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Do You Need to Refrigerate Leftover Pie?

Should you find yourself with the exciting and rare predicament of having leftover pie, is it best to store it in the refrigerator? Well, that depends. READ MORE

4 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy While Smashing the Holiday Buffet

We are knee-deep in the season of total gluttony. You can hear the dips calling your name, the cider and wine and eggnog and cookies and PIE! The PIE! Everything this season is covered in cheese and cream, and it is one giant conspiracy to get us to buy bigger sweaters. The naps alone this holiday season, yeesh. READ MORE

Everything You Ever Wondered About Dessert Custards

Dessert custards all share something in common: a silky texture and impossibly rich flavor. But what marks the difference between pot de crème and crème caramel, or pastry cream and pudding? The difference lies in four factors: the ratio of ingredients, the manner in which the custard is thickened, the method of cooking, and any additional components. READ MORE

Time to Crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014: Vote Today!

What happened to 2014? Hanukkah is just days away, and with less than two weeks to go before Christmas, it’s officially time for those ubiquitous year-in-review roundups. The good news is, our “Chowhound’s Best of 2014” list is driven by you, the community, instead of some editor somewhere just making it up. Here’s your chance to reflect on great meals past (well, no more than 12 months past), and to share your opinions about the good (your favorite restaurants and food blogs of 2014) and the bad (2014’s worst food trends). READ MORE

Chowhound’s Best Food Blog of 2014: Vote Now!

You guys were passionate about food blogs in 2014! This year’s 10 nominations represent the community’s favorites. READ MORE

Chowhound’s WORST Food Trend of 2014: Vote Today!

Well, apparently there were no good food trends in 2014 (we didn’t get enough nominations in that category), but you identified nearly 60 worst food trends! After tallying nominations and combining similar trends, we narrowed the voting list to the 20 biggest trend complaints of 2014. READ MORE

Chowhound’s Best Restaurants of 2014: Vote Today!

What’s your take on the state of dining in 2014? We want to know. Whether you live in one of these 13 cities, or you’ve visited them, please vote for your favorite restaurants so that they can be crowned Chowhound’s Best of 2014! READ MORE

9 Savory Quiches Perfect for a Party

Quiche is one of the most beloved and easy recipes for entertaining a crowd: With a few eggs, some cheese, and whatever add-ins strike your fancy, you can create a tasty and filling meal in about an hour. Save time with a store-bought crust or keep some pastry dough in the freezer for a quick solution to making your pie crust from scratch. Or you can even forget the pie crust completely (but crust-lovers will be pretty disappointed). Try one of these nine recipes for a satisfying and simple quiche that will leave you wondering why you didn’t crack a few eggs for Sunday-night supper last week. READ MORE

9 Side Dishes You Won’t Believe Came Out of a Crock Pot

Slow cookers are a trusty go-to for large pieces of meat like pot roast and pulled pork, but what’s not as known is the fact that they can make many a mean side dish, too. Forget the gloppy casserole ideas of the past, and behold these nine from-scratch sides that are guaranteed to please. READ MORE

8 White Wines You Should Buy Instead of Pinot Grigio

“Where can I find a nice Pinot Grigio?” is a common refrain in every wine shop—and with good reason. The dry, nicely acidic, citrus-forward Italian white pairs well with nearly everything, and also drinks well on its own. But maybe the next time you’re looking for an inexpensive dry white to have with seafood (or popcorn, or Ben & Jerry’s), try one of these instead. READ MORE