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Celebrate Easter with Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Most Easter eggs are dyed, chocolate, or plastic and filled with jelly beans, but we took the Easter egg idea in a different direction: Scotch eggs. READ MORE

Mad for Crazy Hot Dog Toppings

Chowhound Hot Dog Toppings Chowhounds' most creative ideas for dressing up hot dogs. READ MORE

Fun and Summery Grilled Fruit Cocktails

Summery Grilled Fruit Cocktails Grilled fruit is great for making desserts and serving alongside main dishes at barbecues, but we never thought about using it in cocktails until we spotted the trend popping up on menus at restaurants like Austin's La Condesa. The CHOW Test Kitchen took three classic fruit-based cocktails and made them with grilled fruit for an added layer of complexity. These recipes are batched to serve a bunch of friends, so before you throw the burgers or chicken on the grates, grill a few cocktails to kick off your summertime party. READ MORE

Recipes for Summer Fruits and Vegetables

Recipes for Summer Fruits and Vegetables The beauty of summer produce is that unlike, say, a funky winter turnip that's been hanging out in the root cellar, you don't have to do much to make these ingredients taste great. At the CHOW Test Kitchen, we usually stick to using them in classic dishes and adding a little flair without doing anything too tricky. READ MORE

Crank Up the Rotisserie for Father’s Day

Father's Day Rotisserie Recipes Even master grillers tend to leave the rotisserie parts that came with their grills underneath the grill to rust. But putting the motor and spit to use actually turns out to be easier than grilling: There's no adjusting of the burners, flipping the meat, or worrying about achieving expert grill marks. To make it even easier, the CHOW Test Kitchen has developed three simple, step-by-step rotisserie recipes that will give you enough juicy meat to feed the whole family. READ MORE

Filipino Recipes for a New Generation

Filipino Recipes for a New Generation Filipino food is one of the last Asian cuisines still not part of mainstream America. But a generation of talented Filipino-American chefs and food writers is working to push us beyond adobo and lumpia. READ MORE

3-Ingredient Patio Cocktails

Summer Patio Cocktails from Prizefighter Bar At Prizefighter—a new bar in Emeryville, California—the drinks are refreshingly simple. Owners Dylan O'Brien and Jon Santer are mixing the modern equivalent of the highball: just good spirits, fresh juice, and usually no more than three ingredients. In other words, perfect patio cocktails. READ MORE

Visually Stunning Dishes

47 recipes with style and substance. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Polynesian Cocktail Party

Celebrate summer with well-crafted tiki drinks and tropical appetizers out on the patio! BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

9 Chili Recipes, from Chicken to Beef to Vegan

From chicken, beef, and bison to turkey, pork, and even vegan: Nine recipes for warming, comforting, easy chili. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW