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Father’s Day Grilled Paella Feast

Father's Day Spanish Feast Just because grilling is a cliché for Father's Day doesn't mean you should pass up a perfectly good chance to cook outside and celebrate with friends and family. Just change it up a little, with this unfussy Spanish-inspired menu. READ MORE

7 Easy Omelets

7 Easy Omelet Recipes Julia Child makes an omelet look so simple. But the truth is, omelets can go very wrong. Dig into omelet studies and you'll find it's a minefield: proponents of competing techniques, all claiming to provide the fluffiest, palest, lightest specimen. To get you started, we’ve combined and simplified the various methods and suggested a few of our favorite fillings. READ MORE

Wild Rice Recipes: Not Wild, Not Rice, But Delicious!

Wild Rice Recipes Wild rice isn't truly rice, and these days, it's hardly wild. Regular rice is from the genus Oryza, and wild rice is from the genus Zizania, which means they're as close to each other as chimpanzees are to humans. Real wild rice is harvested from wild aquatic water grasses, but because it's nutritious, high in protein, and low in fat, demand is higher than the supply. Now wild rice is farmed in paddies in California and Minnesota. READ MORE

Soups with Winter Greens

While winter may make you pale and lackluster, there's no reason for dinner to be bland too. Get a heaping dose of color and warmth with these four healthy soups, each of which showcases a delicious winter green: bok choy, kale, Swiss chard, and watercress. READ MORE

7 Easy, Healthy Risotto Recipes

Healthy Risotto The idea that making risotto requires hours of stirring over a hot stove is a total myth. This creamy rice dish as easy as boiling pasta. It requires occasional stirring, sure—30 minutes that you can spend sipping Sangiovese, snacking on cured meats, and chatting up friends around the stove, where everyone gravitates anyway. Once you've mastered the basic method, try our six delicious variations—or develop your own! READ MORE

Your Movie Snack Refreshment Center

Movie Snack Refreshment Center for the Oscars

Let's start with a little role-playing to get you in the mood for Oscar Night. "I can't believe what she's wearing." "Oh no, he didn't really say that!" "What the hell is up with her hair?" "Pass the popcorn!" For further Academy Awards–worthy mood enhancements, we've put together a concession stand sampler. All your favorite movie-theater treats to give you the strength and motivation to talk some serious smack about this year's winners, losers, and no-shows. So set up your room for optimal viewing-and-snacking pleasure, and settle down for the long haul. READ MORE

Halloween Horror Movie Menu

The Shinning: Fox and Hounds (Bourbon Cocktail with Absinthe) An expansive meal inspired by our favorite scary movies. READ MORE

Cook to Impress

Cook to Impress

With some help from the Masters, take control of your kitchen. READ MORE

Best Picture Cocktails

Best Picture Cocktails

In the 2010 Oscar race, there can be ten cocktails but only one winner. READ MORE

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, Together at Last

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, Together at Last

Make dumplings with your little dumpling. READ MORE