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9 Recipes Perfect for Snacking by the Pool

Summer vacation used to mean days of lying by the pool and sneaking endless ice cream cones and French fries from the snack bar. Some of us have to work these days, but you can still relive those long, hot pool afternoons with these classic snack bar recipes.


The 7 Cardinal Rules for Making the Best Potato Salad

Potato salad is an American classic. It’s loved by parents and kids alike, can be made ahead of time, and is as delicious on the kitchen table as it is on a picnic blanket. READ MORE

8 Mojito Recipes to Make All Summer Long

A traditional Cuban drink, a classic mojito is white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint leaves. But why stick to tradition when there are so many summer renditions of a mojito that will impress your guests and keep them coming back to the bar? READ MORE

13 Ways to Get Your Ratatouille Fix

If there’s one essential truth about ratatouille, it’s that it has to be built around the summery trio of eggplant, summer squash, and tomato. Beyond that, everything is fair game. No two chefs can agree on how precisely to make it—Julia Child insisted on sauteeing each of the ingredients individually before baking them casserole style, while Joël Robuchon prefers to simmer them in a pot. Plus, from brunch-worthy recipes with eggs to inventive takes like ratatouille grilled cheese, it’s hard to say exactly which is the best way to eat it. READ MORE

Meatball Sliders Are Perfect for a 4th of July BBQ

Hamburgers are great and all, but this 4th of July, why not make meatball sliders for your backyard (or even rooftop) barbecue? Watch Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow of The Meatball Shop in New York City, share their favorite meatball recipe for summer entertaining, in a video from our friends at TV Guide. READ MORE

6 Ice Cream Cakes You Need to Try This Summer

An ice cream cake is an almost unbelievable thing, the best of cake and the best of ice cream, combined as one cool, whipped cream–topped slab on a paper plate. They’re easier to make (well, decorate) than a layer cake, homey and old-fashioned and altogether perfect for summer birthdays, picnics, and dinner parties that stretch late into the night. READ MORE

11 Picnic Recipes for the Ultimate Day at the Beach

Beach towel, check. Umbrella and sunscreen, check. Stack of magazines, check. Now add to your beach packing list these 11 recipes, perfect for toting in the car and snacking on in hot, sunny weather. READ MORE

Please Shut Up and Give Green Pea Guacamole a Try

In the heated debate over green pea guacamole, I am adamantly pro-peas. Here’s why. READ MORE

15 Red, White, and Blue Recipes for the 4th of July

Independence Day: a time to wrap yourself in the colors of Old Glory. Don’t stop at the picnic buffet table—these 15 summer-ready recipes all feature red, white, or blue prominently. Mix and match as the occasion (and your own sense of patriotism) guides you! READ MORE

An Easy Hack to Make Your Gas Grill Burn Hotter

Before summer technically even began, we had conflicted feelings about the liquid propane grill. It’s handy, but only an imperfect substitute for high-temperature grilling over real charcoal. The cart grills many of us have cook like glorified butane burners: The grill marks are never as thick and black as you want them, and there’s no ambient smoke to flavor the food, unless you classify grease flareups as “smoke.” READ MORE