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Say Hello to Spring with These 7 Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

No, this is not a tale about the adventures of a cheeky little redhead with her fruit-named friends and a nemesis named The Peculiar Purple Pie Man. (Which you'll only understand if you're a child of the 80s). We are tip-toeing into strawberry season – which runs from April to August, depending on the where you live – and it's time to start dreaming of ways to use those sweet, tart, peak-season fresh strawberries. Strawberry shortcake is a classic that needs no introduction, but this collection demonstrates there's single "right" way to pull it off. Take your pick. READ MORE

The Ultimate Slow Cooker Pudding, Plus 6 Great Pudding Recipes

Fast or slow, pudding is never a thing we don’t want for dessert, an afternoon snack, or hell, even breakfast, eaten cold while standing at the open fridge. Our Slow Cooker Mango Tapioca Pudding is the perfect weekend comfort solution—let it go, unattended, for a couple of hours, then reap the rewards when you're ready. The six additional recipes are merely inspirational (that is, if there is such a thing as “merely” when it comes to pudding). Enjoy! READ MORE

10 Easy, Clean Recipes For Your Next Dinner

We love cheeseburgers, pie, and biscuits as much as anybody, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit down to a well-balanced meal that doesn’t contain excessive amounts of fat, sugar, or salt. Next time you’re in the mood for some clean eating, turn to a few of our favorite wholesome meal ideas. READ MORE

How to Make the Best Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food and incredibly simple to make from scratch. There are endless variations and you can add flavoring to the base pudding mixture as well. READ MORE

11 Recipes That Prove the Versatility of Halibut

Halibut–it’s not just for the hell of it! It’s high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, low in fat, and mild in flavor. Wild Alaskan halibut is certified sustainable. And–best of all–it’s so versatile. From fish and chips to Asian broths, check out these awesome halibut recipes to perk up your seafood repertoire. READ MORE

9 Orzo Recipes That Make Perfect Picnic Dishes

When you’re packing a picnic, the last thing you want to take along is something that needs refrigeration or to be microwaved before you enjoy it. Pasta salads (made with orzo) are a perfect choice because you can easily vary the ingredients and serve at room temperature. Ideal for an impromptu gathering, make a double batch of pasta salad and you can vary the add-ins (meat, cheese, vegetables) and have a delicious base for a meal all week long. READ MORE

9 Greatest Granola Recipes: From Basic to Paleo-Friendly

Dear $12, 8-ounce Bag of Granola: Never. Again. We will never be fooled by your clever branding, your sexy packaging, your do-goody health claims. You are $12 for two servings of bland rolled oats and oil with way too-too little of what is good and mighty about real granola (nuts, seeds, crunch...flavor). READ MORE

Slow Cooker Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole Brunch

Pulling off a successful Sunday brunch comes down to planning. If you don’t have everything well in hand by the time the sun pokes over the horizon, you’re dead—it’ll be 2:00 before you can even think of sitting down, and by then, you might as well call it early dinner. READ MORE

Got Chicken? Make These 13 Chicken Pasta Recipes

Like eating dessert before dinner and double dipping when no one’s watching, some food rules are just a lot more fun when they’re broken. I’m not sure who came up with the one about never pairing chicken with pasta, but I’d be willing to ruffle a few Italians’ feathers for the sake of getting my fix of chicken alfredo, buffalo chicken mac ‘n cheese, and more dishes that literally flip the bird at tradition. READ MORE

11 Salad Recipes to Add to Your Work Week Rotation

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to look at some bikini ready recipes. Feast your eyes on these easy salads and salad dressings, then mix and match your salad and dressing repertoire all summer long! READ MORE