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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.

Chowhounds’ Fave LA Takeout Options

Not all days are created equal, and some are so rough that lifting a finger in the kitchen come dinnertime is just too much to bear. Lucky for Angelenos, lamb vindaloo, banh mi, eggplant pizza, and more are just a dial away—you will have to lift a finger for that, though.

LA Chowhound Find: Sweet Bakery Grocery & Kabob Factory

For marinated Armenian kabobs you can toss on your home grill, Chowhound member Jwsel hits Sweet Bakery Grocery & Kabob Factory, a market, bakery, and restaurant rolled into one sensational stop in Van Nuys. Test the waters with the boneless chicken breast or lamb.

Dinner in the Wolvesden

The line between fine art and food is heavily blurred at Wolvesmouth, an underground, experimental kitchen in Los Angeles orchestrated by Craig Thornton. A seat at Thornton’s table is extremely hard to come by, but Chowhound JMan604 was one of a lucky few at a recent dinner. The nine-course meal was “easily the best ... I've had,” says JMan604.

Chowhound Find: Hungry Fox

In the forest of breakfast possibilities in the San Fernando Valley is Hungry Fox, a North Hollywood café serving mostly American eats, plus a few items with an Asian twist. The homemade jams and famous chicken and waffles (pictured) are fan favorites.

The Best DineLA Deals, Winter 2014 Edition

Chowhound chrishei once again took on the task of sifting through the most recent DineLA menu offerings, outlining great meal combinations at participating restaurants and calculating the savings eaters can pocket at each one. Join the fun through January 31.

Where to Eat Kitfo in LA

Chowhound member wasabica likes a good order of kitfo, a traditional Ethiopian dish made with raw beef and spices that pack a punch. Among the LA shops serving up authentic batches are Ibex in Inglewood and Rosalind’s in Little Ethiopia.

Early Report: New Moon in FIGat7th

A fifth installment of New Moon Café has risen in the FIGat7th food court, and Chowhound Chandavkl is partial to fried dumplings stuffed with ground chicken (pictured), freshly made with thick, round wonton wrappers.

Another Grand Central Market Hit: DTLA Cheese

From the creators of Claremont’s beloved Cheese Cave comes DTLA Cheese, a cut-to-order queso counter in the popular Grand Central Market. Choose from an expertly curated selection of cheeses, or try the salami and Manchego sandwich with cheesy potatoes on the side.

LA Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast, Oh My!

In December, Chowhounds sacrificed their waistlines and sought out the best carb-heavy breakfasts in town. Lemon-ricotta pancakes smeared with almond-blueberry butter and brioche French toast were among the finds.

Early Report: The Wallace

The Wallace took its seat among the Culver City crowd recently, and the kitchen is earning accolades on Chowhound for small plates like lemonfish crudo with fennel and daikon and oysters paired with mignonette and ponzu.