Make Your Own Candy Bars

CHOW Candy Bar Wrappers

Make candy bars, download wrappers, fold, enjoy

We’re a full-service, one-stop entertainment mecca here at CHOW. And that means that not only do we offer a feature on making your own candy bars, complete with instructions on tempering chocolate and candy-making terms you should know, we also offer wrapping for said candy bars. So whether you’re whipping up Peanut Butta Cups, Almond Jays, Twixts, or Snickles, your creations need not sit unadorned. If the commercial candy bars can have wrappers, shouldn’t yours?

Download them all here. They have cutting and folding instructions, too.


Our take on the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup™, this is the easiest and most universally loved of the bunch.


The CHOW version of an Almond Joy™ requires a bit more concentration than the Peanut Butta Cups but is still simple enough for first-time candy makers.


For our adaptation of a Twix™, you’ll make the shortbread cookie and caramel filling and dip it all in chocolate.


Our version of a Snickers™ is the most challenging of our candy bars, but the peanut nougat is so chewy and fluffy it’s worth the extra effort.