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9 Recipes That Celebrate Polenta

Polenta is the home cook’s ultimate vehicle for versatility—it’s a side, a baking ingredient, a canvas for other flavors. Check out these nine variations that argue, collectively, why your pantry should never be without a bag. READ MORE

11 Vegetarian Blogs to Inspire Healthy Eating All Year Long

Keeping up healthy habits is easier when you surround yourself with people who inspire those habits. Although these bloggers are spread out all over the world, it will feel like they’re in your living room with you as they share recipes and tips for healthy vegetarian eating. READ MORE

Cheers to Chowhound’s Best of 2014 Winners!

We’re over a week into the New Year, but before we completely put last year behind us, it’s time to crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014!

Back in November, we asked you for your “Best of” nominations, and then a few weeks later, based on the suggestions shared on Chowhound, we announced the official nominees for 15 categories ranging from Best Restaurant: Los Angeles to Worst Food Trends of 2014. READ MORE

Hosting a Dinner Party? Don’t Succumb to the Tyranny of Dieters

Dear CHOW,
I'm a habitual host—I just dragged the Christmas tree out to the curb and I’m ready to have people over again. Thing is, I’m terrified. I just found out my best friend is not eating wheat the whole month of January, and God knows who else I know who’s decided to go vegan or toy with Paleo for the next few weeks. How do I plan a dinner party without ending up with a roomful of guests who won’t eat anything? READ MORE

Should You Go Gluten-Free?

Feeling bloated and fatigued, with a side of digestive upset? Something or someone—a friend, the latest New York Times bestseller, Miley Cyrus—is going to tell you to go gluten-free. Before you overhaul your lifestyle (and pantry), find out if GF is even right for you. READ MORE

9 Ways to Make Your Favorite Recipes Vegan

Trying to make the leap into a vegan diet or whipping up food while entertaining for a vegan friend is easier than you may think! Instead of fretting over finding the perfect recipe, swap out a few simple ingredients from all of your favorite recipes to make them suitable for any hungry vegan. READ MORE

11 Luscious Chocolate Cakes for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate cake is almost always number one on everyone’s list of favorite desserts, let alone comfort foods. Try one of these irresistible 11 for Valentine's Day or that most special of birthdays. READ MORE

8 Essential Pound Cake Recipes

You know it, you love it, you've nibbled it at showers and bar mitzvahs. Pound cake is amazing, perfect for dessert or breakfast, always impeccably moist, and you can jazz it up in many different ways—including baking it in a Bundt pan and using it as a vehicle for other flavors. Behold, some of our favorites. READ MORE

10 Healthy Boosts for That Morning Smoothie

We all know we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but most of us are lucky if we have enough time to make toast in the morning. Here are 10 ingredients you can drop into a breakfast smoothie to give your body an almost effortless boost. READ MORE

11 Shrimp Recipes That Won’t Break the Calorie Bank

If shrimp were awarded a title, it might just be Most Popular. And for good reason: The sweet, meaty shellfish are reasonably affordable, quick-cooking, and low in saturated fat but high in protein, making them a favorite amongst diners, chefs, home cooks, and nutritionists alike. Regardless of your reason for loving 'em, we’ve got 11 wholesome ways we think you can take your love of shrimp to the next level. READ MORE