6 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes, Traditional to Trippy

No matter how good an idea abalone or lasagne or lamb roast sounds for Thanksgiving, forget it. People want turkey. End of story. However, if you're bored or prone to pyrotechnics, there are solutions to make everybody happy. Herein, we present six turkey recipes—escalating from traditional to wildly unrecognizable—that will take you on a magical poultry journey to places you never knew turkey could go. And hey, if you're vegetarian or vegan, we still have you covered, with our recipe for homemade tofurkey that tastes great and does not resemble a rubber ball with nubby faux wings poking out of it.

Basic Roasted Turkey
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Messing with the turkey can raise hell among traditionalists at the table. In those cases, it's best to stick with a simple, classic version.

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