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Easy Dinner Party Dishes

36 simple recipes for entertaining. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Around the World in Noodles

22 recipes for noodle dishes with international flavors. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Fat, Sick & Really Into Juice

Really Into Juice It wasn't the type of movie you'd think would start a movement. One part road-trip documentary and one part extended infomercial, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead followed an avuncular, overweight Australian futures trader named Joe Cross as he traveled across America on a 60-day juice fast. He extolled the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and micronutrients, whipping out his juicer when speaking to the average, frequently fat, folks he met along the way. When the movie debuted in theaters last March, it quickly disappeared. READ MORE

Sweets for Coffee-Lovers

Recipes for pies, ice cream, and drinks with plenty of caffeine and sugar. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

How to Make a Healthy Snack

Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Snacks like potato chips, granola bars, and those ubiquitous Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs tend to be low in nutrients and high in fast-burning energy that soon leaves you hungry again. So what makes a good snack? READ MORE

Creative Recipes for Winter Root Vegetables

24 gratins, soups, stews, sides, salads, and entrées brimming with winter root vegetables. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Recipes for Mardi Gras

Celebrate New Orleans Mardi Gras with Sazeracs, king cake, gumbo, and more. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Lasagna Recipes for Everyone, from Vegan to Meat and Cheese

8 lasagnas for vegetarians, vegans, beginners, and traditionalists. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Slow Cooker Recipes

9 simple, hearty dishes for cold days, plus a cocktail! BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Weeknight Dinners That Freeze Well

Meals to make, portion, and freeze for low-stress dinners after work. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW