Cinco de Mayo, a.k.a. National Margarita Day

Cinco de Mayo, a.k.a.
National Margarita Day

Eight ideas beyond the basic (perfect) margarita

If you’re coming to this Cinco de Mayo cocktail menu expecting a margarita, here it is, the Perfect Margarita. And if perfect to you means blended, here’s that too.

If you’ve decided to read further, we’ve thrown in some variety. Cinco de Mayo isn’t celebrated very widely in Mexico (it’s often erroneously thought of as Mexican Independence Day, which is September 16), but it’s become so popular in the States that many people consider it the kickoff of summer—no matter that there’s still frost in some parts of the country. Since there are no real rules, serve up what you like. Here’s an assortment of Mexican-influenced, but by no means traditional, cocktails that use beer, tequila, and rum. So pull out the chips, some salsa, and plenty of water, and party—it’s almost summer!