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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the NY Chowhound community.

Fresh Cherry Cobbler

A cobbler made with fresh cherries has been on my list of kitchen goals for a while now. I’ve made cobblers with canned filling (good for campouts when you can’t mess with pitting), but fresh was at the top of my 2014 summer cooking list. READ MORE

At Luca & Bosco, Ice Cream’s a Sweet Second Act

Jobs in media and local government come and go. Ice cream is forever. So it happened that Catherine Oddenino and Ruthie Vishlitzky—who'd been honing their sweet frozen craft for some time in off-work hours before getting laid off a year ago—took the leap, got themselves a cart, and opened Luca & Bosco Fine Crafted Ice Cream. READ MORE

Fuel for Night Crawlers at Essex Taqueria

Nightlife requires night food, which means Essex Taqueria is in the right place at the right time. Its generously filled grilled-fish tacos hit the spot, says small h, a Chowhound who topped them with salsa, white cheese, and radish but also appreciates the wide selection of other add-ons: cilantro, jalapeño, guacamole, corn, and many more. READ MORE

Morgenstern’s Finest: A Chef’s Approach to Ice Cream

Nicholas Morgenstern has been a pastry chef in fine-dining kitchens and he's run his own restaurants, but one particular gig early in his career made a deep impression. He was cooking at a place in San Francisco when he was entrusted with the ice cream machine. That sparked an enduring passion that he's pursued at Brooklyn's General Greene and now, Morgenstern's Finest, his two-week-old ice cream parlor on the Lower East Side. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Savory Oatmeal

I put together a set of savory oatmeal toppings a few years ago titled Oatmeal for Dinner. I remember adding sausage as a topping and thinking it would be great to get the sausage flavor into the oats themselves, instead of just sitting on the surface. That's how this recipe was born. READ MORE

Decoy: Great Peking Duck from a RedFarm Spinoff

Decoy is about the duck, and the duck doesn't disappoint. Opened in December downstairs from sister restaurant RedFarm, it introduced its signature feasts of Peking duck a month ago, and the CHOW community is already ranking it among the top versions in town. READ MORE

Box Kite: Cool Coffees, Red-Hot Cooking

Even hard-core coffee geeks can't live on coffee alone. So Box Kite, which popped up as a serious coffee bar in Tribeca before settling into a sliver of a space in the East Village last winter, is offering something to eat. And we're not talking biscotti and scones, but an inventive, ever-changing dinner menu from two chefs who cooked at Roberta’s and Acme. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Bourbon Ribs for Father’s Day

Welcome to Slow Cooker Sunday! Plug in and chill out for what’s supposed to be the laziest day of the week. READ MORE

Out of the Past, a Pecan Pastry You Won’t Forget

If Sutter's Bakery in the Village was before your time, you missed out. Nearly 40 years after its ovens went cold, Chowhounds who frequented this shop on Greenwich Avenue can't forget its moist, buttery, yeast-based coffee cake covered in rich toasted nuts. READ MORE

Berries Are Back! Make One of These Amazing Tarts and Pies

Berries are a presence in the supermarket year-round, but anticipation for the summer berry season is still a thing. Turning those warm-weather strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries into tarts and pies is the highlight of our cooking calendar—here are five recipes we love. Serve any one of them still warm, with a scoop of ice cream or a soft, vanilla-scented clump of whipped cream, and leave the memory of the cold months—and bad-season berries—behind. READ MORE