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11 Recipes That Prove Hand Pies Are the Perfect Winter Food

The world’s best cold-weather food may not be soup after all. We’d argue that title ought to go to the oft-overlooked hand pie. Consider this: what other food allows you to enjoy an on-the-go meal, even while donning mittens and a scarf? The hand pie, turnover, and empanada recipes here prove short, flaky dough is the ideal vehicle for any seasonal filling, whether savory or sweet. Just picture biting into a piping-hot pocket on a frigid day — it’s an instant way to achieve winter cheer. READ MORE

7 Reasons to Never Drink a Basic Bloody Again

Normcore dress may be de rigueur right now, but let’s face it: Being a basic brunch type will never be in style. Show off your discerning daytime drinking abilities by sipping on a Bloody Mary that’s far from bland in both flavor and personality. READ MORE

Hate Casseroles? Try These 7 Global Dishes Instead

We understand why the world has so many casserole-haters: too many Middle America–born dishes that are simply vehicles for frozen vegetables and soups out of a can. But hear us out for a minute when we say that not every casserole is mush. Great casseroles, in fact, do exist, especially when you take the time to brown ingredients first. Cooking components of a dish slowly in the oven allows their flavors to meld together and guarantees a nice crust on top, improving the dish’s texture. Behold these seven fine examples. READ MORE

67 Hacks for Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Soup

At this age, and 3,000 miles from the house I grew up in, I can’t use the “But Moooommmmm, there’s nothing to eat” while listlessly staring into pantry cupboards, holding the knobs while my arms swing about dejectedly. At least, not out loud. Well, not the Mom part, anyway. READ MORE

Believe It: 11 Thanksgiving Classics Made in a Slow Cooker

Every Thanksgiving, we hear the same complaint: There’s not enough space in the oven. And we concede that between roasting vegetables, baking pies, and cooking the hours-long turkey, it can seem nearly impossible for everything to arrive hot to the table, all at the same time. That’s why we’re introducing a new idea: the concept that you can cook your entire Thanksgiving meal in the slow cooker. You heard us right—everything from a party mix to the turkey to the sweet pumpkin finish. So get inspired by these recipes, grab a crock pot (or 10), and give that oven a little breather already. READ MORE

How to Make Biscuits Like a Boss: A 12-Recipe Plan

Did your last batch of paella burn, or your most recent soufflé fall flat? It doesn’t matter: as long as you can make a mean biscuit, you’re legit. After all, the ability to bake biscuits that are consistently flaky and tender is one of the key signs of a masterful home cook or baker. Here, using 12 examples, we outline a simple process to transform you into the best biscuit-maker in town. READ MORE

Stock Your Freezer with These 6 Fall Comfort Foods

Autumn's shorter and shorter days make it hard to get home and cook dinner before it’s pitch black and all you really feel like doing is crawling into bed. Here are some fall freezer favorites that you can make on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy in the weeks to come. All of these recipes keep well, and you can scale the portions appropriately. READ MORE

Help Us Crown Chowhound’s Best of 2014!

The year is coming to a close as quickly as it swept in, but not before we have a chance to look back on the restaurants, recipes, cookbooks, food trends, and blogs that got us talking. In past years we—the editorial team—have looked back on what we thought were “Chowhound’s Best Cooking Tips,” “San Francisco’s Best Bites,” and “The Best New York Chowhound Finds," to name a few, but this year we want to hear what you, a member of the Chowhound community, have to say about a broader range of categories. What's your take on the state of dining, cooking, imbibing, and culinary publishing in 2014? We want to know.

Please share your nominations on the following Chowhound boards for: READ MORE

9 Must-See Food Films

The logical next step to being a totally obsessive foodie? Feeding a hunger for food knowledge ... by watching every food documentary and movie we can get our hands on. Here are our top favorites for some food-consumed (no pun intended) hours of TV-watching that’ll make you hungry for more. READ MORE

9 Cocktails to Help You Get Through Thanksgiving

If you’re sick of beer and wine for Thanksgiving day festivities, try out these recipes for a special cocktail (or batch of cocktails) that you can use to impress those relatives you only see once a year. With only a few ingredients you already have in your bar, you can make something that pairs perfectly with the rich and seasonal fare we love for Turkey Day. READ MORE