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8 Totally Cool Wine Coolers

One upon a time, the wine cooler—a pour of Chablis from the jug, topped off with fizzy water—was the least sophisticated drink at the party. But the wine cooler has been cocktailized, with wine that’s used as a sophisticated base for balanced and interesting drinks. Here are 8 we’re thirsty for. READ MORE

The Ultimate Guide to Making Killer Ceviche

Back in my wild and youthful restaurant days, I worked at a place that was something of a free for all of Mexican street foods. There were plenty of tacos and tamales to go around, as well as the obligatory tableside guacamole. But if you asked me, the real draw there was the made-to-order ceviches. READ MORE

11 Cool Cucumber Recipes to Combat the Summer Heat

Of all the vine vegetables you can grow this summer, your garden wouldn’t be complete without a health haul of cucumbers. Assuming you keep the ground fairly moist, cucumbers are one of the easier veggies to grow - they’re pretty much the Ronco Rotisserie of veggies; just set it and forget it.


9 Iced Coffee and Iced Tea Upgrades

There’s more to customizing iced coffee and tea drinks than milk and sugar. Sometimes just the thing to perk up a pick-me-up is booze. Here are 7 eye-opening coolers that will leave you feel buzzed and, well—buzzed. Keep our Easy Cold-Brewed Coffee recipe close by for easy reference, then have fun. READ MORE

The Basics: How to Make Bananas Foster

From store to kitchen to table: CHOW's The Basics outline the steps that get you from raw ingredients to dinner, without complicated techniques, methods you'll remember and deploy at will—the most basic way to make the thing you want to make. READ MORE

15 Ridiculously Delicious Ways to Eat Blueberries for Breakfast

Apples demand that you core and slice them and bananas have their slippery peels, but blueberries only ask that you love them as they are. The indigo fruits can easily be dumped into a batter, blended into a smoothie, or plopped onto a breakfast bowl with no extra legwork, perfect for those lazy, early morning meals put together while you’re still gathering your wits and senses. READ MORE

What Happened When I Said Goodbye to Sugar, and Hello to Whole30

There's nothing like a week in Vermont, home to cheese and creemees, and a trip to meat city U.S.A: Austin, TX to kick you into health gear. For me, getting back on track means another round of the Whole30.

It may seem like the new fad–Business Insider said it's taking over Instagram and Pinterest!–but I actually did my first Whole 30 two years ago. For those who have no idea what Whole30 actually is, in simple terms, it's cutting out (get ready for this!) sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and dairy. What in the world can I eat? A lot actually, including meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, some fruit, and good fats from oils, nuts and seeds. You can read much more in-depth about it here. READ MORE

Save Summer with These 9 Easy Recipes for Preserving Your Favorite Seasonal Produce

If you’ve got a garden of your own, there can be some times when your summer fruit and vegetable harvest comes in at a seemingly exponential rate. Or maybe you’re like me and whenever you head to the farmers’ market, your impulses kick in and you feel compelled to buy all the produce. READ MORE

7 Totally Amazing Brownie Hacks

A brownie needs nothing extra to be amazing, it just has to be a brownie. Hacking the batter, however, with additions as seemingly extraneous but as totally delicious as olive oil, graham cracker bits, or chocolate mint candies makes a brownie incredible. Here, in the spirit of hacking a good thing to make it extra-good, are 7 of our favorites. READ MORE

Get Ready for the Best Portobello Mushroom Recipes

Is it portobello or portabella? And what’s the origins of these ubiquitous and highly flavorful mushrooms? Actually, the terminology is merely a difference in branding (in other words, call them whatever you like). And portobellos are nothing more than grown-up cremini mushrooms (once a cremini gets to be bigger than 4 inches in diameter, it’s called a portobello). Now that we’re all clear, here are 8 ways to celebrate everybody’d favorite large-scale mushroom. READ MORE