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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.

Chowhound Find: British Indian Eats at Hot Red Bus

Hot Red Bus sells British Indian eats in Alhambra, and the fish steals the show with its light and crispy batter and juiciness. Top your chips with lamb-and-beef doner, and sample the onion bhajis (or fritters) while you’re there.

Early Report: Oleego

In the refurbished Seventh and Figueroa complex sits Oleego, a fast-casual Korean eatery created by Jenee Kim of Parks BBQ. Don’t let the food-court setting or the build-your-own-bowl concept keep you from visiting. Protein options, which include dduck galbi (sometimes spelled dduk galbi), spicy pork bulgogi, and shrimp, are tender and flavorful—no surprise with Kim behind the business.

Cortina’s Italian Market Reopens in Anaheim

After being damaged in a fire earlier this year, Cortina’s Italian Market in Anaheim is back and better than ever. Artisan meats, quality cheeses, and fresh baked goods fill the market, plus wines and other imported goodies. Grab a number as soon as you arrive—the market has instituted a new ticket system to help organize crowds of hungry customers.

Early Report: Café MangoSix Opens on Third Street

Organic coffee, freshly made coconut-mango juice, and panini sandwiches hot off the grill are just a few of the offerings at Café MangoSix, new on the Third Street corridor and the first U.S. location from the Seoul-based company. Grab a bowl of frozen yogurt, top it with honeycomb and kiwi, and dig in on the pleasant patio.

LA’s Best Cobb Salads

Foodie legend has it that the Cobb salad was invented at Hollywood’s Brown Derby, and though the small restaurant chain is long gone, its creation lives on in dining rooms around Los Angeles. Dig your fork into Fred 62’s Thai-inspired version, splurge on the one at the Polo Lounge, or sift through other suggestions from fellow Cobb lovers on Chowhound.

Early Report: République

Award-winning chef Walter Manzke has finally fired up his wood-burning oven at République, his newest venture with wife, pastry chef, and co-owner Margarita Manzke. Boards of charcuterie, airy pork rinds, and uni scrambled eggs on toast are delighting early visitors.

LA Brunch Beyond Eggs

Come the weekend, Chowhound fullmix sets out in search of great brunch spots—especially kitchens that go beyond standard egg dishes. Between lobster rolls and all-you-can-eat Latin and Asian fusion, there’s no reason to get in an egg rut in LA.

Chowhound Find: The Flintridge Proper

La Cañada Flintridge isn’t known for its culinary offerings, but the Flintridge Proper gives new reason to visit the hillside suburb. The bar and kitchen, designed by Gjelina architect Sam Marshall, has something to please everyone, from spicy duck wings and house-made pickles to fresh-baked pastries at breakfast. Then there’s the cocktail bar, packed with hundreds of types of gin.

Soup for the (LA) Soul

In Southern California, a thermometer reading of 62 degrees is reason to break out a parka and get cozy with a hot bowl of soup. In November, Chowhounds went to every corner of our chilled city, slurping up everything from chowder to galbi tang. When you need some warmth, seek out whichever bowl tickles your fancy.

The Best Croissants in LA

When judging a croissant, Chowhound J.L. believes that bite, flakiness, aroma, and use of butter should be evaluated. Given these criteria, who makes the best croissant in Los Angeles? Is it longtime favorite Maison Giraud, newcomer Chaumont, or some underdog yet to be championed?