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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the NY Chowhound community.

Diner Fare Goes Uptown at a Chelsea Landmark

Some old New York diners never die. If they aren't carted off to uncertain fates in parts north or south, they're reinvented like Chelsea's Empire Diner—more than once, if they're lucky. This gleaming moderne landmark was most recently revived in January by Amanda Freitag, whose cooking had earned Chowhound props long before she started chopping upstart alpha chefs on TV's Food Network. READ MORE

Mountain Bird Takes Wing in Harlem

A charming little bistro called Mountain Bird flew under the radar for a time after opening last fall on an unlikely block of 145th Street. It's since attracted some notice, and Chowhounds are on to Chef Kenichi Tajima's refined cooking and poultry-centered menu, which ranges freely from cockscomb to gizzard to leg. READ MORE

Caviar and Nova on a Roll, Nordic Style

Long before the New Nordic thing, which introduced New Yorkers to conifers and hay smoke, there was Good World, which fed a changing Lower East Side into the wee hours with gravlax, Swedish meatballs, and other drink-friendly Scandinavian chow. READ MORE

Bobby Flay Has More Lives Than a Cat: NY Early Report on Gato

For a guy who usually has things going his way, TV chef Bobby Flay's taken his share of throwdowns in the death sport known as Manhattan real estate. Last summer, facing a whopping rent increase, he closed his flagship Mesa Grill after 22 years. But the blow that struck hardest may have been the loss of his Spanish restaurant Bolo, which fell victim to developers in 2008. At two-week-old Gato—his first New York City opening in nearly a decade—Flay revisits Spain but also ventures into neighboring lands, promising bold flavors with citrus, garlic, olive oil, and other Mediterranean staples front and center. READ MORE

In a World of Pork Ramen, Takashi Makes a Case for Beef

Takashi earned its Chowhound cred by going big with beef, so it makes sense that when this Japanese barbecue house started making ramen in December, it chose to feature steer instead of the customary pig. Served by reservation only after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, it stars a deep, rich beef broth that takes 24 hours to brew, as well as unique toppings of crunchy, mineral-y beef intestine and tender, long-braised beef belly that beats any pork chashu that valcfield's tried. The soup comes in the original flavor or "Grandma's Spicy" version with chile paste. READ MORE

The Hunt for Great Corn Rye Bread

It's a story of memory and betrayal, of old ways replaced by new, of tradition lost, found, and smartly refreshed. As farago tells it on Chowhound, it's also a story of unforgettably delicious corn rye bread. The setting is Orwasher's, an uptown bakery established in 1916 to feed the Hungarian community that once surrounded it. After a nine-decade run, its founding family sold it to an artisanally inclined baker who kept most of the Old World favorites but also made changes that didn't sit well with some longtime devotees: dropping the familiar waxed-paper bags, experimenting with wine-grape yeasts, and—most unforgivable to farago—discontinuing the beloved corn rye that he'd grown up with. READ MORE

5 Chowhound Go-To Spots for Corned Beef in NY

No two ways to slice it: New York is a pastrami town. When local Chowhounds talk cured meats, corned beef is a little-mentioned afterthought. But among omnicarnivorous 'hounds, the conversation occasionally drifts to that other deli meat. Here, in alphabetical order, are five of their favorite places to get it: READ MORE

Bell’s Beer, from Kalamazoo to Your Corner

While Bell's beers have built a cultish national following over three decades starting in their native Michigan, they've been just a tantalizing rumor in New York City. That changed last month, when the craft-brew pioneer rolled into town in a big way—not just at beer-geek hangouts but also at chain groceries, drugstores, and corner delis. "It is ridiculously good stuff," rose water writes on Chowhound, "and has quickly taken me from working-mama-who-is-too-tired-to-drink-alcohol-ever to let's-have-beer-with-dinner-again-tonight-shall-we?"


A Rare Taste of Persia in Chelsea

Persian cooking is hard to come by in New York, so when it surfaces on a broadly Turkish and Mediterranean menu like Papa Kebab's in Chelsea, that's news. The yogurt-marinated joojeh chicken kebab is amazingly good, nycguy20011 reports on Chowhound. READ MORE

Ladurée’s SoHo Palace Gets Mixed Reviews in Early Reports

Those who don't think macarons make a proper meal were pleased to learn that Ladurée's palatial month-old restaurant in SoHo would cover other food groups as well. Early Chowhound word on the savory dishes from the French-leaning menu is mixed. Tasty, generously portioned salads and club sandwiches win praise; undersalted omelets and pommes dauphine marred by a heavy dose of truffle oil do not. READ MORE