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How to Chill a Bottle of Wine Quickly

To chill a bottle fast --15 minutes tops --place it up to its neck in a bucket of water and ice (plain ice alone doesn't work as well). READ MORE

How to Brown Butter

How to Brown Butter

Brown butter has many uses; make it a part of your repertoire. READ MORE

Try Mezcal Again

Try Mezcal Again

It used to be that mezcal was thought of as a poor man's tequila. No more. Great mezcal is now being imported into the United States. READ MORE

Pick a Peck of Peppermills

Pick a Peck of Peppermills

We decided to put our nose to the grind and find the best peppermills out there. READ MORE

Not Grape Juice, Not Wine, It’s Verjus

Verjus is the pressed, unfermented juice of unripe wine grapes, first used in the sixteenth century. READ MORE

The Secret Ingredient Every Chef Uses

The Secret Ingredient Every Chef Uses

Where to get the best, and how to use them. READ MORE

Champers from Across the Channel

Turns out that the hills of England's southeast produces great bubbly, too. READ MORE

Putting the O in Food Porn

Details magazine posted a hysterical slide show interspersing certain Food Network personalities with porn stars, who all seem to be in the throes of extreme ecstacy. Avid FN watchers won’t necessarily be fooled by all of these images, but the ones that do trip you up aren’t surprising.

The blog at the National Journal calls it “barely suitable for a family publication,” which is incentive enough to click on through to the other side.

I echo Gawker’s relief that “hankfully, Mario Batali kept his clothes on,” but associating Alton Brown with an orgasm face has me gouging out my mind’s eye.

How hard could it be?

Who could fault Michelle, at Accidental Scientist, for innocently assuming she could put together a summer gooseberry tart in under an hour? Sure, it’s a Martha Stewart recipe, but it’s a gooseberry tart, for crying out loud —no kitchen torch needed, no sheets of edible gold leaf, no honey lavender ice cream for which you must first cultivate your own honeybees. How hard could it be?

Want to guess how many hours it took before Michelle emerged from the kitchen?

Sometimes a little Martha is not a good thing.


Can there be anything better than a plate of tomatoes and fresh mozzarella di bufala dressed with a good olive oil? Maybe. READ MORE