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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.

Where to Eat Beef Chow Fun in LA

According to Chowhound member K K, the ideal plate of chow fun has tender beef and fresh noodles tinged just the right shade of brown from their brief swim in soy sauce. Beyond that, personal preference prevails, from those who prefer a greasier order to diners who require the addition of chile sauce. What kitchen makes the best order of chow fun in LA? Weigh in on Chowhound.

Early Report: Cafe Röckenwagner in West LA

From pastry and bread master Hans Röckenwagner comes this eponymous new café, where seasonal dishes mingle with extraordinary desserts by pastry chef Cesar Bermudez. Early hits include the hearty vegetable soup made with market veggies, grilled octopus over Austrian red cabbage, and brick chicken with citrus mashed potatoes.

Early Report: Vietnamese Street Food at East Borough

The Culver City boom continues with the opening of East Borough, a kitchen specializing in upmarket Vietnamese street eats. The lunch menu plays it straight with sandwiches and noodles, from dac biet banh mi to grilled pork buns. At dinner, small plates and mains like banh xeo (Vietnamese crêpe) with Dungeness crab and lamb ribs in a tamarind glaze take the lead.

The LA Spot Where Mole Tater Tots Are a Thing

As if crispy fried potatoes weren’t deliriously delicious already, the team at Amor y Tacos in Cerritos has gone above and beyond the typical potato side dish, topping tater tots with their house-made, 21-ingredient mole, plus queso fresco, cilantro, onion, and sour cream (pictured). The tots “may be one of the most crave-worthy things I’ve eaten,” says Chowhound member ipsedixit. Ignore your waistline and go all in with an order of Doritos chilaquiles.

Chilling Out in LA: The Chicago Hot Dog

Chicago wiener seller Budacki’s Drive In has opened a Los Angeles location near Exposition Park, and the shop’s prices are sure to draw hungry (and thrifty) folks to the yard—one hound enjoyed a dog, a beef sandwich, fries, and a drink for just eight bucks.

A Sherman Oaks Pizzeria Where You Should Get the Spaghetti

Antonio’s Pizzeria has delivered family-style Italian fare to pasta- and pizza-lovers in the San Fernando Valley since 1957. A slice of pizza is a given, but ponder the Spaghetti Caruso while you’re at it, made with onions, marinara, chicken livers, garlic, and wine.

There’s Great Ramen Behind SoCal’s Orange Curtain

OC residents can attest to the fact that there’s great ramen outside the boundaries of LA. Hailed bowls behind the Orange Curtain include the chicken shoyu ramen at Ramen Zetton and the mazemen ramen at Playground, made with Wagyu beef fat, wild mushroom, and togarashi.

“You Buy, We Fry” Around Southern California

For fried oysters, shrimp, and sole, there’s Louisiana Best Seafood in Long Beach; for a mean order of fried red snapper, try Captain Kidd’s Fish Market in Redondo Beach. Know a killer "You Buy, We Fry" establishment? Share it with fellow SoCal fried-food-loving Chowhounds.

Chowhounds’ Fave LA Takeout Options

Not all days are created equal, and some are so rough that lifting a finger in the kitchen come dinnertime is just too much to bear. Lucky for Angelenos, lamb vindaloo, banh mi, eggplant pizza, and more are just a dial away—you will have to lift a finger for that, though.

LA Chowhound Find: Sweet Bakery Grocery & Kabob Factory

For marinated Armenian kabobs you can toss on your home grill, Chowhound member Jwsel hits Sweet Bakery Grocery & Kabob Factory, a market, bakery, and restaurant rolled into one sensational stop in Van Nuys. Test the waters with the boneless chicken breast or lamb.