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7 Products Hot on Food Shelves Right Now

Each winter, food companies descend upon San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show, the largest gathering of specialty foods and beverages on the West Coast. There, 1,400 purveyors, from one-person businesses selling artisan products to top 10 food corporations who represent household names, display what new products will be on offer for the coming year.


11 Recipes You’d Never Guess Contained Tofu

It’s time to rethink your stance on tofu, which is so much more than a meat alternative or questionable impulse purchase from your local health food store. Silken or soft tofu can be an amazing addition to all kinds of recipes, adding a low-calorie creaminess that easily absorbs flavorings. Firm tofu marinates beautifully and is easy to pan-sear and toss on top of salads or use instead of meat. Try these 11 recipes and get ready to give tofu another chance.


7 Garlic Bread Recipes to Keep Vampires at Bay

Garlic bread­­––vampires hate it, your sweet Nonna from Queens loves it, and there’s absolutely no way that spaghetti can save face without a hunk of it by its side. Here is the ultimate list of garlic bread to make your breath stink for days and your taste buds sing with glee. READ MORE

8 Cocktails to Celebrate the 2015 Oscars’ Best Picture Nominees

Like a favorite cocktail, the Oscars are reliable fun. In the same way that we never tire of our signature bar order, we tune in to the awards show year after year to be dazzled once again by the celebrities, the fashions, and those teary-eyed moments where the underdogs and ingenues get their hard-won recognition. READ MORE

10 Highly Anticipated Cookbooks to Spring for This Season

Perhaps you made a resolution this year to cook more at home and your commitment is flagging, or maybe you’re simply looking for new inspiration. Either way, there’s a whole new crop of cookbooks coming out this spring, and many of them are worth getting excited about. Many are by acclaimed restaurant chefs; a few offer a peek into the world of a lesser-known cuisine. Still others open our minds to a new way of weeknight cooking. Here are 10 that we think are worth checking out right now.


7 Reasons to Make Rice Pudding Tonight

It's time to talk rice pudding. That old-timey favorite that Mom used to make. Here are some options for new spins on an old favorite! READ MORE

Common Appliances, Uncommon Uses

All those kitchen appliances, taking up shelf space until the next time you're craving waffles or dried fruit or sorbet. Isn't there a way to employ them more often? We were inspired by a Chowhound post that asked for alternate uses for a waffle iron. READ MORE

9 Crowd-Pleasing Shrimp Dishes

These flavorful shrimp dishes are a guaranteed hit at any dinner party and are easily prepped ahead of time. Buttery, grilled, roasted, and even prosciutto-wrapped shrimp are all fantastic solutions to the eternal question of what’s for dinner. Try any one of these nine shrimp recipes for a standout dinner or passed appetizer and you won’t regret it. READ MORE

9 Tofu Recipes Even Meat Eaters Could Love

Growing up in a part-Japanese family, tofu was a regular part of our meals at home. It wasn’t something that we ate only on Meatless Mondays or when someone was on a health kick. It held court as a side dish or element of a larger meal. Singular in its creamy virtues, it was there, above all, to contribute texture and flavor. READ MORE

23 Reasons Chicken Thighs Have a Leg Up on White Meat

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts may be the top-selling cut at the supermarket, but shrewd cooks know that chicken thighs are actually the way to go. Not only are they less expensive, they’re also more flavorful, juicier, and harder to mess up than their white meat counterparts. We love these 11 recipes, which show off the chicken thigh’s versatility. READ MORE