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Chermoula, Secret Weapon for Veggies and Fish

The Cranks Bible by Nadine Abensur introduced me to this superpunchy pestolike sauce from North Africa. It’s great on grilled fish and grilled or steamed vegetables—a secret weapon for making healthy stuff taste great. READ MORE

Cilantro-Almond Pesto, Secret Weapon for Your Sandwich and Stuff

Tired of mustard and mayo on a sandwich? This pesto gives a really nice punch to a salami and cheddar. I’ve also tried it on pizza, pastas, and steamed vegetables, tossed it with baked tofu, and spooned it in tacos. I even put it on scrambled eggs. As a secret flavor weapon, it’s on point. READ MORE

Make Your Own Nacho Cheese Crackers

In part one of my cracker-making exploration, I showed you how to make classy Free-Form Herb Crackers to serve with cheese. Here’s how you make my other current favorite, sort of like Cheez-Its mashed up with jalapeño rings (they taste almost exactly like nachos and are much less messy). For the cheese powder, you’ll need to steal the flavor packet from a box of mac 'n' cheese. Cook and toss the naked macaroni that remains with butter and cheese, or save for a craft project. Up to you. READ MORE

Make Your Own Free-Form Herb Crackers

I have a confession to make: I spend a lot of time on the King Arthur Flour blog. I’ve found some fantastic recipes there; this one for Gourmet Soda Crackers, by PJ Hamel, was a springboard for both the recipe here, Free-Form Herb Crackers, and for Nacho Cheese Crackers. I designed the herb crackers to serve with cheese; the nacho cheese crackers were the result of a fantasy about merging Cheez-Its with jalapeño rings—sort of a high-low thing. I only wish all my obsessions made me as happy as they do. Here’s part one: READ MORE

3 Quick Mustards for Corned Beef Sandwiches

You don’t have to be an Anglophile like me to love the British way of serving corned beef (a.k.a. salt beef) sandwiches, with English mustard and Branston Pickle. Branston Pickle is hard to find in the U.S., but fortunately, Colman’s English mustard powder isn’t. READ MORE

That Blood Orange Digestif You Made? Add It to Margaritas

It’s done: The blood orange digestif we started last week steeped for six days. (In case you missed it, CHOW photographer Chris Rochelle took the peel from half a dozen blood oranges and soaked them in two cups of grain alcohol.) READ MORE

The Hunt for Artisanal Worcestershire Sauce

We all love classic Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, but is there an artisanal version of this crucial condiment and Caesar dressing ingredient? Chowhounds are on it.

The Great Enhancer—in a Squeeze Tube

Conveniently packaged in a tube that keeps well in the fridge, anchovy paste is a secret weapon for deepening the flavor of all kinds of dishes. While it's a classic addition to salad dressings, anchovy paste enhances everything from wilted greens to tomato sauce, even mashed potatoes.

The Sap Is Running! Prepare for Maple Syrup Season

March is just about time for the maple sap to begin to run, and 'hounds are sharing their favorite ways to use maple syrup, from traditional to surprising. Get inspired for late-winter cooking with these savory dishes, cocktails, and of course desserts, from candied sweet potatoes to pecan pie.

What’s Your Favorite Olive Oil Dispenser?

What's the best way for home cooks to dispense olive oil in an easy and tidy way? Find out time-tested solutions, from sturdy sprayers to cheap squeeze bottles. Learn what works best for 'hounds with kitchen habits like yours.