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15 Coleslaw Recipes to Get You Through All of Your Summer BBQs

Everyone loves a summer BBQ – what’s not to love about charred hotdogs, perfectly cooked medium-rare burgers, and seared Portobello mushrooms fresh from the grill. But fantastic coleslaw can be a game changer you didn’t see coming; in some cases, the right tangy coleslaw recipe can even turn a greasy brat into a well-balanced meal. READ MORE

47 Kitchen and Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Okay, maybe these kitchen hacks won't change your life in an "I won the lottery" or "I just found out I'm pregnant" kind of way. And maybe you've seen a few of these before. But we've mixed it up a bit and covered a lot of territory here -- from pimping out your refrigerator to the easiest four-ingredient ice cream you'll ever make (no cooking or fancy gizmos required). Got a hack of your own? Do tell in the comments section. READ MORE

9 Recipes to Make Now That It’s Strawberry Season

Strawberries in such high demand that they’re on supermarket shelves year-round, but the best time to enjoy them is actually during spring and summer: from April until August, they’re at their sweetest and most fragrant. The sweet and floral strawberry arguably tastes best when eaten straight out of one’s hand. But if you’re lucky enough to have a glut of them, here are a few of our favorite recipes that include strawberries. READ MORE

10 Best Beers to Use in Beer Batter Recipes

Beer does some amazing things in batter for deep-fried foods. The CO2 gas in a can of Bud keeps things light and airy, and helps the batter cook fast, meaning the cod underneath can emerge moist and properly à point. But what kind of beer? READ MORE

11 Non-Traditional Burger Recipes For Your Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day, the official kick off for summer, is a time for the three B’s: barbecue, beaches, and burgers. And while anyone can buy a few frozen patties and throw them on the grill, you read Chow for a reason! READ MORE

9 Perfect Sides to Serve with BBQ Ribs

Ribs, whether baby back or spare, are the kind of thing that demand total absorption: eyes down, both hands getting messy, not coming up for air until that bone’s picked clean. When you do come up for air, though, you want something delicious to eat before tackling the next rib in the pile. Behold, 9 of our favs. READ MORE

Make Your Own Ice Cream Bars

Ice cream bars are one of the first true signs of summer. Rich, creamy, and incredibly convenient, ice cream bars are beyond simple to make at home and you can effortlessly customize the flavors and coatings. Why figure out what you would do for a Klondike bar when you can satisfy your craving with a few of these easy recipes?


Pucker Up With These 9 Savory Rhubarb Recipes

Some foods live double lives: the peanut would probably rather hide its secret identity as a legume and pork butt doesn’t need you to know that it actually comes from the shoulder end. But rhubarb is sick and tired of being pigeonholed as a fruit: it’s a vegetable, darn it, and any botanist will back up that claim. READ MORE

Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Hot Dog for Grilling

Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, co-owners of New York City's The Meatball Shop, are spicing up summer with our spiral-cut hot dogs (watch our video how-to here). READ MORE

8 Easy Dessert Recipes That Taste Complicated

Sometimes the most successful dessert isn’t the one you devoted all day to, but the one you made in 30 minutes using 3 ingredients. Complexity isn’t always the result of time and elbow grease—it can also be a matter of leaving well enough alone. Here are 8 examples. READ MORE