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6 Essential Tools for Better Baking

From French rolling pins to English copper cake molds, there are enough specialty tools and bakeware out there to distract even the most disciplined of cooks. Which tools are essential, and which are just for fun? It's confusing. Lucky for you, the number of tools that will give you a solid foundation in baking falls well below infinite. Behold, the six tools guaranteed to make you a better baker. READ MORE

It’s Taco Tuesday! Make These Pan-Fried Tilapia Tacos

Tuesdays: not as good as Thursdays, when you can drink and no one judges, but definitely better than Mondays. Tacos are a fine way to celebrate this less-than-worst day of the week, so from here on out, we will. Say hello to Taco Tuesday, CHOW style. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Chili

Welcome to Slow Cooker Sunday! Plug in and chill out on what’s supposed be the laziest day of the week.

This rich, smoky chili is a family-pleaser for the Sunday evening when no one’s coming over, and there are leftovers for the week. With very few ingredients, it tastes more complicated than it is. The smoked paprika and chipotle exaggerate the richness of the chicken and make your taste buds sing. Sprinkle some cheese on top and a handful of crushed saltines. Close the curtains, turn on the projector, grab your chili—it’s movie night. READ MORE

Is a Food’s “Best Before” Date Technically an Expiration Date?

It's annoying to realize your milk has passed its use-by date, but even more annoying would be getting sick from drinking 2 percent that's a few days past the pull date. But can you? What about eggs that have passed their "best before" date? It's a question as old as, well, pull dates. READ MORE

Make Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake with Your Kid

My mom's slow cooker chocolate cake is a straightforward recipe that's a great way to introduce little ones to cooking. I measured out all of the ingredients, and then had my daughter Beatrix do all the mixing. READ MORE

7 Tasty Ways to Use Up Green Onion

Known as green onions, scallions, or spring onions, this member of the Allium family has a mild onion flavor that tastes great raw or cooked. Problem is, nearly every recipe using green onion calls for only a few, leaving you with the rest of the bunch to slowly rot in the fridge. Not anymore—thanks to the creativity of fellow Chowhounds, here are seven tasty ways to use up green onion and widen your recipe repertoire: READ MORE

This Tangerine Margarita Is Just Perfect

With its grounding in earthy, slightly grassy agave tequila, and its tangy lime juice kick, the classic margarita is, well, classic. Sometimes you want to stretch the classics, though, and this pale orange margarita variation does just that. The tangerine juice gives it citrus personality, adding just the right complexity to the orange-slice sweetness of the Cointreau. READ MORE

Slow Cooker Pasilla Pulled Chicken

I almost never eat chicken breast. It’s too dry, or else you have to use really fattening things as accessories for flavor and texture. That became my jumping-off point with this recipe: How can I get a juicy, mouth-watering texture packed with the flavors I like and still keep it healthy? READ MORE

7 Ways to Spice It Up with Green Cardamom

Green cardamom has an elusive flavor unlike any other spice: floral and aromatic, delicate and strong (a little definitely goes a long way). Here are seven ideas from the creative home cooks on Chowhound for ways to use cardamom beyond flavoring chai. READ MORE

It’s Slow Cooker Sunday! Make This Spicy Pulled Pork.

This variation on pulled pork highlights flavors from Mexico, with a touch of the Yucatan. It's one of my favorites for Slow Cooker Sunday. The tart flavor of the tomatillos balances the earthy, slightly smoky achiote spice; the sweet-sour orange juice balances the spicy jalapeños. They all merge with the richness of the pork shoulder to make something really delicious and laid-back. READ MORE