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Curtis Stone Gets Killer Early Reviews for Maude

Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone, best known as the host on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, opened his very first restaurant in Beverly Hills last month.

Maude’s $75, nine-course prix-fixe menu is inspired by a single ingredient each month. The early word on Chowhound calls it a steal, considering the cost of other fine-dining tasting menus around town. READ MORE

We Tried Purple Donuts. How’s Your Day Going?

We read via the OC Register a couple weeks back that Friendly Donuts in Orange was frying up Fil-Am sinkers. The thing about these cake donuts is that they get their purple color not from food science, but from ube, or purple yam. It’s huge in the Philippines, and getting more common in California. Like my friend, the food blogger Jun Belen says, Filipinos love purple sweets. So do a lot of non-Filipinos, once they see how awesome ube sweets can be. I mean: purple cake. READ MORE

March Madness: Finding LA’s Best Pies

There aren’t enough days in the year to sample all of LA’s great pies, but Chowhounds are going to attempt the impossible in just the month of March, eating their way through slices of sweet and savory versions citywide—think Key lime pie, turkey pot pie, and chicken-bacon-mushroom hand pies. Get in your stretchy pants before you join this scrumptious scavenger hunt!

Seafood Spot on Santa Monica Pier Gets a Refresh

Though it’s full of thrills, the iconic Santa Monica Pier is hardly a foodie destination. But The Albright, an upgraded version of the old SM Pier Seafood, is doing its darndest to change that notion. Stop by the refreshed dining room for a pint of craft beer and a giant bowl of spicy seafood soup (pictured).

Where to Keep It Edgy in LA (Your Knife, That Is)

When it comes time to don your apron and get to work in the kitchen, a well-sharpened knife can make all the difference. Uneasy about using the honing steel? Spare yourself the stress and bring those dull knives to one of a few sharp shops around LA.

Where to Eat in Long Beach

With Modica’s deli sandwiches, Schooner or Later’s pancakes, and Enrique’s pork shank, living is indeed easy in Long Beach—and not just in the summertime. Here’s where Chowhounds pencil in a meal when they’re in the LBC.

Take Two at LA’s Twins Sliders

Cheeseburgers and spicy fried chicken sandwiches reign at Twins Sliders, a small shack on Sunset Boulevard that’s been serving up sandwich duos, fries, and milk shakes since last fall. The Hollywood location is going strong, but the second shop, on Fairfax Avenue, is currently moving to a yet-to-be-disclosed location.

Seeking: The Best Macarons in Los Angeles

The jury is still out on where to find the best macarons in LA, especially for 'hounds who've had the pleasure of nibbling the renowned versions from Ladurée in New York. Know a great macaron purveyor in the City of Angels? Share your find with inquiring Chowhounds.

LA Early Report on a Coffee and Pizza Newcomer

Sitting side by side like loving siblings, sister restaurants EnjoEat Classico and EnjoEat Espresso have opened in Culver City, serving up thin-crust pizzas, paninis, and coffee. Fans of Gardena’s Eatalian Café are thrilled to see Chef Antonio Pellini spreading his love in this direction.

Santa Monica’s Throwdown Sandwich

We're just two months into 2014, but one Chowhound has already declared this the sandwich of the year: porchetta on toasted rye, made at A Cut Above Butcher Shop in Santa Monica. Beyond sandwiches, chef/owner Eddy Shin is offering meat-market fare such as grass-fed rib-eye, head cheese, and pâtés.