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11 Desserts That Show Off Zucchini’s Sweet Side

As a savory ingredient, zucchini tends to split people in two. Some love its juiciness and grassy flavor, others aren’t so keen on its squishy texture. But when it’s baked into something sweet, pretty much anyone can get behind the summer squash. READ MORE

11 Sophisticated (But Simple!) Summer Appetizer Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party

When it comes to party appetizers, there is no fixed ratio of simple to sophisticated. Sometimes the most unadorned, barely manipulated little bites can seem hugely elegant; other times, you can fiddle with a complicated recipe for hours and end up with something that falls flat. These 11 recipes look and taste fancy, but are built on a bedrock foundation of laid-back summer ease. READ MORE

7 Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes for a Sweet Summer

Summer may be the season when you least feel like turning on your oven, but a baking addiction is year round. If you’re craving something sweet but don’t relish the thought of cranking up the heat in your kitchen, the slow cooker can be your best friend. READ MORE

How to Brew Iced Tea, Plus Our 6 Top Iced Tea Recipes

A tall, cool glass of iced tea is one of those signature icons of summer and a timeless symbol of thirst-quenching refreshment. As simple and elementary as it may seem, however, brewing the perfect cup isn’t exactly a straightforward affair. But there are a few things to keep in mind that will have you on your way to a better tasting iced tea.


9 Smoked Salmon Recipes That Go Beyond the Bagel

Smoked salmon is so incredibly delicious that sometimes it feels like you could eat it for every meal and not get bored. Yet it’s rare that you see it used as much other than as a bagel topping or as a part of an appetizing spread. That’s got to change. READ MORE

9 Cold Noodle Recipes for Hot Days

When the weather gets hot, the hot get slurping. All across Asia, summer tends to be a humid, sweltering affair. Sadists might sweat it out over a steaming hot bowl of ramen or pho. But for the rest, few things help beat the heat like chilled noodles. READ MORE

Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

When we made this CHOW Tip video about spiral-cut hot dogs, the last thing we thought we’d do is make some of you mad. But the sight of Senior Video Producer Blake Smith squirting a squiggly line of ketchup on a perfectly char-edged and relish-packed spiral wiener had some viewers seeing red. READ MORE

9 Summer Pies So Easy, You’ll Never Have an Excuse to Not Serve Dessert Again

Two things are true about summer. One, heat and humidity are not the friends of a lot of fussing with rolling pins and blasting ovens. And two, the hot-weather months, with their piles of berries and stone fruit, are peak pie pie time. These 9 recipes aren’t so effortless that you’ll be back by the pool in 20 minutes, but neither will they make you have to spend a sweaty afternoon dusted with flour. READ MORE

The 17 Best Ways to Use Up Leftover Herbs

Some foods are rare and precious, like truffles and caviar—you wouldn’t think of savoring them in anything but the slightest of slivers or daintiest spoonfuls. Others, however, present themselves in spades. Herbs rank pretty high up there on the least endangered list. Buying them at the store means investing in a hefty bunch, while planting them in your garden can be a risk because they might set their sights on empire formation and colonize a good chunk of backyard real estate.


Goodbye Signature Dish, Hello Instagram Hero

Writing about restaurants’ signature dishes, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Bauer runs the curse narrative: When a dish becomes popular, a chef can never take it off the menu without customers getting pissed. READ MORE