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Cilantro-Almond Pesto, Secret Weapon for Your Sandwich and Stuff

Tired of mustard and mayo on a sandwich? This pesto gives a really nice punch to a salami and cheddar. I’ve also tried it on pizza, pastas, and steamed vegetables, tossed it with baked tofu, and spooned it in tacos. I even put it on scrambled eggs. As a secret flavor weapon, it’s on point. READ MORE

At Má Pêche, a Feast Borne on Carts

There's just no standing still at Má Pêche, which recently dropped its playful, personal Kappo tasting dinners and deployed a fleet of carts that hawk small plates around the dining room. Think dim sum service—or, maybe a more likely inspiration, the upmarket meals on wheels at San Francisco's State Bird Provisions. READ MORE

Microwaves Are Essential for Things We Don’t Need Them For

Our microwave at home makes a lonely, hollow-plastic sound when the door shuts, slamming closed on a mug of water for tea or two-day-old rice. I don’t love our microwave. The inside angles get this funny brown line that’s hard to clean, unless I take a skewer to it. The rotating glass platter comes out so I can wipe away the hard knots of melted rice that jump the bowl, but I’m always afraid what would happen if I dropped it. With no usable floor my microwave would be useless. Then again, the microwave has become less than necessary for a lot of American consumers. READ MORE

Roy Choi’s POT Is Essential to Understanding LA Right Now

Only Roy Choi could spin floral cotton bibs as OG status at his new K-Town place, POT. The restaurant is Choi’s unabashed take on Korean food, more straightforward than his previous fusion projects, Kogi and Chego. Tying on a bib is the least we can do for Choi, someone who's given so much to LA dining and culture. Besides, you'll need one, sitting down for a meal of bold, deep flavors from boiling cauldrons of Korean stews. READ MORE

Make Your Own Nacho Cheese Crackers

In part one of my cracker-making exploration, I showed you how to make classy Free-Form Herb Crackers to serve with cheese. Here’s how you make my other current favorite, sort of like Cheez-Its mashed up with jalapeño rings (they taste almost exactly like nachos and are much less messy). For the cheese powder, you’ll need to steal the flavor packet from a box of mac 'n' cheese. Cook and toss the naked macaroni that remains with butter and cheese, or save for a craft project. Up to you. READ MORE

Make Your Own Free-Form Herb Crackers

I have a confession to make: I spend a lot of time on the King Arthur Flour blog. I’ve found some fantastic recipes there; this one for Gourmet Soda Crackers, by PJ Hamel, was a springboard for both the recipe here, Free-Form Herb Crackers, and for Nacho Cheese Crackers. I designed the herb crackers to serve with cheese; the nacho cheese crackers were the result of a fantasy about merging Cheez-Its with jalapeño rings—sort of a high-low thing. I only wish all my obsessions made me as happy as they do. Here’s part one: READ MORE

From West Africa with Love in the Bronx

In a borough rich in African cooking, Patina stands out. "You'll find more carefully and lovingly prepared food here," NewYorkNewHaven reports on Chowhound (and he would know, having covered the Bronx beat for Serious Eats). READ MORE

CSA 2.0, the New Generation of Produce Boxes

Community-supported agriculture subscriptions have been around since the '80s, but they’ve become increasingly popular over the last decade. Now, an inspiring crop of online options has made CSAs customizable in ways that used to be impossible. READ MORE

Noodle Village: Consistent Cantonese for a Chinatown in Flux

Veteran Chinatown watcher Lau has seen the signs, and they aren't encouraging. Beset by rising rents, aggressive development, and a dwindling population of old-timers, Manhattan's historic Chinatown "seems to be starting to die," he laments on Chowhound—and one telling symptom is a gradual decline in its restaurants. Yet the old neighborhood's still far from flatlining. One sign of life is the strong Hong Kong–style cooking at Noodle Village. READ MORE

4505 Meats, Opening Soon on Divisadero to Blow SF’s Mind

Good meat is a defining amenity of cities these days. There are butcher shops where you can buy goat chops, and restaurants where poutine comes with blood-pudding gravy, and tartare is just not going to be satisfied until it’s on every menu everywhere. Meat is lifestyle. READ MORE