jar. No one's suggesting you give up that good habit. But if you're a bit more skilled in the kitchen or looking for creative ways to get your recommended daily allowance of Nutella, et voila. A jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds throughout the world, according to sources we're not sure are very reliable, and word on the street is, there's a hazelnut shortage on because of bad weather in Turkey (seriously), so you might want to stock up. READ MORE